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Shoplifting - Theft Defense in Louisiana

Shoplifting - Theft Defense in Louisiana

Shoplifting Lawyers in Louisiana

Shoplifting involves the act of taking a valuable item belonging to a merchant or retail establishment without consent. It is a type of theft and criminal case that attracts prosecutions because retailers are very aggressive in pursuing. A person is charged for shoplifting if they take goods from a merchant or retailer with the intent to deprive.

Technically, shoplifting is a Theft charge in Louisiana. Usually it will be a misdemeanor theft if the alleged stolen amount of goods is less than $1000.

While shoplifting may appear as a minor crime, you must take serious legal actions when charged with it. Some judges put defendants in jail for shoplifting and misdemeanor theft. Also, a theft charge on your criminal record is extremely damaging in many ways.

Louisiana prosecutors and lawmakers frown upon shoplifting; hence, it is treated seriously. Never think a charge as common as shoplifting is less serious because if you are arrested, you will be made to face punishment that may have negative impacts on your future. So, at any point you are faced with a shoplifting charge, you should swiftly contact our shoplifting defense lawyers in Louisiana.

Learn about misdemeanor theft laws and penalties in Louisiana

Louisiana Shoplifting Laws

Shoplifting in Louisiana is also called “theft”, which simply means taking goods from a merchant with the intention to deprive. When you take goods from a retail shop without the intention to pay, you are deemed guilty under the Louisiana shoplifting law.

Shoplifting convictions can lead to both criminal and civil penalties. Criminal penalties include jail term and fines, while civil penalties include restitution- payment of damages to the merchant. According to Louisiana theft statutes:

  • For theft of goods valued less than $1000 (and not more them one subsequent offense), the offender is made to serve up to 6 months in prison or pay a fine of up to $1000 or both.
  • For theft of goods valued at $1000 or more (or with two or more subsequent offenses), the offender is made to serve up to 2 years in jail or pay a fine of up to $2,000 or both.
  • Civil penalty for shoplifting in Louisiana: in addition to the criminal penalties stated above, merchants can sue shoplifters to civil court. They are thereby ordered to pay the retail value of the item taken, including damages (which could be between $50 – $450).

How to Get Your Misdemeanor Theft Charges Dropped?

If you are worried about the damages a theft charge can cause to your life, then you may have considered if getting your theft charge dropped is possible. Yes, your shoplifting charge can be dropped, but you need a shoplifting lawyer to do this. No defense subject is discussed without a defense attorney, therefore, the first step to take to get your shoplifting charges dropped is to hire a defense attorney in Louisiana.

Some business owners in Louisiana will drop shoplifting charges or allow you to walk free if you return the stolen item, while some others want to drag you to court, whether or not you return the stolen item. In whatever policy the store has, your attorney can help negotiate a deal to get your shoplifting charges dropped.

Your attorney can negotiate a deal that completely sets you free from the charge and get the conviction removed from your record. If you are able to talk to your attorney on time, he may be able to convince the store owner not to press charges. This means no damage to your record.

Contact our Misdemeanor Theft Defense Attorneys

For misdemeanor theft or shoplifting charges in Louisiana, you need to align yourself with a competent and experienced defense attorney at the Barkemeyer Firm. We have all the experience and skills needed to fight your case. We have defended hundreds of shoplifting cases in Louisiana and made significant impacts each time.

Our lawyers can assist you in exploring your options, including plea bargain, entering a pretrial diversion program, raising defense strategies, and making negotiations. We are all about helping our clients to get the best possible outcome.


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