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What Is A Legend Drug?

A legend drug is any drug that has been approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and that can only be given to a person with a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner. In essence, if you are found with a legend drug without any proper prescription from a licensed practitioner, you can be arrested and charged to court. It is a collective name for drugs with addictive potential and that are harmful to health if abused.

You may be wondering why these drugs are controlled in this manner. Well, most of these legend drugs are pain killers and antidepressants. Once you take it, you will develop a habit to take it all the time and it is bad for your health. When most people do not get these drugs from medical practitioners, they try to purchase it online. It is highly illegal.

Classifying Legend Drugs

Many legend drugs are classified into schedules. There are schedule I drugs, schedule II, III, IV, and V. Drugs under schedule I are not legend drugs but are also illegal. They include heroin and other substances that have a high risk of abuse. Schedule II to V drugs are all legend drugs and they include morphine, Lomotil, Viagra, Xanax, Ultram, and so on.

Laws Guiding Legend Drugs In Gretna

The law guiding legend drugs in Gretna is very simple. In a nutshell, you must not be found in possession of legend drugs without a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner. Anything other than that makes you liable to be prosecuted.

The state has strict rules on legend drugs because:

They have a high potential of being abused

They can be very hazardous to health if abused

Taking it creates a habit of always doing so, hence the abuse.

Therefore, if you are connected to legend drugs in any way, whether production, distribution, transporting, possession, and selling without a prescription, you will be arrested if you are caught.

What Situations Can Make Me Get A Legend Drug Charge In Jefferson Parish?

You can get into trouble with the law if you do not above by the rules and regulations of the state. Here are situations that can make you get a legend drug charge in Gretna:

If you are found in possession of a legend drug without an authentic prescription from a medical practitioner

Selling legend drugs without authorization

Forging a prescription to purchase or get legend drugs

Producing and distributing legend drugs without authorization

Prescribing legend drugs when you are not licensed

Prescribing legend drugs to someone who does not need it.

All these and more can get you in trouble with the law in Jefferson Parish. Therefore, you should avoid doing any of these things listed above else you will get a legend drug charge.

What Are The Possible Penalties For Possession Of Legend Drugs In Gretna?

As mentioned earlier, drug cases are serious crimes in Louisiana and so, the repercussions are severe.

Here is the penalty according to the Louisiana State Revised Statute:

1. Anyone who possesses, distributes, sells, transports, or produces legend drugs without authentic and proper prescription will be sent to prison for not more than five years, with or without hard labor and may be required to pay a fine of not more than $5000.

2. Your penalty can be dependent on how well your lawyer was able to represent and defend you in court. It also depends on the situation or circumstances surrounding your crime, including the specific kind of legend drug you were found with.

3. Another thing that is usually considered is the number of legend drugs found in your possession. If it is for personal use, you may get a lesser penalty. However, if you were possessing it in large quantities with the intent to sell, distribute, or transport, then your penalty will be higher.

In all, legend drug charges carry severe penalties which is why you should do the right thing once you are charged.

What Do I Do If I Get Charged With Possession Of A Legend Drug?

Now, you should know that so many people get charged with possession of a legend drug. While investigations go on, it may be discovered that the person had no idea that it was a prescription drug and was in contact with it because of the carefree attitude of the main owner. This can be used as a possible defense because it has to be valid.

Whatever the case may be, if you have been arrested and charged to court for possession of legend drugs (by possession, it includes distribution, production, and transporting), you need legal representation. Often, people tend to mix up the laws as the line between what is right and what is wrong is very slim. Therefore, you need an attorney that will come up with the best defense to help your case. Helping your case means getting your charges reduced. The lawyer might also be good enough to get your case dropped depending on the situation surrounding your crime. It could be that there was a mix up during investigation which could prove you to be innocent.

Metairie Drug Charge Lawyers

If you are caught up in this situation, the best and rightful thing to do is to get a professional lawyer. You may think to possess a legend drug is a minor crime but it is a very serious offense in Louisiana. Of course, it has severe penalties.

Therefore, even if the situation surrounding your case is not as serious as you may think, get legal representation by reaching out to the drug charge lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law Firm. By contacting us, you have very good chances of not getting convicted. We have a lot of experience in helping people deal with their legend drug cases.


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