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What Steps Can I Take Prior To Sentencing Hearing To Help My Case in Louisiana?

What Steps Can I Take Prior To Sentencing Hearing To Help My Case in Louisiana?

Steps to Take to Help My Case Prior To Sentencing Hearing in Louisiana

With an increasing number of people being charged with criminal cases, you will find it depressing to know that most of them have been sent to jail because they failed to take the necessary steps to help their case before their hearing in the courtroom. Some, on the other hand, have suffered greatly as they have been made to pay huge fines because of their actions. This has become one of the main issues that criminal case offenders have had to deal with. To enable these ones to ensure that they do not play a part in their sentencing, we have come up with viable steps that should be taken before their sentencing hearing.

Step 1: Continue Your Treatment

The first step to take is to continue your treatment. Often times, offenders may be asked by the presiding judge to go for treatments if there’s a need. This treatment could either be therapy, joining support groups, or other forms of treatment. If you have been asked by the presiding judge to go for any of these treatments, it is advised that you treat it as important. It is important that you continue the treatment until your sentencing hearing. While doing this, it is important that you have the written proof as the presiding judge or jury may ask to see it.

Irrespective of how long the treatment may be, your best option right now is to continue that treatment at the same time have with you written proof that the treatment is continued. Doing this will definitely help your case and show that you are still able to comply and take directions. It also shows that you are willing to take the necessary steps to ensure that you do not find yourself in that situation again. In essence, if you are currently engaged in treatment, continue until the sentencing hearing and for clarification sake, you are advised to have the written proof with you while appearing before the judge.

Step 2: Meet Predetermined Conditions

Depending on the nature of the case, the prosecutor may ask you to meet certain predetermined conditions before the sentencing hearing. In situations like this, it is of utmost importance that you try to meet those conditions. The conditions to be met could be those that are stipulated by law or those that the prosecutor feels is perfect for your case. To ensure that your chances of being sentenced to prison are reduced drastically, you need to meet those conditions before the agreed date.

To explain better, if you have been charged with a drug case and during the first hearing you have been asked by the prosecutor or judge to abstain from drugs for a particular period of time. This could be said to ensure that you are in the right frame of mind before the sentencing hearing. It is important that you strive to meet that condition before the sentencing hearing. Why? Meeting the condition is a fine way to show that you are in control of your life and that you are willing and ready to make the needed changes in your life. Depending on the severity of your case, meeting the conditions that have been set may further limit your sentence and if you are to pay a fine, it may also reduce the amount you are to pay.

Step 3: Stay Out of Trouble

The most important step to take before your sentencing hearing is to stay out of trouble for that period of time. While awaiting your hearing, it would not be wise to get yourself into trouble and get re-arrested. This will definitely make your case worse and will make it extremely difficult for your defense attorney to defend you in court. If you have been charged with a drug case, it is important that you stay out of places that may get you into trouble. In addition, within that period of time, you need to stay clean by not being in possession of drugs or illegal firearms. Staying clean and out of trouble within that period of time increases your chances of getting a lighter sentence.

Step 4: Don’t Talk to The Police

This should be on top of your list immediately you are caught by the Police. When you talk to the officers, you may end up saying incriminating things. You may end up saying words that show that you are guilty. As much as you can, you want it seem like you didn’t know that the drugs existed. You want to act like you were framed. Try not to act like you are guilty. If you can, act like you are shocked. This will work in your advantage. If you must talk, deny existence of the drugs. Don’t say anything else about the drugs. The police officer may want you to say other things, in a bid to incriminate you. The officer may try to provoke you to say words that you will regret saying. No matter the psychological tricks they try to play on you, keep mute. It helps your chances.

Getting the Best Drug Case Defense Attorney in Louisiana

While we have discussed some of the steps that you need to take to ensure that your sentencing hearing favors you, it is also important that we discuss the importance of hiring the service of a well-trained and experienced drug case defense attorney to represent you in court. Without the help of an experienced and well-trained defense attorney, there’s every chance that you may spend more time behind bars. In addition, with an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney representing you, he may appeal your case if he sees that the conditions you have been asked to meet before your sentencing hearing are not ideal for you. Also, he will give you advice on the best possible way to go about meeting these conditions and steps to ensure that none is faulted.

You will find it surprising to know that Carl Barkemeyer one of the leading and most experienced defense attorneys in the country has extended his service to those in Louisiana. With his knowledge of the industry and the number of years he has spent representing drug case offenders, he is in a better position to represent you in court. Once you are charged with a drug case, it is advised that you contact us immediately. This will help us prepare and have you appear in court in less than no time.

To help us better represent you, we have gathered some of the best defense attorneys in the country. Their experience and vast knowledge of the state and federal drug laws will ensure that they are able to exploit tiny but significant loopholes that may turn the case around in your favor. At Carl Barkemeyer, we do not guarantee you 100% success, rather we will do our best to ensure that the outcome is in your favor.

If you need a drug possession attorney for your drug charge in Louisiana, contact us.  We handle drug possession charges anywhere in Louisiana.

Carl Barkemeyer wrote the published book titled How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana. He regularly gives lectures and advice to other attorneys regarding how to successfully defend clients for drug possession and distribution.

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