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Obtaining Prescription Pills by Fraud Lawyer in New Orleans

It is a felony offense to obtain or attempt to obtain prescription medication by fraud in Louisiana. A common example is acquiring a physician’s prescription pad, filling it in, signing it, and presenting it to a pharmacy to be filled. Another example is acquiring someone else’s valid prescription, altering the name and the presenting it to the pharmacy to be filled. Finally, it is common to acquire a valid prescription made out to someone else, then present fake identification to the pharmacist when filling it.  Also, this statute prohibits doctor shopping.

Obtaining Prescription Pills by Fraud Lawyer in New Orleans

In Louisiana, it is considered as a serious crime to acquire or try to obtain a medical prescription through fraudulent means. Most people try to do this with the aim to gain full access to some kind of drugs or controlled dangerous substances that are only gotten through a physician prescription. The most common noted situation of this is by getting the exact prescription pad of a physician or a really good replica of it, filling the necessary options and signing it with a good-looking signature that would look almost similar to that of the physician. Then when all this is done, the prescription is now presented to a pharmacy to be filled. This is not the only crucial case of obtaining an illegal prescription, another known way by which this is done is by getting access to another person’s valid and legal prescription and making some form of alteration to the name of the person on the prescription tab and getting it presented to a pharmacy to be filled. However, it has been discovered that this second method of obtaining prescription pills fraudulently is quite easy to accomplish being compared to the first. Because getting access to another person’s valid and legal prescription that has already been prescribed and signed by an authentic physicians’ signature would be a really easy task to carry out than trying to get a doctor’s prescription tab and carry out all the requires procedures involved.

What are Prescription Pills?

A prescription pill is also known as a prescription drug is any drug or any form of medication that cannot be bought or purchased freely or legally purchased without the authorization of a physician’s prescription. The reason why these medications are strictly given out through a physician’s prescription is to avoid drug abuse and any related misusing of drugs or medications. It is also done to limit the age and abnormal intake of these drugs. Because of the challenge in acquiring prescription drugs which only doctors and physicians do, there are different secret illegal black markets where people go to purchase these drugs. These black markets usually get their supplies from pill-mills or the drug companies illegally. There is some good number of prescription pills that are reportedly attached to cases involving obtaining prescription pill illegally. Some of which include;







Percocet, and some other few.

What is Prescription Fraud?

Prescription fraud can simply be defined as the illegal acquiring of medications or medically prescribed drugs for the aim of using personally, or for commercial deliveries. This is also trying to explain how the fraudulent prescription process works. This act is highly prohibited by the federal and state government and has been termed punishable by law.

How Obtaining Prescription Fraud Happens

The act of obtaining medical prescription pills for the purpose of self-medication or any other purpose can be achieved in many ways. All these ways are considered a criminal act. Below are some of them;

Prescription pills can be obtained through a forged prescription

It can also be obtained by seeing various doctors or physicians for a particular ailment or sickness.

Is Obtaining Prescription Pills A Criminal Act?

Most people are unaware of the fact that the process of achieving a medication that requires a doctors or physicians’ prescription by an unauthorized and illegal way is definitely a crime. While some other people are aware of the fact that obtaining prescription pills fraudulently is a criminal act but still keep on doing it until they are caught. Any situation where a person aims at deceiving some other person by using a fake or invalid representation of some kind of fact is referred to as criminal fraud. This is because the person checking the fact relies on it to his legal commitment. Therefore, the act of manipulating a valid document to make a replica of it or making a forged version of it is considered as a criminal offense generally. A primary example is how doctors or physicians are deceived by patients into believing that they need a particular drug or medication, while their interior motives of getting those drugs are negative. Some people might be wondering if they would be charged if they take the drugs and don’t sell them. Of course, it is a crime. For the mere fact that those pills were taken by means of fraud, it is a crime.

Defense of Prescription Pill Fraud

The situation of a case would solely decide how the defense of a prescription pill would look like. There are various defense pattern, but they generally know defenses are as follows:

Unknowing Possession

This is trying to explain that a defendant can possibly claim and stand on his ground that he wasn’t aware that he was possessed with prescription pills.

Lack of Intention

Prescription fraud demands that there must be some intent to have a misinterpretation of detailed facts in evidence. A person who doesn’t aim at having a misinterpretation of facts means that the person is not a fraud.

Do I Need an Attorney for Obtaining Prescription Pills?

This is a great question to ask when you’re in such a situation. The answer to this question is definitely positive. Being charged with a case like obtaining prescription the first and immediate step you need to take is by hiring a criminal defense attorney to handle the case. You cannot handle such cases by yourself so you definitely need an attorney. You need an attorney that is experienced and can handle this case properly. Criminal Lawyer New Orleans is the right choice for such circumstance. Your case would be handled with the best of experience. You shouldn’t feel nervous about explaining the degree of your case. We are always here at New Orleans, Louisiana to support our clients and give them the best support and defense required. Barkemeyer Law Firm is a good and reliable criminal defense attorney for cases involving the obtaining of prescription pills or any similar case. The main importance of hiring an attorney to handle your case is that, with the assistance of an attorney that’s experienced, your case could be ruled in your favor. This is trying to say that you could get smaller prison sentences if your attorney defends well or you can pay fewer fine amounts. Hiring a Criminal defense attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana like Lawyer New Orleans would be a very great idea because, at Barkemeyer Law Firm law firm, they have experienced lawyers that have handled such cases in the past and would also be ready to serve you in your case.

Louisiana Obtaining CDS by Fraud Lawyer

This charge of obtaining CDS by fraud carries a sentencing range of up to five years in prison. Our criminal defense attorneys at the Barkemeyer Law Firm have defended many clients with this charge. We understand the applicable defenses and mitigation strategies used to get the best possible outcome. Regardless of where you received the charge in New Orleans, Louisiana, we may be able to help.

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