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Who is the criminal defense attorney that wins the most cases in Louisiana?

I’ll get asked, “What is your win/loss percentage?” or “How many cases have you won?”  There must be some blog or website out there recommending people to ask this question. But it is a terrible question because criminal defense attorneys do not possess a magical skill to win cases.  Facts are facts. Some can be proven, some can’t. The attorney’s job is to try to keep as many bad facts from getting into a trial as possible. 

Imagine the attorney who represents a client who was caught on camera committing a crime and is later convicted.  Is that a loss for the attorney? Would that affect his win/loss percentage? Should he not represent that client because he has a bad case on the facts?  Maybe it could be a “win” if the attorney was able to negotiate a plea and sentence that kept the client from going to jail, although he was convicted.  “Win” and “loss” are not defined clearly in the criminal justice system. 

Movies and television do not accurately reflect the real criminal justice system. If a movie did accurately reflect it, it would be a flop.  An attorney wins a case when he gives effective representation fighting for the best result possible.  This happens when he is experienced and cares about the client.

Criminal Defense Attorney That Gets Cases Dismissed

It safe to know that criminal defense attorneys do not possess a form of magic to win all cases in court and the best part is that just because a criminal defense attorney has more wins doesn’t mean yours is going to be added to it. This is why to look for the best criminal defense attorney for your case; you have to consider quite a few things.

If you are a person who already understands the importance of having a good attorney even you are being slammed with any criminal charge whatsoever, you are willing to find the best and nothing but that. This makes it tempting to want to look for a defense attorney with more wins in court, so you feel safer. You should know that not all attorneys are the same, and finding the best attorney is none existent. You can only find the best for you.

There are many ways to know a good criminal defense attorney as well as other factors to look forward to, and they include:

  •  Find an Attorney Who Specializes in Criminal Law.

Now, this is a good edge to have regarding your case. Finding a criminal defense attorney who specializes in criminal law is one way to ensure you are getting the right lawyer to handle your case in court.

A lawyer who practices general law would have an advantage over one who has regular involvements in criminal law, and they offer the very best form it a defense for your case.

  •  Find an Attorney Who Is Experienced.

Finding a lawyer who is experienced is one thing, and it is even better if they are as experienced in local courts. So, you need to look out for that and not just their qualifications. This is because it gives them a chance to have local relationships and connections to people who could help you in your criminal charge and offer you a better deal.

Now you don’t have to worry about just the judge, but your attorney can pull a few strings as he knows the ins and outs of the court and knows the best strategy to use to either get your charge dropped or reduced to a minimum.

  • Get A Responsive Attorney.

The last thing you want is a not responsive attorney just because he has more wins in court. Time lost can be very crucial, and you need a lawyer that would begin working on your case immediately.

When you contact your attorney, you need one to respond just as quickly and also a good legal team to begin arranging all that is necessary, such as a meeting and building up a strategy. So, lookout for a responsive attorney.

  • Ask for Referrals.

One of the best ways to know you are getting a good lawyer is to find one who has enough references to make you want to consider. That being said, you can ask your family and friends for good attorneys around Louisiana or Baton Rouge as you can finger the one good enough to handle your case.

You can also ask other lawyers practicing other kinds of laws for their recommendation for a criminal case. Most times, word of mouth can never go wrong as it allows you to have honest opinions on criminal defense attorneys around.

  • Check Reputable Sources.

You can also find good attorneys on the internet and other reputable places as we such as Google or Facebook. This is because some websites do not let the lawyers remove any negative or bad reviews, and everything is up for you to see. Therefore, giving you a better insight.

You should know attorneys can’t win all their cases, and just because they have some negative reviews doesn’t make them completely unreliable.

  • Get A Confident Attorney.

Confidence is a very important factor to look for in an attorney, and that usually comes with experience. You should have in mind that a criminal trial moves fast and there’s no time for mistakes and delay. Your criminal defense attorney just has a few seconds to object in your favor. This is why you need a criminal defense attorney who knows about the court rules and is sure of what they are doing.

That being said, most times, you can judge a lawyer by how they present themselves and talk. It is most likely this is how they would present your case and defend you in court. They also wouldn’t mind talking on your behalf and letting you aware of what to say and what not to say.

  • They Listen to You.

Your criminal defense attorney would listen to you, and that is right considering it is your case they are defending. They would let you know what you should say and what not to, but they would listen to you regardless.

They can tell you your options, but it would be entirely your choice to take one such as pleading guilty or going for a trial. This is why a good attorney would take their time to understand you and want out of all these.

Find an Attorney That Knows the System

Remember that you want your attorney to get you off the hook or give you a reduced sentencing, depending on the case at hand, meaning that you want one that has a high success rate. An attorney with a high success rate must have a lot of tricks up his sleeves, that he has used for a long time in helping his clients. Some attorneys understand what the legal system of Louisiana so well that even if you wake them up from their slumber to defend someone, they can do it well. This is someone that you need because the person has a lot of plans and strategies in his book. He knows what prosecutors want. He understands the common mistakes that officers make. He understands how witnesses work. He understands how to sway the jury. He understands the loopholes in the legal system. You need someone that is good at what he does.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Louisiana

If you are being charged with any drug-related charges or any type of criminal charge whatsoever and you need a good lawyer to defend you aggressively in court, contact our criminal defense attorneys.

You can ask around for referrals, and we offer you confident and hard-working attorneys for your case. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting or a resident of Louisiana, we have you covered. We try to protect your criminal record, so you don’t find it difficult to get a job or apply for a scholarship after it all.

We strongly understand how difficult it can be to be charged with a crime and just how it can affect you in the future, and we do all we can to stop. So why not contact us today?

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