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Guide to Illegal Carrying of Weapons in Covington, Louisiana

Illegal carrying of weapons charges need to take them seriously in St. Tammany Parish District Court, especially if the charge includes possession of illegal CDS. That charge carries a sentencing range of 5-10 years in prison without parole or probation.

Crimes like carrying weapons around like dangerous knives, guns, and other sorts of weapons could keep you in prison for years and you might need to pay fines which could damage you financially both in the short run and in the long run.

What is Illegal carrying of weapons (Louisiana Law RS 14:95)?

Illegal carrying of weapons as explained by Louisiana law refers to situations where people intentionally hide various types of a firearm or other instruments that are typically created to be dangerous weapons. It is also the use of a firearm or possessing, owning weapons, tools like dynamite, explosives, or nitroglycerin that is usually used by thieves with a person and that person have an intention to commit a crime.

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Illegal Carrying of Weapons in Covington are serious charges.

Penalties for Illegal Carrying of Weapons

Below are some of the penalties that you could face in St. Tammany Parish District Court if you’re not well defended:

If convicted of committing this crime, you could be fined an amount that would not be more than five hundred dollars and you could also be imprisoned for not more than six months or suffer both penalties.

If you are convicted for this crime a second time, the offender would be imprisoned without or with hard labor for five years and no more.

If convicted for the third time and more convictions could follow, you would be imprisoned with or without hard labor for five years at most.

If the offender possesses, uses or as control of a firearm or other weapons normally used by burglars while they were trying to cause harm to people, persons or property and they are also in possession of a controlled drug substance, like if the controlled drug substance is 14 grams or more of Marijuana, then the offender would be fined an amount that wouldn’t be more than $10,000 and could be imprisoned suffering hard labor from 5 years to 10 years.

On second or more convictions, the defendant could be imprisoned suffering hard labor for at least 20 years but not up to 30 years. And there wouldn’t be a benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence.

If more than five years have elapsed since the maximum sentence has expired, the penalty on the second, third, and more convictions shall not be applicable in those cases. This is because of the time expiry. And the sentence that would be given would be the same as that of the first conviction.

It is difficult to unhook yourself from a criminal charge as hefty as illegal carrying weapons that can cause violence and destruction and for this reason, you would need to contact a strong and highly experienced attorney that will get you home free. Our criminal defense attorneys handle these charges every day for clients. We know what to look for and how to defend gun charges in St. Tammany Parish.


What must the Prosecutors prove against you before you can get convicted of an Illegal carrying of weapons charge?

The prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you intentionally having full knowledge that you wanted to carry the weapon. Most times, the illegal carrying involves the weapon being illegally concealed without possessing a concealed weapon permit. If possession of drugs is included, the prosecutor must prove that as well.


What are your defenses if you’re charged with the crime?

However, here are some of the defenses that you can claim:

     The weapon was not concealed or the defendant had a concealed weapon permit

     That the occurrence was a mistake.

     That you’re acting within your legal rights to possess a firearm.

     The marijuana was less than 14 grams.

    You did not know of the presence of the weapon and/or drugs.

     That the defendant is, or was, mentally ill at the time.


How do you get rid of the Illegal carrying of weapons charges?

As seen above, the penalties from Illegal carrying of weapons charges are serious and terrible. The worst thing that can happen is suffering all these penalties when you might not have intentionally committed the crime.

A proficient attorney with a successful track record is hard to find, especially one that is well-grounded in the Louisiana criminal gun laws. Mr. Barkemeyer is one of the few great gun defense attorneys around. He is one of the best you can find and you don’t even need to search too far.

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