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What If I Can’t Afford a DWI Attorney?

If you are reading this post, you may be wondering what if I can’t afford a DWI attorney. And in this post we will answer your question as best we can. Read on to learn all about the steps to take if arrested for drinking and driving.

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Busted Drinking And Driving – Do I Really Need A DWI Lawyer?

Say that you were out to dinner with some friends and had a few drinks, and on the way home, you noticed you had too many to drive safely, but when you were pulling over to call a friend for a ride, you jumped a curb and hit a bicyclist. When you stop to help him, someone calls the police, and they arrest you for causing the injury and accident. Now, you’ve been arrested and charged with DWI, the bicyclist is injured and suing, and your whole life has been disrupted, not to mention the lives of your family who count on you to work a job and drive, both of which you may lose because of this.

Learn more about DWI laws and penalties if you were arrested for DWI in Louisiana.

You May Be Stressed About Your DWI/DUI Charges

You may feel very stressed not only because of the situation but because of the expense you perceive or may know if you’ve gotten some quotes. You may be wondering how you will afford the legal defense you need for your DWI charge. You, who are very smart and resourceful, maybe with some college coursework in law or a friend who is a lawyer, think you can do whatever it takes to represent yourself, that it will be the cheapest way to go to not financially ruin yourself and your family. 

Hiring An Attorney For DWI Is Very Important- Even If You Think You Can’t Afford It

But, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney such as Carl Barkemeyer of Barkemeyer Law Firm is extremely important. The Barkemeyer Law Firm DWI attorneys are a staff of highly trained lawyers know what to do to keep you out of jail and prevent other things like losing your license or having hefty court fines. For this reason, it is worth it in the long run and important to find a way to at least consult with an attorney about your charges.

What You Can Do To Afford Your Attorney

Going it alone in your dire situation is not advisable. Therefore, Carl Barkemeyer of Barkemeyer Law Firm suggests you do the following:

Call him for a consultation.

He or one of his associates will give you great information on what to expect, what deadlines you need to meet, any dates you must be in court, and what strategy might bring you the best outcome. With both paid and free consultations, Carl also has a DWI e-book laying out all the basics and provides affordable rates for DUI and DWI clients. Just ask him for the DWI e-book and what his rate structure is like. Carl Barkemeyer vows to all his clients to be completely transparent about all legal fees, so you will know what to expect and there will be no surprises. 

Arrange payments that you can manage.

Many attorneys, including Carl Barkemeyer, accept payment arrangements and take credit cards, so you can weigh both options and see which works best for you and your family. Just let him or one of his staff know of you situation and budget, and together, you can decide what is best for you to be able to afford your defense in your DWI case. Luckily, with Carl Barkemeyer, you will always get fair rates that are competitive with other criminal attorneys, if not better.

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Educate yourself on DWI laws in your area.

DWI laws vary from state to state, so it is advisable to look up what laws are near you that will be important to your case. Carl Barkemeyer or one of his associates can also inform you of the laws that will be relevant to your case. He has also produced an easy-to-read e-book that you can ask him for that lays out the basics, which will be a great starting point for you to realize everything involved. If it were all easy, then DWI attorneys such as Carl Barkemeyer of Barkemeyer Law Firm wouldn’t exist! He and his staff have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing laws that will concern your case, so he’ll be able to guide you in making the best decisions for you, your family, and your future.

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Don’t risk losing your job.

In some cases, your employer may fire you if they find out you were charged and/or convicted on a DWI charge. Then, you lost your livelihood, and others may not hire you either with that stigma and history. So, you won’t be able to afford a lawyer. Or, you could hire a great lawyer right off the bat, one like criminal defense attorney Carl Barkemeyer of Barkemeyer Law Firm who will do what it takes to give you the best possible outcome so that you don’t lose your job or anything else you need to have a good life. Even though you may think you can figure it all out, all the complicated laws and procedures, so you can save money on a lawyer that you don’t think you can afford, in the long run, not having an experienced lawyer like Carl Barkemeyer and his team could cost you dearly in a lot of ways, financially especially. 

Choose Barkemeyer Law Firm For DWI Charges In Louisiana

Have no fear, Carl Barkemeyer and his trained staff of experienced DWI attorneys are here for you with over 100 years of combined experience and have dealt with every case imaginable all over the state of Louisiana. They will know how to handle your case to provide the best outcome, and on top of that, Carl Barkemeyer offers you many options to afford your legal representation.

Conclusion: What If I Can’t Afford A DWI Attorney?

Although it’s a hard time now as you may be contemplating a new DWI charge. With this comes weighing whether you should take on a large expense of an experienced criminal defense attorney like Carl Barkemeyer. However, you may be cutting off your nose to spite your face if you choose not to do so.

The consequences you may suffer for not having representation with the experience and know-how for the best outcome – jail time, loss of job and driver’s license, high insurance rates – can be avoided if you invest in yourself and a good future. Barkemeyer Law Firm has payment options and will work with you so that you can manage your other expenses and be able to afford your legal representation. If you’re not sure, at least call Barkemeyer Law Firm to get advice from one of his team so you can rest assured that you’ll have a favorable outcome after your DWI charge and can move forward. 


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