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What happens in a Consultation with a Lawyer?

Are you wondering what happens in a consultation with a lawyer? Here we will go over some important information on what you can expect and some important facts to be aware of. We will take you through an arrest and the consultation process. So let’s get started and begin.

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Following An Arrest

There has just been an arrest and the defendant has been informed he or she will be staying in jail for a certain period of time. After being processed, this defendant is then made aware of the legal situation or perhaps comes to terms with what has happened. At this point, a public defender or a private lawyer will be assigned, depending on the person’s situation and whether or not he or she has the ability to hire an attorney.

The Lawyer Will Collect Information On The Charges

The lawyer will then collect information about the case and have it ready for when the consultation takes place with the client. As they sit down, during the first pretrial consultation, there will be discussions on what happened from the defendant’s point of view. 

On the other side, if the plaintiff so chooses, sometimes the District Attorneys office will handle cases without a plaintiff’s input. In a situation such as this, and more often than not, the case will likely be going to court. 

Every Consultation Is Different

In each situation, the lawyer will go over the case and discuss certain details about it to get a clear picture of what happened during the incident. Sometimes, if the case is a minor one, the defendant’s lawyer will have a plea bargain deal from the judge.

What Goes Into A Lawyer Consultation?

Even before meeting with the client, a Lawyer will go and meet with the other entities involved in the trial. In most cases they will study the evidence, get the facts from the police and other entities involved, and produce an action plan. 

They will discuss the case with the opposing Legal team, the judge, and even possible people involved in the investigation or arrest. In one of these meetings, the basic knowledge of the case will be agreed upon.

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The Legal Team Goes Over Details

In these pre-trail meetings, the legal teams will go over the details of the case, look into what happened during the incident, and find the truth (and who lied). From there, the District Attorney’s office, or plaintiff’s legal team, will offer a plea deal (or counter deal, depending on who makes the first offer). This occurs after negotiating with the defendant’s legal representatives. 

They Discuss Your Options

The client is then sat down with them to discuss their options for moving forward with the case. They are shown what the opposing counsel is willing to offer and what the judge is willing to do as well, normally the lawyer will present the better of the two, if differing. 

The lawyer will then lend their professional advice and then act on the client’s wishes, if within reason. These consultations help detail a plan for going forward with a case, help inform the client of what their official charges are and their options and put lawyer and client together to formulate a plan. 

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Is More Than One Consultation Needed?

In some cases, yes there is more than one consultation required. In pretrial, there are going to be requests and actions that need be taken before the trial even takes place. Post-trial, there will be another meeting to help the client understand their responsibilities, what the official charges are, and the next steps to be taken. 

Your Lawyer Will Guide You

The lawyer will then help guide their client with knowledge of what happens next, whether the plea bargain was taken, or the trial required the entirety of the court process ending up with the judge’s ruling. Here is where jail or prison sentencing is made clear, where PO or other outside community services are assigned, and the classes or court order courses required are learned about. 

At this point, a Public Defender is relieved of their obligation, but a private lawyer may stay on to help see the court ordered appointments completed and seen through to the end. 


Final thoughts: What Happens In A Consultation With A Lawyer

One of the most important things to do for oneself is to be protected, this especially translates to the legal arena. When needing to have legal representation, it is in a client’s best interest to have a consultation with their lawyer to ensure that everyone involved is informed and understands the details of the situation they find themselves in. 

Having a criminal defense attorney with a knowledge of the law and having access to the judge and opposing counsel is priceless. Those interactions are when plea bargains are formed, and the truth is revealed. 

Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney offers consultations which you can schedule on this page here. Getting input from an experienced criminal defense attorney will offer you some important information on your charges. You can contact Mr. Barkemeyer on this page here.

You should now know more about what happens in a consultation with a lawyer and we wish you all the best.


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