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Attorney for LSU Students in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

When a college student or just a young person with the world ahead of him/her gets a criminal charge, unique issues arise for the legal representation. The legal representation can be unlike representing a multiple-offender client charged with armed robbery or murder. Our college-aged clients and clients who attend LSU, Baton Rouge Community College, or any other college or university in the area deserve special attention and a tailored representation.

Attorney for LSU Students in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Our Focus

Our focus during the legal representation of LSU students includes many aspects, the most important of which include:

  • helping our client get back on the right track personally, and
  • protecting their criminal record, and
  • informing our client of the severity of criminal charges, deterring them from future misconduct, therefore, helping them get back on the right track.

The end goal is that they can complete school and are able to move on to graduate school or employment just as planned before they even started their education.  We believe that a minor bump in the road during school should not ruin their chances for success in the future.

Since our college-clients are usually young and unfamiliar with being in this situation, we offer extra support to ensure they get their life back on track so they can continue with their education.  Many times, after the representation is over our client is more knowledgeable and better prepared to deal with his/her surroundings, get through school, and become successful. We have had many clients and their parents thank us for our dedication and caring in helping their son or daughter get through such a difficult time.


Stress on Parents

Most of our LSU student-clients come to us through their parents. The parents are often terrified and distraught after their child receives a criminal charge.  They don’t often understand the criminal justice system and what to expect. We answer all the questions. We let our client’s parents feel at ease after we inform them of what to expect and our strategy. Our client’s parents gain a lot of relief after speaking to us and obtaining our services.  We take full control of our client’s case and get them through it with success.


Our Services for LSU Students with Criminal Charges

Our clients with criminal charges who are LSU students, whether they are undergraduate or graduate students, require much more care and understanding than clients with most charges. We have represented hundreds of LSU students charged with crimes in Baton Rouge.  We thoroughly understand the necessary steps and the ways to help our clients. Experience is key to helping LSU students.  We have that experience as many of our clients are LSU students.


What We Do for Our Student Clients

Every criminal case is different for our students.  We do not lump every client into a category. As you will see below, the first step is getting to know our client so we can better understand his/her situation, thereby, increasing our ability to help. The following are some of the services included in the representation of our LSU students:

  • Get to know and understand our client and his/her situation.
  • Consider drug/alcohol rehabilitation.  Click here to learn more.
  • Consider a behavioral evaluation/counseling. 
  • We provide assistance with university hearings regarding sanctions and housing which may include attending hearings, writing letters, and/or advising our client on how to handle the situation.
  • In DWI cases, we attend Administrative Law Hearings regarding their driving privileges in Louisiana and advise on how to continue to drive.
  • We examine employment applications, housing applications, lease applications, graduate school applications and provide advise on how to complete.  Many of our college clients plan to attend graduate schools, nursing school, law school, dental school, medical school, etc. We advise on how to get through the application process after having been through the criminal justice system.
  • Immigration/Student Visa. Some of our clients in the university are here on student visas. Obtaining a criminal charge has unique effects on their ability to continue their education, much less stay in the country. We help our clients understand remain in the country so they can finish their education at LSU.
  • We give great knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system to our young clients which helps to deter them from ever getting into trouble again. Our client’s parents are very grateful for this.
  • Expungement/Clean the Record. Depending on how the case is resolved, we file expungements for our clients which removes the fact of the arrest/summons or conviction (if applicable) from their criminal record.  We provide extensive advice and understanding to our clients and their parents regarding criminal records. This is a large part of what we do.


Drug Charges at LSU

We represent many LSU students who have been arrested for drugs.  For more information on the consequences of having a drug charges such as drug possession and distribution at LSU, click here.


College Student Criminal Charges

We have represented college students regarding all types of criminal charges in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Whether the arrest or summons took place at an LSU football game, or elsewhere in Baton Rouge, we can help. Some of the more common criminal charges include:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Distribution
  • Possession of XanaxAdderall, and other prescription pills
  • DWI
  • MIP
  • Disturbing the Peace
  • Theft
  • Many more

Contact Carl Barkemeyer at 225-964-6720 if you think our representation is right for you or your child. Our office is located in Baton Rouge, across the street from the Goodwood Library.


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