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Heroin is described as an opioid that is psychoactive and has negative effects on the body. When consumed excessively, it could be very fatal and can lead to death. 

If you are arrested for the possession of heroin, you stand the chance of getting a high sentence with huge penalties. Under the Louisiana Criminal law, Heroin is defined as a Schedule 1 drug which makes it a felony when caught.

Laws Guiding Heroin Use

One should not be caught with possession of heroin or any Schedule 1 substance except if these substances were gotten with a valid prescription from a practitioner.

One is not allowed to produce, manufacture, or dispense any Schedule 1 substance for personal consumption.

One is not allowed to cultivate, create, and possess these Schedule one substances with the intention of distribution. Production of industrial hemp not approved by the Department of Forestry and Agriculture in the United States and disallowed in the United States are considered illegal.

Drug stores and pharmacies are not allowed to possess and sell heroin to customers except this purchase is made with a valid license or permit.

What situations can make you get arrested for Heroin use?

When you are caught with a small amount of heroin. Mostly less than 2grams for personal use. It could be found with you in your home.

When you possess heroin in large quantities. More than 2 grams to less than 28 grams. 

When you are discovered as the dealer of the heroin. Possessing large quantities for sale and distribution. In cases like this, you are bound to receive a greater penalty.

When you are caught with heroin use while driving. This is another offense when caught driving while high.

When the consumption of heroin, makes you constitutes a public nuisance, especially in your area of residence. For example. You go around destroy various properties and lives due to heroin overdose.

When one is caught manufacturing, processing, cultivating, and distributing heroin to several individuals without having any valid license, reason, or permission. 

What are the possible penalties of being caught with heroin use?

Being a felony, getting caught with heroin can lead to a lot of unavoidable and even sometimes severe penalties.

When caught for the possession of heroin, it solely depends on the quantity of heroin you are caught with. Several laws guide the use of heroin.

Being a schedule 1 drug, it comes with its penalties. This is because the use of opioids is the basis of the prescription drug crisis. 

Possession of any schedule 1 drug such as heroin on the first conviction will attract a minimum prison sentence of at least 6 months to 1 year.

On the first conviction, the offender could be fined no less than five hundred dollars and imprisoned for at least fifteen days

On the second conviction, when you are found with at least 2 grams of heroin, you will be fined at least one thousand dollars.

If you are found with a larger quantity on the second conviction, you will spend at least one year in jail.

On a third conviction, there is a greater chance that you will serve a higher punishment. The punishment may be between 2-5 years imprisonment. 

When you are caught with heroin to sell, the penalties will become dire. When you are caught, you will be imprisoned for at least 5 years to 40 years. You will be required to pay a sum of fifty thousand dollars.

If you are caught driving with heroin in small quantity, maybe less than 2 grams, on your second or third conviction, you can be given a sentence of 2 to 4 years. 

If you are caught with heroin of more than 2 grams but less than 28 grams, you could face a prison sentence of 2 years to 10 years. In addition to your prison sentence, you may also be required to pay a sum of five thousand dollars.

What do I do if charged with Heroin use in Jefferson Parish?

Being charged with Heroin use in Jefferson Parish can be frustrating especially when you do not have a strong legal representation. If someone is found in a situation like this the best thing to do is to still calm and not exchange any words with the officers. 

Seek help from an expert criminal defense lawyer in the state of Louisiana to get you the best sentences or even help you get discharged from the crime and your freedom. 

Being caught with heroin can be dangerous to your life, without a good criminal defense lawyer, you may end up serving hard jail time. While looking for a good criminal defense lawyer, look for someone that knows how to do his job,

Getting the Best Heroin Defense in Jefferson Parish

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