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How Can a Criminal Record Affect Your Future? 

Are you wondering how can a criminal record affect your future? Not everyone who is found guilty will have a criminal record. However, if you were arrested and charged with any crime, you will have that on your criminal record. Once you have done your time for the crime and paid your fees, you may think that everything is all behind you. However, you could not be more wrong. A criminal record will remain with you for your life. Your criminal record could cause you a plethora of issues. Keep reading to learn how can a criminal record affect your future. 

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Ways Your Criminal Record Can Impact Your Life And Future


There are a wide range of jobs that could turn you away for having a criminal record. Some of these are law enforcement jobs and teaching jobs. However, there are many jobs that do background checks and can turn you away due to your criminal history. Keep in mind that not all jobs are like this. However, many of them are and will turn you away. This makes it hard to make a living and be successful after you have gotten on the right path. 


If you want to further your education or go back to school, you might have a challenging time finding somewhere that will accept you with a criminal record. Schools are safe spaces and those with criminal records may have trouble finding a solid spot for education. 

Not only will a school possibly deny you admission due to your criminal record, but there are also grants and student loans that you will not qualify for. Those who have any sexual convictions and/or drug convictions may find it difficult to get the money needed to attend school and further their education. 

Finding a Home 

When you have a criminal record, finding a home can be difficult. A property owner can deny you residence due to your criminal history or your probation. This is quite sad because it will affect whoever is trying to move with you. Just because you have a family and kids, does not mean that it will overrule your criminal record. 

Plus, if you have children, you must have a safe environment for them when they visit. If you do not, this could make visitation or getting custody exceedingly difficult. 


If alcohol and/or drugs were involved in an offense, this could mean that your license gets suspended or restricted. This is especially true for those who were under the influence while driving. At this point, the person must undergo a suspension or receive a restricted license. Some people will also be required to take a course educating people about drugs and alcohol. 

Plus, it is a process to get your license back after you have been convicted of a crime with alcohol or drugs. You may have to take several courses and even have something in your car to ensure that you are not drinking and driving. Not to mention your insurance rates could go through the roof because of your previous driving and criminal record. 

2nd Amendment 

When you have a criminal record, especially felonies, you are going to have different second amendment rights. You might never be able to bear arms again. You might be able to own a gun, however, it cannot leave your house. Plus, you may have to wait a period of time before you can even go purchase one. 

Some felonies and misdemeanors will make you ineligible to apply or obtain a firearm. If you are caught with a firearm after you are told that you cannot have them, you will be put back behind bars. You will likely also be revoked for your probation or parole. 

Subsequent Crimes 

If you have a crime on your criminal record and you are caught doing something similar or the same, you will be punished harder. Each offense will be punishable more and more. Even if your crime is from several years ago, it is still on your criminal record, and you are a repeat offender. Your sentence and punishment will be much harsher than someone who is a first-time offender. 

This means that you will be facing more in fines, jail/prison time, and even community service. Repeat offenders are not taken lightly when it comes time for court. 

Wrapping Up: How Can A Criminal Record Affect Your Future?

Many people may not know about expungement or nondisclosures. These are things that will not allow the public to view certain parts of your criminal record if you qualify. This can help you avoid all the problems listed above. Talk to the lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law Firm to see if they can help you with your criminal record. Who knows, it might be the best thing that you ever do. Call our criminal defense attorney today to set up an appointment and talk about your options. After all, it is worth it if you can go back to school, drive a car, or even rent a home. 

You should now better understand how can a criminal record affect your future and we wish you luck!


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