Soma possession charges and penalties

Soma (Carisoprodol) Possession Charges and Penalties in Louisiana

This post will go over soma possession charges and penalties in Louisiana and what you need to know if you’ve been caught with Carisoprodol. Read on to learn everything about illegal possession of Carisoprodol (Soma).

Arrested for possession of Carisoprodol (Soma)? Here’s what you need to know!

Soma or Carisoprodol has been placed as a Schedule II drug. This is under the Louisiana Uniform Controlled Substances Law. Carisoprodol was previously a Schedule IV substance. Federally, this drug is still listed as a Schedule IV. Carisoprodol can be combined with codeine. Doctors prescribe this. Carisoprodol is known as a Schedule III drug both federally and in the state. 

Drug Penalties in Louisiana in a Pinch

The penalty for drugs depends on what type of drug you have. This is going to be the same throughout all states. What makes it differ is what drug you have and what the punishment is. In Louisiana, there are strict and specific laws pertaining to the weight of the drug you have. The more you have on you, the more you are charged with. A crime lab will determine the weight of the drug. We will talk in more detail about Soma charges later. 

Other Schedule II Drugs Like Soma

Other drugs are also under Schedule II. This includes amphetamines such as:

These are all drugs that are considered Schedule II. They are all addicting and dangerous. They can even be dangerous if prescribed by a doctor. 

Prohibited Acts and Penalties for Schedule II Drugs Including Soma

We will look at some of the prohibited acts in the state of Louisiana. We will also look at what their penalties are. These are all for Schedule II drugs. 

Class A

You cannot manufacture or distribute except if authorized. It is unlawful for a person to intentionally or knowingly:

  • 1. You cannot produce or manufacture with intent to sell. You cannot dispense this dangerous substance. You cannot possess this drug with the intent to dispense. 
  • 2. You cannot create, sell, or possess this with the means to distribute. You cannot make your own counterfeit drug. 

Class B

These are violations that happen in class A. A person who violates the above may have to face the following.

  • A person with less than 28 grams of Soma will be sentenced to prison. This could entail hard labor. It will be no longer than ten years but no less than one year. You could also receive a fine of up to fifty thousand. 
  • A person with more than 28 grams of Carisoprodol will be sentenced to prison. This could entail hard labor as well. It will be no longer than 20 years but no less than one year. A fine of up to fifty thousand dollars could be issued as well. 

Possession Of Soma

A person cannot have Soma on them knowingly or willingly unless prescribed by a licensed physician. Carisoprodol or Soma is a dangerous drug that many people can misuse. It is unlawful to have this in your possession without a prescription. If you are caught with Soma in your possession without a prescription, it is crucial you hire an attorney right away. Barkemeyer Law Firm has several locations throughout Louisiana. You should contact him if you are charged with drug possession or any other drug crime.

Here are a few things that can happen if you break the law and have Carisoprodol in your possession. 

  • If you have a weight of two grams or less, you can be sentenced to two or fewer years in prison. You may also be cited up to five thousand dollars. 
  • If you have more than two grams but less than 28 grams, you will face time in prison. You will face up to five years but no less than a year. A fine of up to five thousand dollars could be cited. 

Knowingly Possessing Schedule II Drugs 

If someone possesses Soma knowingly from a prescriber, it is illegal if misused. You must take this drug as prescribed and never give any away. You should never sell these drugs either. However, many people chase this prescription from doctors to easily access the drug. This also means that the prescription holder can sell them for profit. This is a violation of Class A. 

Being Charged 

Many people have substantial amounts of Soma on them. This means that they have intent to sell. They are not being charged with possession anymore. They are also being charged with intent to sell. This is where you will want to obtain a lawyer

Do Not Talk

If you are on the go and the police question you about Soma, do not answer their questions. Be sure to tell them that you would like to talk to your lawyer. Advise them that you will not speak further until your lawyer is present. 

Do not be rude to officers. They are doing their job. If it is a traffic stop, hand your license and registration to them. Be polite and kind. If there is a Schedule II drug such as Soma, you will be taken into custody if it is seen. At this point, make sure you lawyer up. 

Being Prepared By Hiring A Drug Defense Attorney

You want a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in drug possession charges if you are sentenced with intent or even possession. A lawyer will help you determine what steps to take. Keep in mind that there are things that need to be proven before you can be found guilty of intent. 

Lawyering up will give you the best chance to have the lightest sentence. A lawyer will listen to your side of the story as well as the other side of the story. Your lawyer will look at all the evidence in the case to help determine which route is best. They are the ones that can save your butt in your time of panic. 

Wrapping Up: Soma Possession Charges And Penalties Louisiana

Knowing the laws around drugs is important. You always want to be sure that the prescribed drug is taken properly. Never abuse prescription drugs. This includes selling them. Making sure that you are properly taking your medications is important. However, if you are caught with them illegally, do not speak to the police. Make sure you call your lawyer. They will help you determine the best route to take. Remember, just because a drug has been prescribed does not mean it is safe for everyone. All drugs react differently to everyone. That is why it is important to take medications as prescribed. 


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