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Theft Lawyer in Baton Rouge City Court

The listed criminal theft charges below are the offenses prosecuted in Baton Rouge City Court. They are all misdemeanor offenses. Felonies are prosecuted in District Court. The defense lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law Firm are skilled and experienced at handling misdemeanors is Baton Rouge City Court. Contact us at (225) 964-6720 if you or someone you know has a criminal charge in City Court.

Theft Lawyer for Baton Rouge City Court Cases

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Theft offense in Baton Rouge Louisiana is a serious crime and should not be taken lightly. Because it can get you time behind bars. This goes for other towns and parishes in Louisiana as well. if you are caught in Baton Rouge on account of theft, or any intentional act to rob other individuals of their property or possession, you would be charged to court. Consequently, you’ll need an experienced Baton Rouge City Court lawyer to help you defend your case during trial. A theft charge is no joke in Baton Rouge, and as such, you shouldn’t waste time in getting an aggressive criminal defense lawyer for your case.

In 2016, a good percentage of the defendants arrested on account of theft, fraud, and property destruction in Louisiana, were incarcerated. Theft cases, regardless of how petty the case, are serious crimes and there is a high possibility of a jail term. However, with the help of an aggressive criminal defense lawyer like Mr. Carl Barkemeyer, who understands the laws and the potential penalties of theft prosecution in Baton Rouge, you can secure positive outcomes in your case. On the off chance that you are a resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and you, your friend, or family, is being blamed for a theft offense, call us.

How Louisiana defines theft and theft-related cases

Theft crimes have many definitions and the state of Louisiana has its standpoints on Theft cases and the appropriate punishments that would be accorded to a prosecuted offender of the crime. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, theft is defined as obtaining valuable objects or materials from someplace or someone without getting a go-ahead for the rightful owner. You’ll also be arrested on account of theft offense if you obtain a thing of value with fraudulent antics and depictions.

However, there is also a clause in the definition of theft offenses in Louisiana: the valuable item must be taken without the intention of returning it to the rightful proprietor. Based on this definition, almost every valuable item is vulnerable to theft. But then again, the state of Louisiana treats theft cases related to the following objects especially;

•          Vehicles

•          Identity (if you impersonate another individual to steal money or other valuable items from that individual)

•          Guns

•          Alligators

•          Debit cards or credit cards

•          Shoplifting

•          Petroleum products

•          Domesticated animals

•          Utilities (cable, electricity, gas, etc.)

•          Crawfish

•          livestock

All the aforementioned theft cases are punishable by law in the state of Louisiana, and Mr. Carl Barkemeyer has acquired a wealth of experience defending such cases. He can help you with your defense during the court hearings of the above-listed theft charges in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana laws permit your legal counselor and case prosecutor to review the incriminating evidence filed against you during the trial. This means that you have the opportunity to create a factual defense for your case and identify the shreds of evidence that were obtained illegally during the time of the arrest. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer is very good at these things such as identifying and fighting against illegally obtained evidence in a case. He will fight aggressively to the limits of the law to defend your case and secure the most favorable outcome in your court case.

Penalties for theft charges in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana is very strict with theft offenders and the potential punishment for theft prosecution varies with the dollar worth of the stolen item. The same goes for Baton Rouge and other states in the USA.

If you are charged for stealing valuable items not up to $1000 (formerly $750), you may incur a prison sentence. The jail term may range from a few weeks to six months depending on how damning the evidence filed against you is. You may also incur a $1000-dollar cash fine. Even worse, you can incur both penalties.

If you are charged for stealing items valued at $1000+ but not up to $5000, you may incur cash fines up to $2000 or a maximum of 5 years’ jail term. Depending on the severity of your case, you can be imprisoned and incur a cash fine at the same time.

Baton Rouge classifies theft offenses into two categories (namely felony and misdemeanor) depending on the dollar amount of the stolen property. As a result, theft charges of items valued below $1000 are classified as misdemeanor; and theft charges of items valued over $1000 are classified as a felony.

If you are convicted for a theft charge of an item that is valued over $1000 your prison sentence will include hard labor. on the other hand, the potential punishments for a theft conviction in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will increase exponentially if the defendant has a prior conviction on his/her record.

Prior convictions

The dollar value of the stolen item is one out of the plethora of factors the Baton Rouge city court considers to determine the appropriate punishment for a theft case. Another important factor that would be considered during your court hearings is the prior convictions on your record.

If you have been charged in the past for similar offenses or other damning crimes, and the monetary value of the items stolen is not up to $1000. You’ll most likely get the lightest penalty possible. On the other hand, if you have 2 or more prior theft-related offenses on your record, you may be imprisoned for 2 years. As opposed to the 6 months that is proposed for theft misdemeanor offenses. You would most likely incur direr punishments if the item stolen is valued over $1000.

You should know also that special items like firearms carry heavier penalties than the typical items. If you are charged for stealing firearms in Baton Rouge, you may incur up to 10 years’ jail term; prior convictions or not.

Get Help for Theft cases in Baton Rouge

Regardless of how damning the evidence filed against you is, having an aggressive theft defense attorney for your court case can help you weather the storm. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer and the team at the Barkemeyer Law Firm are ready to take up your case and fight for your constitutional rights.


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