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Voyeurism is an extremely embarrassing offense, which can cause the offender to be arrested and duly punished according to the state law guiding Orleans and New Orleans, Louisiana. Voyeurism is the act of deriving sexual pleasure from watching an unsuspecting individual’s nakedness. It also refers to the infringement of another person’s expectation of privacy for sexual gratification. A simple example of voyeurism is watching a naked female dressing in her room to derive sexual pleasures.

Voyeurism is one of the types of sexual abuse that does not involve physical contact. You don’t have to touch the victim or be in contact with them before you can be arrested and charged for a sex crime such as voyeurism. Voyeurism charge is usually treated seriously in Orleans and New Orleans, and it requires the intervention of a strong voyeurism lawyer in New Orleans. This charge puts your reputation on the line, so it is important that you hire a skilled and experienced defense attorney. Barkemeyer Law Firm is experienced in such charges and he promises to be of great assistance all the step of the way.

 A person is guilty of voyeurism when he or she engages in the following;

Intentionally invading the privacy of an ignorant or unsuspecting individual for sexual gratification.

Records or take pictures of another person without them knowing. Anyone might be anywhere and do anything where they feel safe without knowing that they are been filmed or photographed.

If a person shares photos or videos intentionally recorded while violating the privacy of another person without their knowledge or approval.

Infringes another person’s privacy to photograph or videotape them while they are naked or engaging in a sexual act.

Video Voyeurism

Voyeurism charges do not stop at secret viewing, it also encompasses recording the victim without their consent. Some voyeurism cases involve the offender making use of a recording device such as a phone to take the image or video recording of an unsuspecting individual. This is an invasion of privacy and may ultimately lead to harsher penalties. The state law is strict with video voyeurism and it may be charged as a felony.

An individual is charged for video voyeurism if they install an imaging or recording device to furtively view, take photos, and record another person in a bathroom, bedroom or while dressing up in the changing room or anywhere else without their consent.

A video voyeurism charge can also arise when an imaging device is installed to view a person’s nakedness where the person expects privacy. Who would ever think that they would be viewed while dressing up or undressing? If this happens, then it is a privacy invasion.

Upskirting which refers to the viewing of the underclothing of another person is a punishable offense under the law. Whether done for amusement, abuse, entertainment, or profit, it is a degrading act that is punishable under the state law.

Penalties of Voyeurism

Voyeurism can be punished as a misdemeanor in which the offender is made to serve jail time of up to one year along with payment of criminal fines depending on the surrounding circumstances.

For a felony voyeurism charge, the offender is sentenced for a harsher punishment. The offender is made to serve a longer prison sentence and higher criminal fines. The offender also gets to lose certain rights. If found guilty of voyeurism, the offender can receive 6 months to 2 years in prison and fine of up to 50 percent of the offender’s weekly income.

What needs to be proven?

Before a person can be arraigned in court, there has to be proof that the recording was made for sexual gratification. Evidence can be drawn from circumstantial evidence. Location, time, and activities surrounding the situation can be set as a proof for the case. If the evidence gathered infers that the recording was done for sexual satisfaction, the offender may be convicted for Voyeurism.

Also, if evidence can be adapted to prove that offender recorded, published or circulated the images and recording in any way, the offender will be guilty of additional offenses including printing and distribution of voyeuristic recordings. You don’t have to be caught in the act before you can be arrested for publishing and distributing voyeuristic materials. Once you have some recording or images on your phone, that is enough to pass for that for the intent. The kind of materials you have on your phone can cause you to be arrested and charged for voyeurism.

You need to contact a criminal defense attorney

The danger of a voyeurism charge cannot be underestimated. You need to get a voyeurism lawyer in New Orleans immediately to defend you and seek out how your interest and legal right can be protected. The help of a defense attorney can go a long way in helping you stand a better chance with your case.

When charged with voyeurism in Orleans and the environment of New Orleans, the first and most important thing to do is to confide in a criminal defense attorney. A skilled criminal defense attorney knows how best to go about your case so that you don’t get burnt out with the consequence.

An experienced lawyer knows the necessary negotiations to make. Also, not all evidence is obtained properly. A defense attorney can help to suppress every evidence gotten through improper investigation. With skilled experienced Barkemeyer Law Firm, your interest and your right are protected.

Barkemeyer Law Firm puts all efforts into making sure that you stand a better chance. Experience matters a lot when dealing with a case of voyeurism, Barkemeyer Law Firm is a man with experience of several unique cases. He is fierce at defending his clients and is keen on protecting the right and interests of his clients.

Another important factor to consider when hiring a defense attorney is responsiveness. You don’t want to try a lawyer who would take several days to respond to your urgent legal needs. Barkemeyer Law Firm is highly responsive and will revert to you in a reasonable time.

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