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Guide to Warrants in Jefferson Parish

Our criminal defense attorneys in Louisiana can help you if you have an arrest warrant or bench warrant in Louisiana.  We defend clients in Gretna, Louisiana. However, we can provide representation for you and your warrant issue anywhere in Louisiana.

What is the difference between bench warrant and arrest warrant?

Arrest warrants are obtained by police officers when they believe they have probable cause to arrest you for a crime. The officer will go to a judge, present him with an affidavit of probable cause, and ask him to sign the arrest warrant. The officer can then apprehend you wherever you are.  Once you are arrested in Louisiana, you will be brought before the judge so he can set a bail.  You will have the option of bonding out or staying in jail

Bench warrants are issued by judges in court for failure to appear at court hearings. Those charged with criminal charges must appear at their court dates. Sometimes, we are able to go to court for our clients when the charge is a misdemeanor. If it is a felony charge, you must be present for each court date.  The bench warrant will not go away until you or your criminal lawyer goes to court and asks the judge to recall the bench warrant.  Our criminal attorneys in Gretna can help you with your bench warrant.

What can happen if you are picked up for a warrant?

The best-case scenario is if you are picked up locally.  If so, the judge will set the bail quickly or bring you to court soon to answer the bench warrant. The worst-case scenario is if you are picked up on the warrant in another state. You could be stuck in jail for a long-time awaiting extradition or for the waiver time to elapse.  It is not a good situation to be in.  ‘

Warrant Recall Lawyer in Gretna, Louisiana

An arrest warrant can be issued for several reasons, which could mostly be for committing a crime, violation of probation terms, not paying fines or failure to appear in court. When an arrest is confirmed against you, the police can arrest you immediately.

When law enforcement has reasonable and a strong suspicion of crime on you, they need to first get a warrant before you can be arrested. The most common type of warrant is the arrest warrant and the bench warrant. While the two may lead to confinement, the major difference between them is the reason for which each is issued.

Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant is a warrant held by the law enforcement agents to arrest you for strong and reasonable suspicion of a crime. If you are suspected to be involved in criminal acts, the law enforcement agents get a warrant to arrest you. An arrest warrant is a document that gives authority to law enforcement agents to arrest a suspect. To obtain an arrest warrant, the law enforcement officers file a complaint with the court. The judge then issues the warrant after the officers can provide probable cause to believe that the suspect whose name is presented in the warrant committed a crime. A warrant issued by the court authorizes the law enforcement officers to arrest the suspect.

Bench Warrant

A bench warrant is issued when you fail to show up in court, fail to complete and comply with court orders or fail to pay fines. A judge issues a bench warrant against anyone who violates court order as this is considered as contempt of court. For example, if you refuse to make a court appearance on a set date, the judge may issue a bench warrant against you which authorizes the law enforcement officers to arrest you and present you in court before the judge.

If a bench warrant is issued against you, you may have to go to jail, pay a hefty fine or get a warrant recall lawyer to help you resolve the case. If you want to avoid an expensive bail and protect yourself from a severe jail term, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney. If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, the first thing to do is to contact a skilled warrant trial lawyer in Jefferson. Your attorney will work to recall your warrant without you going into custody.

Warrant Recall

We have seen cases of people who forgot their court date and were unable to show up in court. Usually, a case as such is charged and punished as contempt of court, which may attract a jail term or fine. To prevent a jail term or hefty fine after missing a court date or violating any court order, you need the intervention of a warrant recall lawyer in Jefferson.

To recall a warrant means to get the authorization for arrest by the court reversed. Warrant recall sets you free from arrest by law enforcement. With this, you do not need the worry about the court being after you. Your defense attorney can get a bench warrant issued against you by the court nullified and rendered invalid by the court.

An individual issued a bench warrant needs to take quick action as delay may make the consequences severe. Having your warrant recalled as soon a possible will limit and prevent harsh consequences and makes resolution easy. As soon as you get to know that you have a bench warrant, you must contact your warrant recall lawyer in Jefferson immediately. You shouldn’t delay your case till late.

For your warrant recall in Jefferson and Gretna, Louisiana, Barkemeyer Law Firm is ready to defend you and prevent you from facing grave consequences from the courts. He is responsive, so you won’t need to wait until forever to get through to him. He understands the urgency that bench warrants need to be treated with and does not fail to attend to your case promptly.

To recall your warrant, be ready to provide your warrant recall lawyer in Gretna information regarding the case that led to the warrant and document bearing the details of the reason for your bench warrant. After proper information, your defense attorney requests to recall the warrant. For a misdemeanor case, you do not have to be in court as your defense lawyer can take up the representation. You are only expected to be in court with your lawyer if the case is a felony offense.

You may get your warrant recalled if you can carry out the court orders you failed to perform. If you can pay your fees and fines, show proof that you completed your court programs, make a court appearance or meet with your probation officer according to the court order.

How a Gretna Warrant Recall Lawyer can help you

You must get your warrant recalled to avoid living in fear. People who miss court intentionally do not live freely because they are constantly looking behind to be sure that the law enforcement officers are not after them. You can avoid getting yourself arrested at work or before your family by reaching out to a warrant recall lawyer in Jefferson.

A skilled and experienced warrant recall lawyer knows how to defend you before the judge. Your defense attorney constructs a defense line to save you from being severely punished. Some of the defenses for failure to appear in court include a wrong contact address, pleading that you were not aware of the court order, and lack of ability to follow the court order.

Barkemeyer Law Firm can help you

To avoid getting arrested and incarcerated for missing a court date or unknowingly violating a court order, you should reach out to Barkemeyer Law Firm as soon as possible. Barkemeyer Law Firm, a warrant recall lawyer in Jefferson may be able to represent you without you having to show up in court.

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