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Unauthorized use cases can either be misdemeanors or felonies. They can carry extensive prison sentences. We are highly experienced in dealing with these types of criminal defense cases.

Unauthorized Use of a Movable Defined

Unauthorized use of a movable is the intentional taking or use of a movable which belongs to another, either without the other’s consent, or by means of fraudulent conduct, practices, or representations, but without any intention to deprive the other of the movable permanently. The fact that the movable so taken or used may be classified as an immovable, according to the law pertaining to civil matters, is immaterial.

Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle Defined

Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle is the intentional taking or use of a motor vehicle which belongs to another, either without the other’s consent, or by means of fraudulent conduct, practices, or representations, but without any intention to deprive the other of the motor vehicle permanently.

Unauthorized Use defense attorney in New Orleans, LA

Unauthorized use may result in serious sanctions in the Parish of Orleans, New Orleans and the State of Louisiana in general. In some instances, culprits are subjected to dire penalties, home arrest, cash fines, probation and community service. In other cases, the more serious cases, the defendant can be detained for a long time. Nevertheless, an unauthorized use charge is not a straight ticket to jail, you still have a few options to consider. Unauthorized use is a factual and serious crime. which means that there is still a slight opportunity to go out of court, safe and cleared of the alleged offense if you can demonstrate your innocence in court.

Barkemeyer Law Firm, criminal lawyers in New Orleans, have gained extensive expertise and know-how in Louisiana courtroom defending allegations like this. We are well prepared and dedicated to fighting unauthorized use cases in court, to secure the highest feasible result for you, during the trial. With respect to unauthorized use charges in Orleans and New Orleans, the facts available to you during trail can promote or compromise your chances of securing a favorable verdict in Louisiana. Therefore, you need an experienced, energetic criminal lawyer New Orleans, who understands the law and knows what to look for an unauthorized use case.

Unauthorized Use – What it means

According to the state of Louisiana’s revised Statutes 14: 68.4, any purposeful act to use a movable or a motor vehicle that does not belong to you, without seeking the permission of the vehicle’s proprietor, or using fraudulent antics, devices, or depictions. but, with the intention of returning the motor vehicle at a later date to the owner, is considered a crime in Louisiana. Depending on how serious the circumstances surrounding your case is, you can end up with a prison sentence of up to five years.

Unauthorized Use’s prospective penalty in Louisiana

Normally a jail sentence is the worst-case scenario of an unauthorized use crime, that a perpetrator can incur. But as it appears, a jail sentence may just be the least of your worries, when it comes to Unauthorized use conviction in Louisiana. Not only will a verdict of this offense get you time behind bars, but it will also rub your good name and record in the dirt. As there are dire consequences associated with an unauthorized use conviction in Louisiana, you should do everything you can to prevent any of the possible penalties of an unauthorized use conviction. The only opportunity you have to fight this damnation is to involve an experienced criminal lawyer in Orleans. Barkemeyer law firm has an office in New Orleans, and our criminal defense attorneys are ready to attend to your case, personally, until you secure the most favorable outcome in your court case.

Is unauthorized use charge a felony?

Depending on the severity of your Unauthorized Use crime in the state of Louisiana, you can be charged as either misdemeanor Unauthorized use or felony Unauthorized Use.

For misdemeanor offenses, the worth of the movable used without permission or authorization from the owner, should not exceed $500. The potential penalty for this crime, as stated in the Louisiana Revised Statutes Tit. 14: 68.4, may include cash fines (not more than $500), jail term (not more than 6 months), or both.

For the more severe cases of unauthorized use of movable or Motor vehicle in Louisiana, where the said movable is valued over $500 dollars, the defendant will incur direr punishments. The potential punishments for this crime may include a prison sentence (not more than 5 years), cash fine (not more than $5000), or both. Regardless of whether you are charged for a misdemeanor or felony Unauthorized Use, you ought to take the case charges filed against you serious. Barkemeyer Law Firm is an experienced criminal lawyer New Orleans, and you can count on him to explore every angle of your case for the finest possible outcome.

How an Unauthorized use charge can harm you in the future?

There are many ways an Unauthorized use charge can harm you in the future. But here are the most obvious ones:

Education: If you are a student of any of the colleges or universities in Louisiana, there is a high probability that your school will probe you for the conviction. You may be expelled from the school or placed on probation for some time. if you are not enrolled in any academic institution now, and you are hoping to enroll someday, an unauthorized use conviction can annihilate your chances. Keep in mind that your criminal record is available to the general populace, and can be accessed by your school’s committee. At the end of the day, your request for admission into their college or university may be denied, because of a conviction that could have been avoided with the help of a criminal lawyer in New Orleans.

Employment: Just as you would have trouble enrolling into an academic institution, that’s how you would have problems securing lucrative jobs. Coupled with the fact that you may get fired from your current employment for an Unauthorized Use charge, you may also have a hard time landing another one. Even if you are super qualified for a position, you might not get the job because of an unauthorized use conviction on your record. That’s why, you need to use your time and resources effectively, to secure an experienced criminal lawyer in New Orleans for your case.

Housing: if you think an unauthorized use conviction will only undermine your chances of securing a good job and proper education, then you need to think again. These days, real estate agents and landlords, vet their potential tenants for prior criminal records and convictions. Bottom line, you need to get an unauthorized use charge sorted out immediate it materializes, with the help of an experienced criminal lawyer in New Orleans.

Connect with an aggressive New Orleans criminal lawyer

One conviction on your record can affect your dreams and aspirations in the future. so you need to take quick actions for your court case. Connect the team of well experienced criminal lawyers at Barkemeyer Law firm, to safeguard your future and secure the most favorable outcome possible with your court case.

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