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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in Baton Rouge for LSU Students

In some cases, our clients who are students at LSU or any other school or university may find themselves in the situation where they have received a criminal charge and the underlying issue is drugs and/or alcohol.  We believe that to really help our college-clients, we must do more than just go to court with them.  We provide advice on how to seek evaluations and treatment, if needed, for drug and alcohol abuse. Simply getting our client through the court system does not take care of the problem for them in the future. Our client’s parents greatly appreciate how we help our clients to get prepared to finish their education.

Our Experience

Carl Barkemeyer wrote the published book titled How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana. He regularly gives lectures and advice to other attorneys regarding how to successfully defend clients for drug possession and distribution.

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Mr. Barkemeyer is highly experienced in working with clients with drug and alcohol issues. His experience includes years of working aside counselors of drug and alcohol addicts.  His law practice at one time consisted of handling only drug cases.  During that time, he represented hundreds of clients with drug charges in Louisiana.  He thoroughly understands drug and alcohol issues and how they affect his clients. He knows how to use rehabilitation and treatment to benefit for his client’s personal and legal benefit.

Our Contacts

We have developed a system of contacts through years of handling drug and alcohol cases.  Therefore, we provide helpful advice to our clients regarding evaluations and treatment for drugs and alcohol.  This is particularly important for LSU students who are trying to balance school and a criminal charge.   There are multiple approaches to treatment.  Treatment is not a “one size fits all” situation.  We take the extra efforts to learn about our client and his/her situation before we advise on how he/she should seek an examination or evaluation.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation for LSU students

Students who have been battling drug and alcohol abuse and need to seek rehabilitation in the Louisiana state university have nothing for you. Here at Carl Barkemeyer, we ensure you have all the help you need. First, it is important to understand just why you need to go to rehab.

Generally speaking, there is quite a lot of misconception when it comes to the use of drugs, and some of this makes it difficult for people affected as they might find it very difficult to seek treatment. A good way to get help is to acknowledge you need help. Here are a few reasons you need to consider going to rehab as an LSU student battling alcohol and drug addiction.

1. You Can’t Always Quit When You Please

Now it may not be compulsory for you to do something at a particular time even if you need it and this is one of those things. And sometimes, more than a lot, willpower might not be the only thing to help you break away from addiction.

You might not know this, but the more you use drugs and alcohol, the more changes occurring in your brain, which ultimately changes you. It makes you feel you can’t do without these drugs, and even if you have an urgent desire to want to stop, it makes it difficult because your body now relies on these drugs to work. This is where withdrawal and fear come in. Rehab makes this so much better.

2. It Gives You A Fighting Chance

You might not know how important it is to have a fighting chance until you have none, to begin with. Because addiction affects the brain, it doesn’t make you helpless, and you can still fight it. Rehab helps you with ways to treat your addiction and as little as detoxing and other rehab techniques for drug and alcohol addiction the best way possible.

3. It Works, And You Should Know That

No matter the level of addiction you might be experiencing, you should know that rehab works regardless. Quite a lot of people don’t seek treatment because they feel it might not work, but it does. You also don’t have to wait for it to get worse before you start getting help.

The truth is, the longer you abuse these drugs, the stronger your addiction starts becoming, and it might be harder to treat you although not impossible. And since people are different, so are their cases, so some undergo more treatments than others, but it serves all.

4. Different People, Different Motivations

Some people decide to get rehab on their own while others get it true a court verdict, but they both work regardless. No matter the reason you’re going to rehab, either being forced by parents or loved ones or even sentencing in court, it all benefits you in the end.

Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is something you have to work on and not something that only the professionals do. Sometimes, there is a relapse after treatment, and that doesn’t mean it didn’t work, or you are a total failure, you just have to make a conscious decision to work on yourself even after treatment has been completed. You can always go back to rehab because mistakes happen, and it’s nothing to kill yourself over.

5. It Allows You See That There Is A Life Outside Drugs

People got involved with drugs and excessive alcohol for different reasons. It could be as a result of peer pressure. We have come across a lot of young people that became addicted to drug and alcohol usage because those around them were using the items. They didn’t want to seem like an outcast. From one drop of alcohol, it turned to a lot of bottles in a day. The same thing can be said about the drugs. Before you know it, they couldn’t function without the drugs.

Some got involved in such because they saw them as means of keeping up with life. Sometimes, things may not go as planned, and one may be tempted to drown their sorrows and worries by making use of these drugs and alcohol. At the end of the day, they realize that the drugs and alcohol worsened the state of their lives.

Whatever your reason may be, going into rehab is important. It allows you know that there is a life outside killing yourself daily with alcohol and drugs.

LSU Students Fighting This

There are lots of young people who have been charged with drug-related criminal charges and need legal representation to get them the best option they can get, such as rehabilitation. Drug charges are different from other offenses such as murder a require a different approach such as murder and armed robbery. So, clients who require legal representation in LSU do not have to worry as here at Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, we have the required tailored representation to help you get the help you need if you are charged with drug or alcohol abuse.

Why You Should Hire Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney

We understand how confusing and sad it must be to see yourself being charged with drug-related cases when you can’t help it and are battling with depression at that. This is why we are committed to helping you. Our focus when representing you as an LSU student is to ensure your future isn’t thrown away and you get the help you need.

We help you get on track while protecting your criminal record from being stained and affecting the chances of being employed or applying for scholarships in the future. This is why we make sure to let our clients aware of what they are being in charge of and also make sure they aren’t in the same situation twice.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure you can complete school while being able to go to graduate school and also having chances of fending for yourself, such as getting a job. We understand that you have a whole life ahead of you and a future this is why we believe it shouldn’t just be thrown away as we do our very best to protect it.

We work side by with investigators to ensure that your environment isn’t making it hard for you to fight this addiction and so much more. We also know how young our clients in college are and how unfamiliar they can be with situations such as this. This compels us to want to help them as much as we can in and out of court.

We are a hundred percent transparent and make sure our clients are updated with their case and what we are doing to help them get through school and become successful in life. So, if you are living or visiting Baton Rouge or are looking for a good criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge and all of Louisiana, why not contact us today at Carl Barkemeyer and get the help you need to get back on your feet.

Contact Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney for LSU students at 225-964-6720.


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