Obscenity Charges in Jefferson Parish

From the statutes of Louisiana, the law of obscenity regulates and protects communication lawfully in places like Jefferson Parish and Gretna. It is mostly concerned with stopping the use of public exposure, negative photos, the use of prohibited word, etc.

To understand the Louisiana Obscenity laws in Jefferson Parish, the following topics will be discussed:

How does Louisiana law define Obscenity?

Obscenity Crimes in Jefferson Parish.

What Would You Be Your Sentence If You Are Found Guilty of Obscenity in Jefferson Parish

How can one Advocate themselves against an Obscenity charge in a Louisiana court?

Value of Great Legal Advice

How does Louisiana Law define Obscenity?

Louisiana law states that various ways of communicating could be said and they could disrupt the standard of decency and good taste. This makes the law of Louisiana call for a communication method that is legitimate in a free society. The law of obscenity prosecutes cases that violate and challenge the moral standard of decency in the Jefferson Parish area.

If your loved one or you have an obscenity charge in Jefferson Parish or Gretna, you need to get a lawyer who is great at handling obscenity cases. The Barkemeyer Law Firm is wonderful in handling obscenity in Jefferson. Do not waste time in getting through to the Barkemeyer Law Firm. If your case gets attached by a lawyer who is experienced, a lot of positive changes would affect you too.

Obscenity Crimes in Jefferson Parish

You could be charged for obscenity if your genitals, public hair, nipple, anus are intentionally exposed in a public place and someone else viewed it for them to be sexually aroused. Production, participation, presentation, engagement, promotion, sponsorship, and showing a display of sexual conduct could make someone be charged and convicted of obscenity in Jefferson Parish.

This is a serious offense in places like Kenner, Gretna, Metairie and Jefferson Parish and it is punished harshly like a felony.

You are punished for a lewd act if you open yourself with intent to someone else or the public.

Even a lady showing off her breasts openly in public has committed a crime of obscenity. A man who leaves his genitals to show in public would be charged too for obscenity. This shows obscenity is a serious crime, a criminal crime to be specific.

People that are caught being involved in sharing obscene materials are part of those who violate the law of obscenity.

If charged with obscenity, you need an experienced legal team who has handled such types of charges before. Getting a criminal attorney who has high criminal law practice would be necessary.

What Would You Be Your Sentence If You Are Found Guilty of Obscenity in Jefferson Parish

In Jefferson Parish, Obscenity is an offense of felony. Being convicted the first time would carry a sentence where you’ll need to pay a fine of two thousand five hundred dollars or go to jail for six months to three years. The offenders could get both sentences as a consequence of violating the law of obscenity. The judge decides if the defendant pays a small sum or a large sum. Probation is allowed from Obscenity convictions.

If you are convicted a second time from obscenity, you could be kept in jail for six months with it without hard labor. The convict could also be fined two thousand five hundred dollars but it would not be more than five thousand dollars.

If you are convicted for the third time, you would be kept in jail for about two years with or without hard labor but it would not be more than five years. You might need to pay a fine of up to five thousand dollars but it would not be more than ten thousand dollars.

If you are convicted and the crime was fine in front of someone who is single and is not up to 17 years of age, then the offender is kept in prison for up to two years with or without hard labor. And they could pay a fine of ten thousand dollars. In this case, the convict has no chance of suspension, parole, or probation.

If a firm gets charged for obscenity, they would get these same penalties. In this case, the vice president, the president, the treasurer, and the entire corporation are the defendants here. If convicted, everyone along with corporate officers would all suffer the said penalty.

How can one Advocate themselves against an Obscenity charge in a Louisiana court? 

For this charge, you need legal advocacy. Your obscenity lawyer would find every means necessary to get ways in which you could be advocated so you’ll get a favorable outcome. As the prosecutors argue your claim, your defense lawyers show them reasons why you should not be charged for these crimes. We can help argue using philosophical means to advocate a defendant.

Value of Great Legal Advice

Obscenity is one of the biggest aspects of criminal law and it is important you get help as soon as possible. If charges of obscenity come knocking at your door, the best thing to do is to get an obscenity lawyer in Jefferson. This would show you how less or more your penalty would be if you are guilty of the charge. The Barkemeyer Law Firm would be your voice and would help get the rate of your penalties reduced. We could be your legal team in Jefferson Parish. Simply contact us.


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