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Sentences For Drug Offenders In Louisiana

Sentences For Drug Offenders In Louisiana

Sentences For Drug Offenders In Louisiana

In Louisiana, when drug-related cases are considered, there is really no straight forward sentencing rule as it is rather dependent on a combination of different factors. These factors include whether the defendant is a first-time offender or a repeat offender, the actual drug charge levied against the defendant and the quality of evidence that the prosecutor has to back up the drug charge.

Counts of Offenses

In Louisiana, different drug offense count warrants different punishment sentences. These sentences are also dependent on the gravity of the charge levied against the defendant. Generally, most first time offenders would most likely be getting a deferred sentence on account of the fact that they do not have any previous records; however, there are some drug charges in Louisiana law that would still require the defendant to face a mandatory period of prison time. As a drug defense attorney Baton Rouge, we understand the laws that guide drug charge sentencing in Louisiana, and we can help to break this down for better understanding. Many times, because of the fact that it is a first-time offense, a deal can be made with between the criminal defense attorney Baton Rouge and the prosecutor that would result in an outright dismissal of the case.

Unlike first time offenders, repeated offenders are less likely to get minimal or lenient treatment also depending on the gravity of the charge. The more the charges in the defendant’s criminal record, the harder the justice system would most likely be in terms of sentencing. Criminal defense attorney Baton Rouge is well experienced in the laws regarding the sentencing of drug offenders in Louisiana for both first-time and repeat offenders, and this makes us an asset in a drug charge case.

The Gravity of the Drug Charge

In Louisiana, different drug charges carry different levels of punishment sentences. This basically means that the higher the gravity of the charge levied against the defendant, the harsher the sentence is most likely going to get. As a criminal defense attorney Baton Rouge, we are knowledgeable of the sentences that follow the different levels of charges and based on the counts of offenses and the evidence presented by the prosecutor; we can try to predict what the possible sentence would be for a drug charge in Louisiana. Again, even despite the gravity of the drug charge, in Louisiana, first-time offenders, basically get a slap on the wrist; however, repeated offenders have a harder time. Louisiana just happens to have a habitual offender law. This is a law that gives prosecutors the right to charge a defendant who has a criminal record with a multiple offender bill. This basically compounds the charge on the defendant and makes the outcome of the sentence even harsher. This is something that as a drug defense attorney Baton Rouge, we are experienced in and we have the necessary experience with Louisiana state prosecutors to understand how they think and predict what their course of action would most likely be. Apart from repeated offenses, drug charges that are considered as felonies in the state of Louisiana law are highly frowned upon and have much higher chances of getting very severe sentencing punishments.

The Evidence Presented By the Prosecutor

With drug-related cases in Louisiana, the evidence laid out by the prosecutor plays a major role in the level of punishment and sentencing that the defendant is most likely going to receive. For instance, if a defendant is charged with a felony drug charge and the prosecutor provides substantial high-quality evidence to back up the charge, that defendant is most likely going to be facing some prison time regardless of whether they are a first time offender or not. So also, if the prosecutor has evidence that is circumstantial at best, even if the defendant is a repeated offender, unless the prosecutor piles on the multiple offender bill, the defendant would most likely be facing a reduced sentence as a result of the lack of evidence.

When trying to predict a drug offense sentence based on Louisiana drug law, it is better to contact a drug defense attorney Baton Rouge. With our wealth of experience and knowledge about the Louisiana justice system and the laws guiding sentencing in the state of Louisiana, we can help you predict what the sentence for a drug offense charge should be.

However, in many cases, especially first-time offense cases, a deal can be made possible with the prosecutor, and in this situation, it usually leads to a dismissal of the case for first-time offenders. In the case of repeated offenders, we would look carefully into a plea deal with the prosecutor. In this situation, this would usually lead to a reduced sentence for the defendant; however, it is still largely dependent on the quality of evidence that is presented against the defendant.

Do You Know That Some of The Evidence Provided By The Prosecutor Was Gotten From You?

Yes, you read that right! Sometimes, officers may not have the needed evidence against the accused, but get it by talking to the accused. We have seen officers that know their onion, playing the accused to think that they have the plan to help them.

 Do you know that the more drug cases that are resolved by the police, the higher the chance that the officer in charge of the case would climb up the ladder of success? If you let them, you will be not more than a part of the statistics that made them get the promotion. Save yourself this stress by having an attorney to do the talking for you. An attorney knows that his client can say incriminating things, that is why he will always tell his client never to talk to anyone about the case to avoid incriminating himself.

Criminal Attorney in Louisiana for Drug Cases

As a criminal attorney in Louisiana, we would take the time to explain the different degrees of drug offenses that are recognized by the state of Louisiana and we would go further to guide you into understanding the sentences that follow these offenses as well as the possible options that are available for defendants who are facing any of the different degrees of drug charges.

As a drug defense attorney in Baton Rouge, we would carefully consider the facts and circumstances of the drug-related case as well as the evidence that is presented by the prosecutor and come up with different strategies that would cover every possible outcome of the case. We would also plan our strategies to give the defendant the best possible outcome from the case.

If you or anybody you know has or is involved in any drug-related charge in the state of Louisiana, do not waste any more time, contact us today an allow us to take on your case immediately. We are versatile and are able to handle drug charges anywhere in the state of Louisiana.

If you need a drug charge attorney for your drug charge in Louisiana, contact us.  We handle drug charges anywhere in Louisiana.

Carl Barkemeyer wrote the published book titled How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana. He regularly gives lectures and advice to other attorneys regarding how to successfully defend clients for drug possession and distribution.

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