Juvenile DUI in Louisiana: Consequences and Prevention Measures

Juvenile DUI in Louisiana: Consequences and Prevention Measures: Sometimes, teens and young adults make bad or irrational decisions, especially when spurred on by peer pressure. Society makes many teens feel like they must fit in to be accepted, and sometimes, that results in teens committing crimes without knowing the drawbacks and consequences. They don’t think far enough in the future at that age to realize their mortality, or that of someone else they may injure.

Teen DUI Is A Serious Crime

One of the most serious crimes for a teen under 21 is a DUI (Driving Under the Influence). Unlike with an adult, they can be charged for having a blood alcohol content (or BAC) of just 0.02%, a small fraction of the legal limit. If one is in such a situation, they should seek experienced criminal attorney representation because the laws are complicated and always changing. Those who try to handle the filing of paperwork and legal proceedings don’t do themselves any favors, whereas a seasoned lawyer can get charges reduced or even dismissed under the right circumstances.

Underage Drinking Laws in Louisiana

No person under the age of 21 can drink alcohol legally anywhere in the United States. In Louisiana, however, state law gives permission to minors to drink at home if no alcohol is sold if they have their parents’ or guardians’ consent. Bars and restaurants cannot sell minors alcohol, and the law does not allow for an intoxicated minor to get behind the wheel and drive in the state of Louisiana or anywhere else.

Preventative Measures For Juvenile DUI

If teens want to avoid serious headaches, financial strain, mandated class time, and maybe even jail time, they should always have a plan in place. If they are drinking with friends at home or out, they should make sure if they’re going to drive after that there is a designated driver. It’s just not worth all the consequences to have just a bit of fun, or even a lot of fun. Fines, mandated classes, and time spent behind bars are nothing to sneeze at, much less having a juvenile record to start out life with. So, if drinking is involved in the plans, underage and legal drinkers alike should make sure they have someone who can drive them who won’t be drinking, or they should plan to spend the night. It’s not hard to stick to and can prevent a lot of problems later on.

Consequences When Faced With Juvenile DUI in LA

A minor can get arrested for a BAC of at least 0,.02%. If they have a BAC of 0.08% or more, they face normal DUI charges no matter their age. One who is convicted of underage drinking and driving on a first offense can face a financial penalty of $100 – $250 and will likely be required to attend a court-approved substance abuse program. They may also have to participate in a drive education program and may even face jail time.

Second Offenses

On a second offense for underage DUI, a person would face more severe penalties, including fines of $150 – 500, probation, and a court-ordered treatment program.

If there is some sort of accident that involves severe injuries or death and a DUI is found to be the cause, the penalties are more severe. If a minor caused a serious accident because they were impaired, they could face many years in prison.

Other Penalties For These Charges

Besides jail time, there are other consequences an underage person could face if they are caught with a DUI. In addition to probation and fines, the DUI charge will go on their driving record. This means future employers and insurance companies will see it, and that will make it difficult for them to find meaningful employment and affordable car insurance. It could also cancel scholarships or prevent one from playing sports. If that underage DUI is college bound, it could prevent them from getting into the school of their choice. Lots of negative things can happen as a result of a DUI, whether one is of age or not.

What Should You Do: Minimizing Damage Of Underage DUI

If you’re in any of the situations listed above or something similar, the best way to minimize the damage to an underage person facing a DUI charge is to hire the best, most experienced criminal defense attorney you can afford. If the minor has a clean history or there are circumstances around the case that may influence a judge, the attorney will surely be able to get the judge to reduce your sentence or settle the case before it ever goes to court.

CONCLUSION: Juvenile DUI in Louisiana: Consequences and Prevention Measures

Being arrested for a DUI is a serious problem for anyone, especially if they are underage. Although in Louisiana, minors can drink in their residence with the consent of a legal parent or guardian, it never is okay to then drive. Being charged with this very adult offense results in a whole host of terrible consequences that can reach into that young person’s adult life and make things like obtaining employment and insurance difficult, if not impossible. That’s why if one plans to drink, they should have a designated driver or spend the night until they’re sober enough to drive. That is the only thing that will prevent a DUI arrest.

Get A Seasoned DUI Attorney On Your Side

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