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Misrepresentation During Booking in Louisiana: La. RS 14:133.2

Misrepresentation During Booking in Louisiana: La. RS 14:133.2

Have you or any of your loved ones been recently accused of misrepresentation during booking in Louisiana? Have you been charged to court as a result of this accusation? Are you worried about getting an attorney that can help you get out of the mess? Well, you’re just in the right place for answers.

This crime is usually likened to obstructing of duty or resisting arrest. They are similar, however, they bear different penalties and are treated differently in law. In this article, we will be looking at exactly what misrepresentation during booking is as regards the laws of Louisiana. We will also be looking at the penalties, your defenses, and a few other things.

What is misrepresentation during booking in Louisiana under La RS 14:133.2?

The Louisiana laws have clearly explained exactly what the crime is and it states it as:

  • when a person who is being booked by an authorized law enforcement officer has intentionally misrepresented or refused to divulge information regarding name, residence, sex, age, social security number, or any other form of identification
  • It also includes the refusal by a person to allow the law enforcement officer who, in pursuant to his duties, has asked that fingerprint and photographs be taken.

Faced with this kind of criminal charge, you may consider it trivial, however, it could land you in an unsuspected jail term as well as drain your finances. The court would not take it lightly with anyone who has committed this crime as it is a crime against the state’s authority.

Handing the matter over to just any attorney could land you in serious trouble. It is a matter of concern to the state and any court in Louisiana and so it must be treated as such. Before you choose an attorney to represent you, you must ensure that he is knowledgeable and conversant with the laws of Louisiana.

A criminal attorney in Louisiana that you can trust and place all your hopes upon is attorney Carl Barkemeyer. With all his years in practice defending clients with criminal charges leveled against them, he knows just how to get you home free.

Penalties for Misrepresentation During Booking in Louisiana

As stated earlier, misrepresentation during booking is a crime against the government of the state since it is disobedience to authorized law enforcement officials and as such, it is taken with seriousness.  If you have been charged and convicted of the crime, here are some of the punishments which you would be facing:

  • You could be imprisoned for a period not exceeding six months.
  • Since the crime could occur as a result of a previous crime, the sentence would run concurrent with the sentence of the originally arrested crime.


You are being booked with DWI and you’re a little out of it. The booking process doesn’t go too well. Fingerprints are refused as well as most everything the officer needs you to do to complete the booking process. Therefore, he adds on a Misrepresentation During Booking charge to the DWI.  If you are convicted of the DWI, and sentenced to 6 months in jail, the Misrepresentation sentence should run at the same time instead on stacked for 12 months. It gets trickier when you could get the DWI reduced. You would still have to deal with the 6 month sentence on the Misrepresentation During Booking charge.

Defenses to Misrepresentation During Booking in Louisiana

If you have hired an attorney, he would guide you through the process of what to do and see that you are notified of all the proceedings in court. Some of the things he would show you will include your defenses that could alleviate the penalties. Some of these are:

  • That you were oblivious of the fact that you were being confronted by a law enforcement officer.
  • That you were not in the right state of mind at the time of the offense
  • That you were under the influence of any form of an intoxicant which is not illegal.

Lawyer for Misrepresentation During Booking in Louisiana

An experienced attorney who has had years of experience defending clients with the same or similar criminal cases is going to be completely helpful. You shouldn’t have to spend any number of days, weeks, or months in jail just because of a lawyer’s incompetence.

The Barkemeyer Law Firm can get the best result possible. Mr. Barkemeyer will stand beside you throughout the whole case. He will discuss the proceedings of each court meeting with you and ensure that you have first-hand information every time.

Mr. Barkemeyer is attentive to detail, calm, and graceful but greatly active and vibrant in court. He will make your freedom his topmost priority and will do everything in his power to get the best result. Contact us here.


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