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Contractor Fraud Charges Louisiana

Contractor Fraud Charges Louisiana

Contractor Fraud Charges Louisiana 

Contractor Fraud Defense Attorney In Louisiana

Are you facing contractor fraud charges in Louisiana? If so, it’s crucial that you hire a contractor fraud defense attorney in the area. Barkemeyer Law Firm is a team of aggressive criminal defense attorneys who can help with all of your criminal charges such as contractor fraud. You can take a look at our practice areas and locations and learn more about contractor fraud charges.

contractor fraud charges Louisiana
contractor fraud lawyer Louisiana


We offer a Paid Consultation for both homeowners and contractors if you have a potential contractor fraud issue. This can be very helpful to those who just want to have a good discussion about a situation, but don’t necessarily need to hire a lawyer, or aren’t sure if they need an attorney.  For instance, if you are interested in seeing if you have a claim against a contractor, or you want to discuss being under investigation for contractor fraud, we can discuss the situation.  These are just examples. There are many topics and issues we can help with. Importantly, everything we discuss is confidential. If this is what you need, just click here to schedule a paid consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

We Defend Contractors In Louisiana

When you become a contractor, there are a lot of issues associated with it. You must make sure your job is done within a timely manner and done right. No matter what you do, you will always find a client that is not satisfied with your work. It does not matter how hard you work or try to fix their issues; they will not like it. These are the types of people that may sue you for contractor fraud. This is even true if you finished the job as stated and on time. 

We defend contractors when they receive a criminal charge for Residential Contractor Fraud, Misapplication of Payments, and/or Theft. We do NOT offer representation to homeowners who want to suit a contractor.

What is a Contractor?

A contractor is someone that you hire to help complete projects in your house. It could be as simple as installing a new toilet or renovating a whole kitchen. No matter what the job is, a contractor will be used for these types of projects. However, that does not mean that all contractors are the best to use. Some of them do practice fraudulent activities. Keep in mind that most contractors are true to their word and do the work they are supposed to without any other problems. With that being said, let us talk about residential contractor fraud. 

best lawyer for contractor fraud charges in Louisiana
criminal lawyer Louisiana

Residential Contractor Fraud 

According to the laws in Louisiana, contractor fraud will be someone who is intentionally taking something that has value. Keep in mind that this object or something will be owned by a different person. The person will not have given consent to take this object or valued item. This does include taking items fraudulently. This means that if something is taken or stolen during a renovation, this could be considered contractor fraud. 

If someone is hired to go into a house, they may sign a contract. This contract will state what job needs to be done and how long it will take. It also states that the contractor will not take anything that he or she is not allowed to. They will not touch anything unless consent is given. If anything is taken out of the house during a renovation, the company could be charged with contractor fraud. In such situations it’s crucial that you hire a criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience in defending clients charged with contractor fraud. Barkemeyer Law Firm is the best criminal defense attorney for your contractor fraud charges.

More Information On Contractor Fraud Charges In Louisiana

There are more aspects to contractor fraud than just taking something without consent. There are other ways that contractor fraud can happen. 

  1. The first way that it can happen is when a contractor does not finish the job within forty-five days or more. Keep in mind this is after the payment has occurred. Therefore, it may be considered contractor fraud. Keep in mind that this can change if there is something inside the contract. However, if it takes longer than 45 days, you may be able to be charged with contractor fraud. 
  2. If a person will use an employee to enter a contract that includes home renovations. The person will make fake promises to get them to undergo this renovation with them. This is also considered fraudulent activities. 
  3. If the property is destroyed other than where the renovation is occurring, you may be charged with contractor fraud. You could be sued for this. 
  4. If the contractor does not have proper documentation and licensing, they can be charged with contractor fraud. 


Contractor fraud is not something to mess around with. You should always make sure to hire the best defense attorneys in Louisiana. Barkemeyer Law Firm has the best defense attorneys in the area. Let us look at the penalties associated with contractor fraud. 

  1. If the amount taken or destroyed was worth less than$1000, a person can face up to six months in prison. A fine of one thousand dollars may also be issued. 
  2. If you took $1000-5000, you will be facing up to five years in prison with a two thousand dollar fine.
  3. If the alleged amount is $5000-25000, there may be up to a ten-year prison sentence and a three thousand dollar fine. Plus, this sentence may include hard labor. 

Contractor Fraud Defense Attorney In Louisiana

It is important to get the best defense attorney when you are facing contractor fraud charges. These charges may be easy to prove and disprove. This means that you should have the best defense attorney by your side. Take the time to contact Barkemeyer Law Firm today! 

For a top rated contractor fraud defense attorney in Louisiana, choose Barkemeyer Law Firm! We can help with any contractor fraud charges in Louisiana.


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