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If someone has been arrested for a crime in Ascension Parish, he or she is held in custody at the Ascension Parish  Jail in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. It is the primary prison facility in Ascension Parish. Ascension Parish Jail is located at 2384 Lemanville Cutoff Road, Donaldsonville, Louisiana, 70390 and contains people who have been arrested for various crimes. Some inmates of Ascension Parish Jail are awaiting trial and some are serving their sentence.  It also houses the inmates from neighboring towns that don’t have a jail.

You may be confused as you might not know how things work at Ascension Parish Jail. This guide will help you if you have a loved one in Ascension Jail or you are a resident there. This article will help you in understanding how the commissary in the Ascension Jail works.

Services Offered by Ascension Parish Jail:

Ascension Jail offers various facilities and services to its inmates and the loved ones of the inmates. Ascension  Jail has a team of doctors who examine the inmates and are ready 24/7 to attend to the medical needs of the patients. The loved one of an inmate can reach out to the jail authorities if the inmate is been bullied in the facility. The facility also has guards and staff who are always monitoring the behavior of the inmates to make sure they are safe.

Ascension Parish also allows loved one to communicate with inmates through calls and mails. However the loved ones have to follow certain guidelines to be able to connect with the inmate. These guidelines and rules are for safety of the inmates. If the guidelines are followed, the loved ones will have no problem in meeting their loved one.

The facility also allows the family and friends of the inmates to send money to the inmates. Inmates use that money to buy products of daily essentials from the commissary. The Ascension Parish Jail provides various ways to send money to the accounts of the inmates i.e. money transfer, debit card and money orders etc. The Ascension Jail tries its best to ensure the inmates and their relatives are facilitated as much as much as possible without risking the safety of the inmates. In case of queries you can reach out to the  administration of the facility.

Attorney Carl:

If you want to help a loved one in jail you should immediately contact an experienced attorney like Carl Barkemeyer. He will look over the case of your loved one and immediately take steps to help you. He and his team will try to bail your loved one out of the jail. So contact Attorney Carl today if you have a loved one in Ascension Parish Jail.

Remember do not go and face the law alone. The punishments in Louisiana are very harsh and severe therefore it is not wise. You can end up with heavy fine and punishment of imprisonment if you go and face the law alone. It is recommended to hire Attorney Carl if you get in trouble with law in Louisiana.


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