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Hit and Run: Avoiding a DWI

No one wants to be involved in a car wreck because they were intoxicated or have to go to court because they didn’t make other plans for their ride. Hit and run charges are often the result of the driver trying to avoid getting arrested for a DWI. Judges know that most times when a defendant is in front of them for a hit and run, it was because they were drinking and driving. That is why judges can be so harsh on hit and run defendants, therefore, ordering jail time if convicted.

If you’re in this situation, it’s crucial to hire an experienced hit-and-run lawyer who knows the laws in Louisiana and can defend your rights.

Read on to learn more about Louisana hit-and-run laws regarding DWI accidents and what you can do to help prevent these accidents.

What are the Hit-and-Run Laws in Louisiana?

According to Louisiana Law, hit-and-run driving is “the failure of the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident to stop at the scene of the accident, to give identity, and to render reasonable aid.”

In other words, if you’re involved in an accident, and you don’t stop at the scene of the accident and exchange information with the other driver, you might be dealt a hit-and-run charge in Louisiana.

What If I Was Intoxicated When I Left the Scene of the Accident?

In Louisiana, you can be imprisoned for up to six months if you are convicted of either hit and run or a DUI for the first offense. The prosecutor will gather evidence to show that the defendant did all of the following:

  • Consumed drugs or alcohol before the accident
  • The use of this substance contributed to the accident
  • Failure to stop at the scene of the accident

If you are drunk and crash your car, the police will likely charge you with driving under the influence. If you fail to stop at the scene of the accident, you may be charged with a hit-and-run misdemeanor and possibly a hit-and-run lawsuit. The criminal charge can come with a sentence of up to six months in jail if it can be proven that you were intoxicated at the time of the accident.

When you are faced with a DUI or DWI after an accident, it’s best to get the help of an experienced Baton Rouge, Louisiana DWI Lawyer that can defend your rights.

How to Prevent a DWI Accident

The next time you go out for drinks, here are some things to keep in mind to avoid getting a DWI. Remember: never drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Designate a Sober Driver

Be a responsible drinker and always have a plan in place before you go out to drink. Designate a sober driver for the night. This person does not drink and must be able to get everyone home safely. Everyone in the group should be aware of this before going out.

Sleep Over or Get a Hotel

People can avoid DUIs/DWI by making arrangements to sleep over or booking a hotel room. This way, people can enjoy the events they’re at without worrying about how they’re getting home.

Use Public Transportation

To reduce the risk of drunk driving, people should consider taking public transportation. This can be especially helpful if you do not have a sober driver available to drive. Take the train, bus, or taxi – any of these options are affordable and easy ways to get home safely.

Additionally, many people use Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services to catch a sober ride home. This is also a smart idea to avoid drunk driving.

Eat Enough Food

If you’re hosting, it’s wise to have food on hand. When your guests drink alcohol, food can help them better absorb it.

Instead of just providing snacks, offer filling rolls of bread and cakes to soak up the alcohol. Many hosts will even serve dinner first, so everyone has a full stomach before drinking. This can help prevent your guests from getting drunk and driving.

Stay Hydrated

Water is essential when you’re drinking alcohol. It’s also important to have options like water and juice available to designated drivers so that they can stay hydrated and safe on the road.

Watch Your Friends and Guests

If you’re hosting a party with alcohol, it’s essential to be responsible and make sure that intoxicated guests get home safely. If your guests have had too much to drink, help them arrange transportation home or have them stay the night. This will help keep your guests safe and keep drunk drivers off the road.

Take Keys From an Intoxicated Person

It’s a good idea to put away your keys before you start drinking, to avoid the temptation to drive afterward. If one of your friends or loved ones is drinking and tries to get behind the wheel, go ahead and “hold” or take their keys to protect them.

Cut Off The Alcohol

Before the party ends, cut off the alcohol supply. It is a great idea to provide guests with at least two hours without alcohol so that they do not feel compelled to drive home drunk.

Call Family Members or Loved Ones

Knowing the best way to handle a situation involving drunk friends is a crucial aspect of hosting. If guests are too intoxicated to drive home, arrange safe rides for them or call their family members to pick them up.

Get In Touch With a Louisiana Hit-and-Run Attorney Today

Choose designated drivers, public transportation, and make wise choices. The options above will help to ensure that you do not get on the road after drinking too much and break any hit-and-run laws in Louisiana.

If you’ve been involved in an accident while intoxicated in Louisiana, don’t hesitate to contact Louisiana DUI Lawyer Carl Barkemeyer. Send us a message online or call us to hire a Louisiana hit and run attorney.


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