What To Do Once I Am Released From Jail in Louisiana?

What To Do Once I Am Released From Jail in Louisiana?

In Louisiana drug cases, you will be leaving the jail with an appearance bond paperwork. It will detail the charges and the bail amounts and bonds. The judge may order conditions of your release, such as refraining from criminal conduct and drug use. The judge may order drug tests at the courthouse. Depending on the charges you are arrested for, you will be given notice for your arraignment date. If the specific parish does not provide the notice for the arraignment date, then the notice will be served upon you at the residence provided on the bond paperwork. If you need a drug charge attorney for your drug charge in Louisiana, contact us.  We handle drug charges anywhere in Louisiana.

How Do I Know What to Do Once I Am Released from Jail?

To be released from jail, drug cases differ from state to state. In Louisiana, however, you are expected to leave police custody or jail with an appearance bond paperwork. This appearance bond paperwork will contain the details of your charges, your bond process, and bail amount. Pending your release, the judge may give you certain conditions, such as avoiding all drug criminal conduct. You may also be given drug tests or evaluation at the courthouse. You will also be told the dates of all your court proceedings which you are meant to appear for.

Your release is usually 2 to 6 hours after your bail bond process has been completed. It varies from court to court, though. You fill out paperwork and necessary documentation before the release.

Being released from police custody or jail does not mean you are totally free. Of course, you will be happy to be able to see the outside world again, see your family and friends, eat healthy meals, and the rest of them. But it does not warranty you to do whatever you want, at whatever time you want it. You are still under the law, and are subject to re-arrest should you misbehave in any way. You have been released with a bail bond, and you should be glad that you get to see your loved ones before all your court proceedings, if not for anything, but at least their love, support, and encouragement. You should not mess with this. 

Before leaving police custody, you will be given papers, telling you what you need to do. You will be asked to refrain from drug use, and you need to adhere strictly to these rules. You will also get information and details about your next court date. Remember you should be available for ALL your court proceedings.

You also need to get a criminal defense lawyer for legal advice.

Here is a rundown of the things you need to do after your release from jail for a drug case:

Refrain from drug use:

You should know you are not totally a free man, and that you are being watched. In this regard, refrain from all drug use. Do not be in possession of anything that may further implicate or incriminate you. Also, you should be careful of the places you go to, and the people you relate with, within that period. If they are hard drug users and are caught, you may be arrested again, along with them. Since you are already facing a drug case trial, your case will escalate, and be a very difficult one. In that case, even if you were innocent in the first case, for the mere fact you were found in the company of such people, you may not be able to challenge or dispute the court. In this regard, be conscious of yourself and do what is worth doing. Save yourself the extra stress by doing the right thing.

Attend your court proceedings:

This is a must, and you need to follow it up strictly. Legal rules are something you should never tamper with no matter what, because the price of breaking those rules may be hard to pay. You must have to appear on your next court date or all of your court proceedings. In this way, you will know the outcome of your drug case, and the next step to take.

If you do not appear at your court proceedings, you are subject to re-arrest, and may not be granted bail again. Since you’ve been granted bail, and released already, obey the rule of law by appearing for all your court proceedings.

Get a criminal defense attorney

After your release from police custody or jail, you need legal advice. One of the reasons you need to get a criminal defense attorney is the fact that this criminal defense attorney MAY be able to help you get your charges reduced. Remember that this is under a probability, as it is not certain. Well, the criminal defense attorney will also give you legal advice, which no one can give you. Your family members and friends cannot give you such advice unless they are criminal defense attorneys, of course. The police officers and investigators can also not give you legal advice.

Update your bondsman regularly

If you were released by a bail bond, you sure know the rules with bail bonds, and how a bail bond process works. You need to keep in touch with your bail bondsman, update him regularly, and let him know your whereabouts. In this regard, it will be guaranteed that you are not trying to escape from the law or the bondsman. Attending all your court proceedings is also a way to guarantee or assure your bail bondsman that you are on the right track. Usually, a bail bondsman or bond agency gives certain rules before issuing our bond; this includes updating them about your whereabouts on a regular basis because they would like to safeguard the money they have put forward for your bail. Try and Avoid Bad Company

You don’t want to worsen your case. If you know that you have friends or family members that may be deemed as bad company, avoid them for that period. We aren’t saying you should cut them off totally. Try your best not to be seen with them. Avoid being seen in clubs, bars or anywhere one may see drugs and alcohol. Both tend to mix. Avoid being seen in a place that is raided constantly. You don’t want to be arrested for another offense. If you can, once it is evening, stay at home. Try and avoid late night movement. Remember you don’t want to be seen in an uncompromising situation because it could work against your advantage.

Bearing in mind that you are in a way, still under custody, you should STRICTLY adhere to these rules. If you adhere to them, your case will run smoothly. Well, bear in mind that this does not mean you must be acquitted or not found guilty. The rules only help you to avoid making your drug case a very complicated one. However, if you do not keep to these rules, you may end up incriminating yourself, and in this process, your case will be a complicated one.

An experienced criminal defense attorney in Louisiana might just be the right criminal defense attorney to contact, as regards to legal advice as he is very experienced in handling drug cases.


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