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Can A Public Defender Help You Win A DUI Case?

Are you wondering: can a public defender help you win a DUI case? If you’ve been arrested for a DUI or a DWI, then you’ll be wondering what your choices are for what you can do. Just as many wonder if hiring a public defender can help win your case. You have the legal right to have a lawyer appointed to you if you can’t afford one.

public defender
Public Defender

Public Defenders Range In Experience & Ability

You’ll see that public defenders can range in both their experience and their ability. However, they are not the best option if you want someone to help with a DUI or DWI charge. As such, we will walk you through the process and help you understand why you may be making a mistake to put your case in the hands of a public defender.

What Is A Public Defender, And What Do They Do?

A public defender is an attorney that the government pays. There is an application fee that is going to be applied during the defendant’s arraignment. From here, the attorney that the court has appointed can usually begin hiring investigators, expert witnesses, and interpreters. The government will pay for all of this if it’s been deemed necessary for the client’s defense and the case.

You Will Not Get To Pick

You should know that in most cases, you will not choose the attorney for yourself, which is not negotiable. However, you can change your defender in special circumstances, such as a conflict of interest. That means you can’t ask for better help if they are doing things you disagree with. If they won’t listen to you, you don’t have a choice and have to keep them. A good lawyer will understand how to work with you where a defender would not.

Public Defenders Can Win, But Your Best Choice Is A Lawyer

Now, just because a public defender in a DUI case is limited doesn’t mean they can’t win the case for you. It depends on various factors, including the strength of the case against you, how the evidence has been collected, and your ability to fight against the prosecution. However, the defenders are loaded with heavy workloads and limited time for cases, and some come straight out of law school and don’t have the experience that a lawyer can provide.

That is why it’s important to choose a professional who will know what they are doing, and when you do, you should have nothing to worry about. Taking the chance on a public defender could mean you lose and lose big. That’s not something you want when trying to ensure that you are protecting your future.

The Difference Between Your Choices

If you don’t have the option of paying for a lawyer to help you, choosing the public defender is what you’re left with, but as we’ve said above, there may be better choices. If you can afford a lawyer, it’s recommended that you take this route instead. For example, if you have a public defender, your case is almost entirely in their hands unless they can get help. With a lawyer, they have more resources and training. Another difference is that you can change out a lawyer if you feel they are different from what you need. That isn’t the case with a public defender. With a public defender, you’re stuck with who you have.

Another Difference

Another difference is if you choose a lawyer, you could have a veteran in the courtroom who can win your case easily or take a chance that you’re getting someone who could be just out of school and have no courtroom experience. The last difference is public defenders are usually at the whim of the bosses above them in the public defender’s office. Each defender could have a dozen cases they are working on, and you could be anywhere in that pile. To someone like that, you could be just another case to plow through quickly. So, in this case, you do take a gamble, which could cost you your future.

Can I Win On My Own?

It’s possible but extremely rare. You need access to evidence, witnesses, and other important factors. In addition, you could beat the charges if you have extremely high knowledge of your area’s laws. These cases are known as pro se legal defense. We recommend not taking this route and ensuring you have a professional. In addition to this, you get to continue living your life. You don’t have to put anything on hold; you’ll know you’re in good hands.

Can A Public Defender Help You Win?

We hope you found this blog post “Can a Public Defender Assist You In Your DUI Case” to be informative. A public defender is often overloaded and overworked. They will not be able to give your case the full attention it needs. Because of that, it can be dangerous to let them take hold of your case. If you trust them to walk you through this, you’ll find that you can not only lose the issue but have a mark on your record that will ruin prospects. Don’t take the chance to have something like this happen. Instead, trust a criminal lawyer such as Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney to help you win the case successfully. 


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