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How To Stay Out Of Prison

Are you wondering how to stay out of prison? This article will give you specifics on the matter.  So read along and learn exactly how you can stay out of prison, whether you’re facing criminal charges or expect to be charged with a crime in the near future.  We know that this post will be very helpful.

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How long you go to jail depends on many variables.

Are You Facing Criminal Charges

You might think you already know everything you need to know about staying out of prison. However, many people aren’t aware of some clear facts on the subject.  The first thing you’ll want to assess on the subject is whether or not you are currently facing criminal charges.  If you are not facing criminal charges and don’t have any prior convictions the future is very hopeful for you. If this is your first offense, you also have more options.

However, if you are expecting to be charged with a crime and if you have previously been convicted, staying out of prison might be on the agenda. So let’s go over everything you need to know on both matters.

What Causes A Person To Go To Prison

There are factors which may contribute to whether or not you will see the walls of a jail cell or not.  For one, having a history of criminal charges is something that may contribute to whether or not you will have to go to prison.  

Below are are few things that may cause a person to go to prison:

  • History of criminal behavior
  • Long list of prior convictions and prison/jail time
  • Severity of and type of crime
  • Environmental factors such as being surrounded by crime
  • State laws
  • Whether or not you have a competent lawyer by your side

What Can You Do To Stay Out Of Prison

Hire A Lawyer

If you are currently facing criminal charges, one of the best things you can do to stay out of prison is to contact a criminal defense attorney.  A good attorney will be able to drastically reduce your sentence if you are destined to go back to prison. In addition to this and in many cases, he or she may be able to keep you from going to prison completely.

Without a criminal defense attorney, your chances of going to prison are very high. When you commit a crime anywhere in the United States, the law favors those who have proper legal representation.  Using a public defender just doesn’t cut it when it comes to your future and your chances of staying out of prison.

Stop Committing Crimes

The other very important way to stay out of prison is to stop committing crimes altogether. Now, we know that your outlook may seem bleak. However, continuing to support a lifestyle that will land you in prison is one of the worst things you can do for your future.

Change Your Lifestyle

Another thing that is worth mentioning is to change your lifestyle altogether.  What this means is the following:

  • If you live in a crime infested area, move somewhere new
  • If the people you spend time with do criminal activities, find some new friends and a support system
  • Be productive in your everyday life and do things that foster the development of your self worth

Is It Really That Hard To Stay Out Of Prison?

The simple answer is yes.  Especially for former inmates, yes it is hard. However, the real answer we are searching for is why? Why do the people who have been previously convicted of a crime keep going back to jail?  And what is wrong with our legal system that fosters this rotating door effect that prison inmates tend to experience once they are released.

The Reason It May Be Hard To Stay Out Of Prison

  • Life isn’t “normal”.  Former inmates have a very hard time adjusting to regular everyday life. In other words they still feel institutionalized.
  • Many former prison inmates say they can’t seem to connect with friends and family since they’ve been out.
  • Many charged with crimes don’t know where to begin and feel overwhelmed.
  • Convicted felons often can’t get a job. This is a big reason that often fuels criminal behavior.
  • Circumstances before and after incarceration may make it difficult to stay out of prison.
  • Many who have been incarcerated simply don’t have shelter or stable housing.
  • Mental illness and addictions may fuel criminal behaviors that may lead an individual back to prison.  

PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS that will keep you out of Prison.

  1. Reentry Programs– These programs are the solution to at least four “reasons why it’s so hard to stay out of Prison” they are so beneficial in every way. The programs are designed to help citizens enter society successfully without being incarcerated.From jobs to shelter to mental health, these programs provide it all.
  2. Recidivism Reduction Programs- are programs recognized by inmates behavior to assist inmates in addressing different needs and to set up a nice transition out of prison. (Transition was also one of the biggest challenges listed above)
  3. Federal Bureau Of Prisons– Great resource for anything education based.
  4. Alternative custody program
  5. Residential drug abuse program- these are most commonly used when the judge allows you to take rehab route instead of jail. After rehab you would then go to one of these Residential programs also known as Halfway House
  6. Sober Living- this usually comes after a halfway house to go onto a little more independent which is a three quarter house. Also known as sober living. 
  7. A Fellowship/Strong Support System (ex’s: NA , AA , GA) The list goes onto even meetings about being institutionalized. 
  8. Also a Sponsor or Mentor. Maybe even a life coach is a good thing to seek out once you establish one of these.

There are so many resources out there to help people charged with crimes successfully stay out of prison.  Those mentioned above are a few of the broader terms for ex-convicts to look into. The most important thing we discussed in this post are the tools and knowledge for staying out of prison for good.

How To Stay Out Of Prison

We hope you now have a better understanding of how to stay out of prison.  And if you are having trouble putting your trust into the resources mentioned above, think about your future and do the most that you can to secure it. 

In regards to the success rate of Reentry Programs, a study found that 64% of participants found some form of stable employment upon graduating the program. In addition to this, only 6% were incarcerated again within 18 months. This is amazing in comparison to the standard statistic of people being reincarcerated 44% of the time.

In addition, it’s crucial to hire a criminal defense attorney in your area to help secure your chances of staying out of prison for good. The Barkemeyer Law Firm has five locations in Louisiana and has helped thousands stay out of prison through having proper representation. Take a look at some of the other areas we serve on this page here. You can also contact us if you have any questions on how to stay out of prison.

You should now know the facts about how to stay out of prison and we wish you all the best.


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