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The charge of Disturbing the Peace is considered a misdemeanor and has a sentencing range of 0-90 days in jail.  Depending on the alleged facts of the case, the charge could be punishable by up to 6 months in jail. An example of Disturbing the Peace is by fistic encounter, aka street fight. Other examples are using offensive language, cursing, appearing intoxicated in public, or interrupting a group of people who may be where they are. Our New Orleans criminal defense attorneys at the Barkemeyer Law Firm know how to find defenses to Disturbing the Peace in Louisiana.

Disturbing the Peace Lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’ve been charged for disturbing the peace in the state of Louisiana, it is important to find a criminal defense attorney for your case as soon as possible. Barkemeyer Law Firm is a defense attorney to stand for you and represent you in court in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. In the of Louisiana, disturbing the peace is known and classified as a misdemeanor offense. Penalties attached to it includes a jail term of 3-6 months and this depends on the way a person is being convicted. One of the most common forms of disturbing the peace in the state of Louisiana includes public intoxication. Another common type after that is fistic encounter involvement. Most times out of the many, the evidence used in a situation like this is based on an officer’s observation. This means the officer would be required to testify in court that you were involved in such cases as a fistic encounter while you were under the influence and so many other factors. This is why you need a criminal defense attorney to help you out in the explanation of anything you would like to know.

According to the law in Louisiana, disturbing the peace can be done in so many manners which could be disturbing the public at large or as much as alarming them. Some of these ways include:

Appearing at a place while intoxicated.

Engaging in any form of fistic encounter.

Engaging in any form of violence by 3 or more people.

Holding an unlawful assembly.

Interrupting a lawful assembly.

Addressing offensive words with another in public places such as streets, hotels, etc. Especially if they work there or are lawfully placed there.

Intentionally engaging in forms of behavior which seem absurd such as gestures or displays to stop or ginger a funeral, wake, burial of a deceased person.

Intentionally blocking public areas such as parking lots or building which is being used for a funeral, wake or memorial service.

All these and so much more can be classified as disrupting the peace in Louisiana and they come with their penalties such as fines and jail sentences.

Barkemeyer Law Firm – Cocaine Lawyer New Orleans

At Barkemeyer Law Firm, we also offer additional benefits to our clients facing drug charges in New Orleans. One additional benefit is that allows you to get acquainted with the constitutional rights available to you and educate you on how to use them when appropriate. Before going into the courtroom to stand trial for any drug-related case, it would be wise to have certain laws and regulations at your fingertips. This way, you do not have to be worried about anyone taking advantage of you legally.

Also, in addition to our impressive success rate, our criminal attorneys at Barkemeyer Law Firm, strive to maintain an “in” relationship with the district attorney. This way, we could occasionally put in an effort to seeing if a discussion would be enough to resolve your case. In the best-case scenario, the case might be dropped or the sentence reduced.

Additionally, we also endeavor to offer treatment and counseling sessions for our clients. This way, we might even be able to prove to the court that jail is not the response to the particular case.

So, even if it might be inevitable to feel scared and insecure while facing a criminal court case, the one thing you can be certain of is that at Barkemeyer Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys have your back at all times.

Disturbing the Peace Varies

Generally, there are different ways to be held accountable for disturbing the peace and they vary from one to another. All of them are usually met in different ways in court and it all depends on the exact situation as well as time. Because you aren’t exactly sure how your case can be presented in court and just what you might stand chance of facing, it is best to seek legal advice immediately you have been charged with one of these misdemeanor charges or disturbing the peace. They know better and would work you through it step by step so you know what to expect as they build up a strategy to help build your case.

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What Are the Punishments for Disturbing the Peace in Louisiana?

The punishment for disturbing the peace in Louisiana varies and since such a charge is counted as a misdemeanor, and irrespective of the reason behind a charge, it is never considered a felony, the punishment isn’t so terrible but they are punishments nonetheless. They aren’t as bad as a person being convicted of assault and battery. A person being charged with disturbing the peace stands a punishment of hall sentence of about 3-6 months. It usually depends on the ground they have been arrested on and although it is considered a misdemeanor, punishments are strict and can affect both you, your life and your friends and family. This is because any jail time on your record can affect an individual negatively and make them lose their job plus make it harder for them to find one. All this makes it very important to hire a criminal defense attorney to help you and Barkemeyer Law Firm is here for you.

Contacting A Criminal Defense Attorney in New Orleans For Disturbing the Peace

A very good way you can get you case fought well in court for a disturbing the peace charge is to find witnesses. Since it is all on the word of a police officer and a few eyes witnesses, except the case is video evidence, these observations can be classified as incorrect or forced according to your lawyer. Getting a criminal defense attorney such as Barkemeyer Law Firm in Orleans parish would get you all this and so much more. The officer involved would have to prove that you were disturbing the peace and acted in certain manners. They are also required to prove you were intoxicated in a case that is amongst your charges. Most times, an arresting officer finds it hard to prove and this helps your case a whole lot. If they can’t prove that you were disturbing the peace then your charges can be dropped.

How Can the Barkemeyer Law Firm Help You?

Here at Barkemeyer Law Firm, we understand how difficult it can be for you to face criminal charges alone and this is why we develop a strategy to fit your case to get it dropped completely or reduced significantly.

Contacting us right away helps your case a lot as we begin immediately in drafting a plan to get your case dismissed or help you get a reduction in your punishment. Here at Barkemeyer Law Firm, we are all experienced when it comes to defending people in situations like this and so much more. We also help in protecting your criminal record and fight for your rights so you don’t have a terrible future and have the freedom to get jobs and get scholarships as the case may be.

We understand all there is to know about the side effects jail time does to people and how frightening it can be for an individual to think they would face that. So, it doesn’t matter if you are visiting Orleans parish or any part of Louisiana as a whole if you need a criminal defense attorney, contact Barkemeyer Law Firm today.

Public Intoxication Defense Lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana

Public Intoxication is a very common provision of Disturbing the Peace. It carries the same sentencing as stated above of 0-90 days in jail. Besides jail time and a stiff fine, a conviction for public intoxication can negatively impact a person’s record which may affect employment, school enrollment, and reputation. It is important that these charges be handled appropriately to minimize the negative impact on one’s future.

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