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Did you know that if you get arrested driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Union Parish, the repercussions that follow are very heavy? For one, you face having to be stripped your driving license for some time, and, getting slammed with pretty heavy fines. Oh but that is not even all; Chances are, you could also be getting committed to engaging in lengthy community service or even get put under house arrest with constant monitoring. The worst, however, would be having to face Jail time.

Getting a jail sentence is the worst case scenario and, you really should avoid it completely in Union Parish because it would leave you with a criminal record. This can translate into you losing your job and even you not being able to find another job. Having to face driving while intoxicated charge in Farmerville area or even in the whole of the Union Parish, means that, you need to take immediate action. The very first thing to do is to get yourself proper representation from an experienced DWI attorney. If you waste any time, you might just end up missing the chance to file for a court hearing, and that means that you will end up losing your license.

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If you or anyone you know happens to get charged with a DWI offense, you would come to the realization that dealing the obligations involved, both legal and financial, are not easy at all; talk more of having to deal with the consequences especially, if you do not have a professional and experienced criminal attorney. Barkemeyer Law Firm, now present in Farmerville and whole of Union Parish, is here to give anyone with a DWI case the legal representation they require. Mr. Barkemeyer is seasoned with experiences that involve the handling of legal DWI related issues in all of Louisiana.

Another fact to consider is that your reputation, and your livelihood as you know it, as well as, that of your family and loved ones are all put on the line here. You all require protection, and Barkemeyer Law Firm is available to make sure you are given the right DWI attorney who is well suited to handle your case in Union Parish; as our attorneys are backed with years of excellent experience and credentials.

Going to Jail, no matter how long or short, is not an outcome that you would want to have. This outcome will leave you with a criminal record, and this is not something that you want people seeing. A criminal record that is open to the public is very damaging to your livelihood and even your career. This is because information about your record can be easily accessed by your job and even any future potential employers. If you have a criminal record that is open to the public, it basically eradicates any chances you may have of getting a job or, even a promotion. For years to come, you just would not be able to live down the effects of having a record

Your actions need to be immediate and precise so as to protect your reputation. What you need is to get a defense attorney who is a bulldog in the courtroom and has much experience to take on your case. You need an attorney who will fight passionately to make sure that you get a favorable outcome.

DWI Penalties in Union Parish

In Louisiana State, DWI convictions are taken very seriously, and the consequences for them are really harsh. At first, your license is immediately and automatically suspended. What this means is that when you are convicted of a DWI charge in Louisiana, you should not even be seen in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. This suspension is enforced even more if you have had a previous DWI charge brought up against you.

Apart from getting a suspended license, the other penalties which apply with a DWI conviction are: having to pay steep fines, being under house arrest with close monitoring, being given compulsory community service, paying a very hefty fee to reinstate your license, and the worst of all, serving a Jail sentence.

The only way to get your punishment minimalized is to enlist the help a reputable defense attorney who knows all of the necessary techniques to back you up and make sure that you get an acquittal. Mr. Barkemeyer is an expert at this, and you should reach out to him today for all of your DWI related case in Farmerville and Union Parish as a whole.

Get a Serious DWI law firm in Farmerville, Louisiana

Time is one luxury that you cannot afford to waste; not even a minute as it could be crucial. Hire a professional at DWI cases now in Farmerville. Hire Barkemeyer Law Firm today to take up your case; whether it is a first-time offense or a repeated offense. Our first course of action would be to get the suspension placed on your license removed, and after that, our aim would be keeping you out of jail. In fact, we would push extra hard to make sure that you get an acquittal.

When it comes to driving while intoxicated in the state of Louisiana, Mr. Barkemeyer’s reputation, as a criminal defense attorney is simply not comparable and, the reputation of Barkemeyer Law Firm is right up there at the top when it comes to the top DWI law firms in Union Parish.

Barkemeyer Law Firm offers a wide range of services for any and every DWI related case in the entire state of Louisiana. Here at Barkemeyer Law Firm, our attorneys are well known for being firm and tough in the courtroom, while still being understanding and compassionate outside the courtroom. This is because we understand that people can make mistakes and, that some people may even have a drinking or drug related issues. For this reason, we cannot judge anyone; rather, we push to get you the best outcome possible.

Visit or call our office if you have been arrested for DWI in Union Parish. We look forward to hearing from you and to taking on your case today.


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