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Anyone who lives in Louisiana would agree that it is a wonderful place to live in. however, it can get very messy and quickly if you fail to keep the law. Most of the crimes or offenses which are taken seriously in the state and especially in New Orleans are divided into felonies and misdemeanor. Being convicted for any of these crimes could very well mean a hefty fine or some jail time. One of the offenses which are being frowned at especially would be the possession with intent to distribute unlawful drugs.

Understanding Possession with Intent to Distribute

Most drug crimes are recognized under the laws which regulate Louisiana and are punishable under those laws. When you are charged with intent to distribute, it has certain ramifications. The first one is that you are in possession of drugs which have been deemed unlawful by the authorities. The second is that you are now being charged with the intent to sell those drugs with members of the public. Because of the joint offenses, the crime of possession with intent to distribute now takes on a more serious shape. The first thing you should do when you are charged with this offense is to make sure that you get yourself a defense lawyer. Barkemeyer Law Firm, Criminal defense attorney would one of the various alternatives which you have in New Orleans. There are so many reasons why they would be the perfect fit for your case.

Backed with many years of experience in dealing with similar matters and other criminal issues, Barkemeyer Law Firm would be in a good position to represent you in any matters which arises from the offense.

How is it proven?

In most cases, possession with intent to distribute would not have to be proven with the help of direct evidence. Circumstantial evidence can be called to prove that you are in possession of drugs which you hope to sell to the public. One of how this can be proven in Louisiana is the amount or quantity of the substance which you have in your disposal.

If it is found large quantities of an unlawful substance and the quantity is one which would be bigger than you need to consume all by yourself, this could be valid circumstantial evidence that you possess such substances to sell them to members of the public. With that, the authorities may feel that they have enough evidence to charge you to court on having possession of unlawful substances to distribute. Another way in which circumstantial evidence can be brought against you would be the paraphernalia. This is often used in the weighing of drugs and packaging of it before it is known to members of the public.

The presence of such things would provide sufficient evidence against you and the court may very well convict. Your situation could be made worse if you do not have a defense lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana. Therefore, make sure that you get yourself a defense lawyer as soon as you can. When it comes to Orleans parish, it does not get any better than Barkemeyer Law Firm, criminal defense attorneys. They can back you up with their experienced staff and give you a good defense to your situation.

It is important to note that when it comes to offenses that have to do with intent to distribute, you need not have sold anything before the court would deem it fit to find you guilty of it. The mere intention of having to sell would be enough in this situation.

Punishment for Intent to Distribute in Louisiana

The category in which the offense would be considered would normally depend on the type of drug which is involved. In Louisiana, most drugs that are considered to be unacceptable are usually categorized in schedules. Schedule I of drugs would usually get stiffer punishment and would include drugs such as cocaine. However, other drugs in schedules IV may see the person receive a way lighter punishment.

Another thing which would also play a role would be the number of drugs which was found. The general principle about this is that the larger the drugs, the more likely that you would have to face stiffer punishment from the authorities.

For this reason, it is often important to have a lawyer by your side as your case can be decided by the slimmest of margins. Barkemeyer Law Firm is one of the most reliable attorneys right now in Orleans parish right now. If you are looking for a criminal attorney who would help you, then you are much better off with him as your attorney.

Drug Defense Attorney in New Orleans – Barkemeyer Law Firm

When you are slammed with an offense like this, it is only normal that your first reaction would be one of shock and disbelief. However, the last time which you can afford at this point is to go into full paralysis. You have to take steps which would help you in the future and the foundations of those steps would be getting yourself an attorney.

Here at Barkemeyer Law Firm, criminal defense attorneys, we understand the need to treat each case we receive as carefully as possible. Your reputation is at stake and that is quite precious to us. Therefore, we take our time to ensure that we give you a vigorous representation. We also recognize the need to be close by especially in New Orleans to respond at a moment’s notice.

The offense of intention to distribute unlawful substances or drugs is one which should not be taken lightly. It can change your whole world and destroy the endless opportunities which would have been opened to you.

So, make sure that you give yourself the best chance to succeed. Get a New Orleans drug defense lawyer as soon as you are charged or accused. We here at Barkemeyer Law Firm, drug defense attorneys are always eager to help you in any way that we can.


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