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Do Non-Alcoholics get DUI Charges?

It seems like a silly question, but do non-alcoholics get DWI’s? In case you’re not familiar with the term, DWI’s are similar to DUI’s and stands for “driving while intoxicated”. In Louisiana, DUI’s and DWI’s refer to the same crime. Dive in and we’ll discuss the answer to this question.

Non-Alcoholics Can Get DWI’s

Though crazed alcoholics are often depicted on TV as the culprit to drunk driving, that’s not entirely accurate. And this is especially true in the situation of a first DUI offense.

After all, an extra beer or an extra shot glass is all we need to accidentally drive while under the influence. We know it’s dangerous, but it’s almost as if a danger switch is switched off. That’s not you being a terrible person, but rather, alcohol makes us think more slowly and carelessly.

When we’re intoxicated, the alcohol goes into our bloodstream and stifles reasoning skills. Hence exactly why you do really dumb things when you have just a little too much to drink.

In short, anyone who drinks, no matter how frequent or infrequent, may be liable to being charged with a DWI. That includes non-alcoholics who touch a drink once a year.

How can I beat my first DWI?

Managing Drunk Driving to Avoid DWI’s (and Tips)

So, alcoholics and non-alcoholics are both susceptible to DWI’s. But, frequency does not diminish danger. Drunk driving is a very real problem that can seriously harm, while damaging your social and financial wellbeing as well. While choosing to drunk drive is partly caused by the alcohol in your bloodstream, the other part is a lack of responsibility.

At the end of the day, the best scenario is for you to not drink and drive.

But, if you want to have a night out with friends, that’s okay as long as you have a plan. There are certain things that you can establish beforehand; set up clear and concise systems, and you’ll be able to drive with moderate safety.

Designate A Driver

A simple, but highly effective system to avoid DWI’s. Just establish one designated driver or keep it rotating within the friend group. This ensures that one person will not be drinking at all that night, and can guarantee that everyone arrives home safely and without any expensive charges.

Utilize Taxi Services

If you’re going out alone or unable to settle on a designated driver, UBER and Lyft (and any other similar app) will be your best friend. Don’t even bring your car, and you’ll eliminate the problem of trying to drive home unknowingly. You can even schedule a ride for a certain time so you don’t have to wait.

Set Your Limits

It’s important to set your boundaries and know where you stand. If you know that you have to drive yourself home and commit to not drinking, stick with that plan. It’s perfectly reasonable to say no to peer pressure. After all, you have a completely valid reason and it’s your very own safety on the line.

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Charged with a DWI, What Now

We all slip up and it happens to the best of us. At the end of the day, life is all about learning and growing.

But, what can you do now? Your best option is to hire an experienced DWI attorney that’ll help you fight the claims and get them dismissed. If you are successfully charged with a DWI, you’ll be fined several thousand dollars in total and be put in a difficult situation in the long run.

Whether it’s being put on driving probation, increases in insurance, losing social status, or problems as a future employee, a skilled DWI attorney can help you avoid all of this. This is especially true if it’s your first offense, as the courts are more lenient and understanding.

An accidental DWI is more common than you might think. It doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic, it’s just that you made a mistake that you can learn from. Luckily, a DWI attorney can very likely get it expunged from your records.

To Wrap Up

While society depicts drunk drivers as heavy alcoholics, alcohol does not discriminate.

Even if you’re not an alcoholic and barely consume it, you still need to be careful and set up safety nets. If by unfortunate events you do end up being charged with a DWI, you can hire an DWI attorney that will adequately assist you throughout the entire process.


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