The Consequences Of Failing To Appear For My DUI Charges In Louisiana And What You Should Do

The Consequences Of Failing To Appear For My DUI Charges In Louisiana: When you are facing a DUI charge and decide you don’t want to appear, you will have trouble coming your way because this is a serious issue. Even if you cannot appear, you’ll find consequences as well. The first court appearance is what is known as an arraignment. However, if you miss a date in Louisiana, you’ll see that a bench warrant is immediately issued, and you will be arrested. There are few choices you have here when this happens to you. However, there are things that you can learn about the process that will help you make a better choice. Let’s explore what you can do when this happens so that you can see the options that you have available. 

What A Bench Warrant Is And How It Works

A bench warrant occurs when a judge has decided to issue an order for someone’s arrest. When this happens, it is usually because the person is charged beforehand for committing a crime but didn’t show up to their court date, which is a problem. However, a judge can issue an order for any time someone breaks the court’s rules. When a judge decides to take this route (issuing a bench warrant), police officers treat it the same as other orders. That means that they will seek you out, find you, and arrest you. It’s highly recommended you find yourself a good lawyer and turn yourself in immediately when you realize you’ve got a warrant out. Some think there are ways that this can be avoided, but they are wrong. You can’t run out on a contract or believe you can’t get caught. Thinking that you can only result in getting arrested sooner and have additional legal trouble for attempting to evade police.

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The Difference Between Warrants

A bench warrant and an arrest warrant will both let you get arrested. However, there is a big difference between them. That difference, you may ask? The judge. The judge has the final decision over the bench warrant throughout the entire process. However, with an arrest warrant, the law enforcement petitions a judge who then signs it and gives the go-ahead. Law enforcement will file for this warrant if they feel they have good reason. That can include things like video evidence and things of the like. If a judge agrees, they will sign the warrant. As you can see, the judge has the final say in both issues, but in the case of a bench warrant, your actions have consequences because of court issues, and an arrest warrant is the result of things you’ve done elsewhere.

What Happens When The Judge Signs The Warranty

When the judge signs the warrant, the law enforcement will begin to track and arrest you immediately. Now, in Louisiana, this can happen very quickly. While this can take up to months in some states, it’s different here. It could be as quick as twenty-four hours or a few days in most cases. However, it’s a quick process. That is because it’s dependent on the police department. You’ll see that even though Louisiana has a solid workload, the police are highly vigilant. You should expect that each day you’re not caught could be your last day of freedom, and a jail cell may be your next home.

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What Can You Do?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do when you have a bench warrant out. The best thing to do is hire a lawyer to help you immediately. If you don’t, you will be put in jail far quicker and can have a longer sentence. The lawyer will fight for you and your rights because they understand what you’re entitled to and aren’t. In addition to this, they will help you explain to the judge about your experience. The times ahead of you will be challenging, but the lawyer will make it as painless as possible, ensuring the process is quick.

Finding The Right DWI Attorney

Another issue you will face is finding the right lawyer to help you with what you need. Above all, take advantage of the free consultation and see if you can communicate properly. The issue is that you will need a better time frame to work this out. However, you can rest assured that the defense attorneys understand the consequences of failing to appear for my DUI charges in Louisiana are highly professional and expedient. All of which are things that you need during this time. Time is most certainly of the essence in cases like these.

CONCLUSION: The Consequences Of Failing To Appear For My DUI Charges In Louisiana

The consequences of failing to appear for charges in Louisiana are serious and immediate. To avoid issues like this, ensure that you show up to court, or if you can’t, hire a lawyer immediately to help with your charges. Save time by avoiding the wrongful thinking that you can solve this independently. Hire the best in a state where the lawyers know every aspect of the law.

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