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What Factors Do You Consider In Determining How To Proceed In A Drug Related Case in Louisiana?

Factors to Consider In Determining How To Proceed In A Drug-Related Case

The first thing that you need to note is that with drug cases in Louisiana, it is not to be taken lightly and the penalties that follow these cases are usually heavy. As with any case, a close look into the circumstances and details surrounding the case is very important. The evidence and the facts are not the same with any two drug-related cases, and because of this, there are different ways that different drug-related cases can turn in Louisiana. There are different factors to be considered with every drug-related case in order to determine what the best course of action or the best strategy would be when proceeding with a case.

As a criminal attorney Baton Rouge, we consider the evidence or lack thereof that would be provided by the prosecution as the major factor that determines what the outcome of a drug-related case would be. In some cases, the prosecution may actually not have any evidence, and in cases like this, a dismissal of the case based on a lack of evidence would be the best option to pursue. In other cases where there is the availability of evidence by the prosecutor, a proper defense strategy needs to be structured out surrounding the evidence from the prosecution as well as the circumstance surrounding the case.

Factors That Affect How To Proceed With a Drug-Related Case

If you or anyone you know happens to be involved in a drug relate case or have a drug charge against them in Baton Rouge Louisiana, the first thing that you need to do is get in touch with a drug defense attorney Baton Rouge.

Prosecutor’s Evidence: In a drug-related case, as drug defense attorney Baton Rouge, we carefully and technically look into every piece of evidence that the prosecutor has, we examine the quality of the evidence and even go as far as to look into anything that can potentially be used as evidence by the prosecution. We then go-ahead to prepare a fitting defense to cover the evidence presented by the prosecutor. The reason behind this careful scrutiny is; the quality of evidence that the prosecution puts forward in a drug-related case can greatly tip the odds of the case, and as such, it pays to have an equally fitting defense to put forward. It is also easy for an ambitious prosecutor to try to blindside the defense by springing up new evidence from a list of potential evidence in the details of the case and because of this, we make sure to be prepared for any of such occurrences by following through with our detailed scrutiny of evidence and potential evidence. 

Criminal Record of The Defendant: In any drug-related case in Louisiana, the criminal record of the defendant plays another very important role in the outcome of the case. As a criminal defense attorney Baton Rouge, we look at the criminal record of the defendant in order to properly figure out the best course of action to take in proceeding with the case. In a situation where the defendant has no criminal records, the chances of getting a reduced sentence or even a dismissal depending on the evidence presented are actually quite high, however, in a situation where the defendant has a past record, those chances reduce. The number of prior charges the defendant has against them is another consideration. With every charge the defendant has in their record, the chances of winning a trial reduces, and as such, a strategy on how to get the best possible outcome for the defendant needs to be thought and planned out.

The Plea Deal Option: In many drug-related cases in Louisiana, depending on the assessment of the facts and circumstances, taking a plea deal to get a reduced sentence, may be an option. As a criminal defense attorney Baton Rouge, we would carefully consider the above factors and predict possible outcomes and how these outcomes would be in favor of the defendant. This prediction would help to calculate the risk of either taking the case to trial and facing a potential loss or, taking a plea deal and not taking the case to trial. This prediction would also include what the sentences on either course of action would be for the defendant. For instance, if a defendant has a criminal record, and the prosecutor is able to present substantial quality evidence, there is a higher risk of losing if the case goes to trial. In the event of a loss, the criminal record presented would influence the option of a harsher sentence. In a situation like this, it may be better not to risk going to trial and to simply take a plea deal considering what the sentence with a plea deal would be. Many times, a plea deal comes with a reduced sentence. 

When considering the factors that would determine how to proceed with a drug-related case in Louisiana, there is a lot of risk analysis to be calculated as well as reward analysis. Since we are a criminal defense attorney Baton Rouge, it is our duty to calculate the risks and the rewards that can be gotten from every drug-related case considering the facts and circumstances presented.

Help Your Case By Not Talking To The Police Without Your Attorney Around

This should be on top of your list immediately you are caught by the Police. When you talk to the officers, you may end up saying incriminating things. You may end up saying words that show that you are guilty. As much as you can, you want it seem like you didn’t know that the drugs existed. You want to act like you were framed. Try not to act like you are guilty. If you can, act like you are shocked. This will work in your advantage. If you must talk, deny existence of the drugs. Don’t say anything else about the drugs. The police officer may want you to say other things, in a bid to incriminate you. The officer may try to provoke you to say words that you will regret saying. No matter the psychological tricks they try to play on you, keep mute. It helps your chances.

Drug Defense Attorney in Baton Rouge

We make these careful calculations and prepare a plan of action for every possible outcome and every possible scenario. As a drug defense attorney Baton Rouge, we are knowledgeable in the laws that surround drug-related cases in Louisiana as well as how the justice system works and how prosecutors are likely to think. We also have a wealth of experience with drug-related cases in Louisiana. With offices all over Louisiana, we are widespread and are available to take up drug-related cases anywhere in Louisiana.

Do not allow that drug charge linger anymore; get in touch with us today and let us take up your case.

Every drug case in Louisiana has different facts and circumstances. The evidence that the prosecutor can present at trial is the most important factor in determining the outcome. We examine the potential evidence to determine the possible outcome at trial. The defendant’s criminal record also plays a large part in the decision whether to go to trial. We have to consider the potential sentence of going to trial and losing, versus the sentence with a plea deal, if pleading guilty. Generally, the more prior convictions on the record, the harsher the potential sentence, if convicted. It is a risk/reward analysis that we must calculate. If you have a drug charge and need a drug crime defense attorney in Louisiana, contact us.  We handle drug charges anywhere in Louisiana.

Carl Barkemeyer wrote the published book titled How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana. He regularly gives lectures and advice to other attorneys regarding how to successfully defend clients for drug possession and distribution.

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