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There are a lot of offenses that can be committed in Louisiana, and one of them is illegal carrying of weapons. When you are caught with a weapon that is not registered, you stand to face a prison sentence, especially when it is not a first-time offense. It is advisable that you contact your Illegal Carrying of Weapons Lawyer in New Orleans from a prominent firm like Barkemeyer Law Firm to handle the issue.

Illegal carrying firearms defense attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana.

What Not Do to When Caught with an Illegal Firearm

When you are caught with illegal weapons, it is advisable that you don’t do the following to prevent you from getting into a deeper mess:

Try and not engage them in a gun battle or get into a fight with the police officers

When you are caught with a weapon that is not registered, be it in your car, house or on you, it is advisable that you don’t try to engage in a gun battle. You may think that you may escape, but in reality, there is a slim chance of that happening. Apart from that, even if you escape, you will be hunted down and caught. When you are caught, you will have more than the illegal carrying of weapons charge to deal with. When you are caught, ask to speak to an Illegal Carrying of Weapons Lawyer in New Orleans from Barkemeyer Law firm. Don’t try to get into a fight or gunfight. Avoid the urge, and you may walk out of there with a mere slap on the wrist.

Don’t Run

You may be tempted to make a run for it. When you stress the authorities when it comes to arrest you, you may plunge into deeper trouble. When officers are stressed by someone, they try to bury the person deep with a lot of charges. Remember that you want to get out of there with a reduced sentence or a mere slap on the wrist. Contact your illegal carrying of weapons lawyer in New Orleans immediately.

Don’t Talk

As much as we said you should resist arrest doesn’t mean that you should cooperate fully with your mouth. Avoid the urge to talk. You may be innocent, but some words that you mention may end up incriminating you. Keep mute. It is your right. Ask to talk to your illegal carrying of weapons lawyer in New Orleans from Barkemeyer Law Firm immediately. The less you say, the better for you.

Don’t Talk to Friends About It

When you are in trouble, you may be tempted to discuss the issue with those around, especially your family members or friends. It is advisable that you do not. The only person that you are permitted to talk to is your attorney. Why is this so? Your friend or family member may end up telling the authorities incriminating things without them knowing. They may be used as a witness against you, without you knowing. The less they know, the better for you.

What is Illegal carrying of weapons?

Illegal carrying of the weapon under La RS 14:95 is the intentional concealment of a weapon with the intention of using it to hurt someone else.

When you are caught with an illegal or unregistered weapon, you may be charged with this crime. Under no condition should you agree that it is your gun to the authorities when caught? All you should say is that you want to contact your illegal carrying of weapons lawyer in New Orleans.

Illegal carrying of the weapons in Louisiana is also the possession, usage or ownership of an instrument that has been used as a type of dangerous weapon on someone else.

It also encompasses the usage, possession, ownership of explosives, dynamites or similar objects that have been used by thieves before in committing a crime.

It also encompasses the manufacturing, owning, possessing, or usage of any type of knife, be it a spring knife, switchblade knife, or other knives that can be unfolded by using a switch, button or latch.

It also includes the usage or possession of a dangerous object by a person in a school in the school hours or even when in a school bus. In this case, by the school, we mean high school, elementary, high school, college and so on. By campus, we mean every property that is inside the school.

By school bus, we mean the bus that is used to move kids for and to school. It also includes the bus used in carrying kids to school activities or bringing them back.

Who This Doesn’t Apply To

Carrying weapons in school is considered illegal, but it doesn’t apply to everyone.

This doesn’t apply to the following people:

A peace officer that needed the weapon to perform his or her duties. Carrying a weapon even in a school won’t be considered illegal.

A school official that was employed to act as a security an official in the school can carry around weapons, as long as they are directed by the school.

A person that has gotten the needed permission from the school board or the principal to host a competition or to hold a safety instruction for student or host a marksmanship program.


If you are convicted of such a crime, you may be fined at most 500 dollars. If not, you may spend at most six months in jail. Sometimes, you may have to face both punishments.

If you are convicted of this crime when the firearm was used in carrying out violent acts, you may be fined at most two thousand dollars. You may spend at most two years in jail, either with hard labor or not. Sometimes, you may face both penalties.

If it is a repeat offense, the person may end up being sentenced to at most five years behind bars, either with hard labor or not.

Contact an Illegal Carrying of Weapon Lawyer in New Orleans Immediately

When you are caught, it is advisable that you have a team of attorneys at hand to look at your case, analyze the facts, and build up a defense for you. We are at hand to help lighten your burden. Contact Barkemeyer Law Firm.

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