How to contact an inmate in Ascension Parish Jail?

If someone has been arrested for a crime in Ascension Parish, he or she is held in custody at the Ascension Parish Jail in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. It is the primary prison facility in Ascension Parish. Ascension Jail is located at 2384 Lemanville Cutoff Road, Donaldsonville, Louisiana, 70390 and contains people who have been arrested for various crimes. Some inmates of Ascension Parish Jail are awaiting trial and some are serving their sentence.  It also houses the inmates from neighboring towns that don’t have a jail.

You may be confused as you might not know how things work at Ascension Jail. This guide will help you if you have a loved one in Ascension Parish Jail or you are a resident there. This guide will help you in connecting to your loved one in Ascension Parish Jail.

Ascension Parish Jail
Ascension Parish Jail

How can I call an inmate in Ascension Parish Jail?

There are various housing pods in the Ascension jail. In each housing pods, there’s a telephone which can be used without payment. However, the inmates are only allowed to use them to contact their lawyers or legal counselor. They are other types phones which the inmates can use to call their loved ones but these will cost them.

Phone Calls to loved ones:

Ascension jail does not allow its  inmates to take incoming phone calls. Moreover, the prison staff is not allowed to take messages for an inmate. However in the case of an emergency, you can go to the jail and talk to the officer on duty. If the message is truly an emergency and is worth relating to your loved one in jail, then it would be done.  The inmates can make calls to their legal counselor or advisor, family, and loved ones. Remember every call made by an inmate will be monitored as well as recorded.

Can I send mail to an inmate and how?

However call is not the only mode of communicating with your loved one in jail. You can also send mail to your loved one in Ascension Parish Jail. The mailing address of Ascension Parish is: Ascension Parish Jail 2384 Lemanville Cutoff Rd Donaldsonville, LA 70346. You need to follow strict guidelines and protocol to send an mail. It is because of security reasons. Mails to this prison are sent through the United States Postal Service. If you do not follow the protocol, your mail will be returned to you. However legal mails do not fall in this category.

Every  mail was searched thoroughly for drugs and any other illegal things before it is delivered to the inmate. Only legal mail are not searched. You should not send any item in the mail which could be a hazard to the inmate as other inmates and thing which contains pornography and blank stationery and envelopes etc

More Mailing Guidelines:

There are a lot of guidelines regarding mail but you need to fool all the guidelines if you want your loved one to read your mail. If you do not follow the guidelines, your mail will be returned to you.

It is necessary for every mail to have a valid return address and mailing address. The mail should have the full name and must not be sent from a third party. If a mail is sent by a third party, it will be returned. The mails sent to the jail facility are checked to make sure nothing illegal reaches the inmates. The illegal things include tobacco, weapons, racist items, pornographic material, drugs and so on. If you send inappropriate materials  or illegal things your mail will be returned and you can be persecuted.

There are other materials when you cannot mail to the inmates although they are not illegal. They include make up, drinks, food, snacks, newspapers, perfumes, and lotion etc. Inmates are allowed to receive photographs  but there’s a size limit for that. Also, you cannot mail or send stationary to an inmate as they have to buy them through commissary.

Now you know how to contact an inmate in Ascension Parish Jail. If you want to help a loved one in jail you should immediately contact an experienced Ascension DWI defense attorney like Carl Barkemeyer. He will look over the case of your loved one and immediately take steps to help you. He and his team will try to bail your loved one out of the jail. So contact Attorney Carl today if you have a loved one in Ascension Parish Jail.


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