Cocaine Possession Defense Attorneys

Cocaine Possession Defense Attorneys

Louisiana Cocaine Possession Lawyer 

In this article, we will be talking about cocaine and the charges that go with it. We will be talking about what you can expect with cocaine charges. This includes both possession and distribution charges involving cocaine. 

Schedule 2 Cocaine Possession in Louisiana

Why is Cocaine Dangerous? 

Many people do not understand why there are such serious penalties when it comes to cocaine. The truth behind it is that it is a dangerous drug. Cocaine causes many different medical issues and is very addictive. In Louisiana it is a Schedule II Drug. 

Keep in mind that crack cocaine and cocaine are both Schedule 2 drugs. Crack cocaine has similar harsh penalties. The penalties are greatly determined by the amount of cocaine and the criminal record of the defendant.

The First Thing 

The first thing you should do if you are arrested with any crime related to cocaine, contact the best defense attorney you can find. In Louisiana it may be wise to contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm. They have some of the best defense attorneys with many years of experience with drug-related charges. 

Cocaine Possession & Distribution Charges 

In Louisiana there are two distinct types of charges that are linked with cocaine. We will be talking about these three charges more in depth. 

  • Possession
    • There are several factors that will be discussed if you are charged with possession. The penalties will vary as well. The more cocaine you have, the worse your punishment could be. 
    • If you have less than 2 grams of cocaine, you may find yourself facing a harsh penalty. This is going to be up to five thousand dollars in fines and up to two years behind bars. This sentence may also include hard labor if the judge deems necessary. 
    • If a person possesses more than 2 grams of cocaine but less than 28 grams, there is a fine of up to five thousand dollars. Plus, the prison sentence is a minimum of 1-5 years.
    • The more cocaine a person has on them, the more likely they are to have hard labor on their sentence. It is often seen that those who have substantial amounts on them will be more likely to serve hard time with labor. 
  • Distribution 
    • If you are charged with any possession with intent to distribute or distribution, you may have hard labor on your sentence. The prison sentence you face is going to be a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten or twenty years, depending if over 28 grams. 
    • You can expect a fine of up to fifty thousand dollars. This fine is in addition to the prison sentence that you will face. 
    • However, there are a few rules that make the sentence change. If a person is over the age of 25 and sells to someone who is a minor, they will be facing a harsh punishment. This punishment is life in prison. 
    • Anyone who sells cocaine to a minor will expect to face double the penalties discussed. This is going to be especially true if the person selling to the minor is three years or more older than the minor. 

Hard Drug Laws 

Louisiana has harsh drug laws. This also means that they do not take drug offenses lightly. Louisiana does not use a three-strike policy. This means that if you get in trouble with the law more than twice, it will be a felony. In Louisiana, all cocaine charges are felony offenses that could lead to prison even on the first offense. These are marks that will forever be on your record. Having these on your record may make getting a job harder. It may also make getting loans, purchasing a house, or going to college difficult as well. 

Drug Defense Law Firm

You should contact a drug defense lawyer if you are facing any of the charges above. An experienced defense attorney can help you keep your record as clean as possible and try to keep you out of prison. Remember, a lower sentence or punishment is always better than the maximum. Contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm for the best defense lawyers in Louisiana. 


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