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What to Do After a Hit and Run in Louisiana

If you want to know what to do after a hit and run in Louisiana, keep reading this post. Being involved in a hit and run accident can be difficult. It’s statistically one of the worst kinds of accidents that can happen to you on the road. And if you are the person who left the scene of an accident, you will need to hire a hit and run lawyer. So no matter what position you are in, you are likely dealing with a lot of stress if you’ve been involved in a hit and run accident.

If you committed a hit and run, it is likely that the police will be investigating the incident to try to find you. The investigators find drivers by reviewing any camera footage of the incident, talking with witnesses and running your license plate number through the DMV. If they are able to obtain the name and address of the person who registered the vehicle, they will come knocking to that address. At this point, you need an attorney to protect you from making the situation worse. Your attorney can step in a speak with the officer so you do not end up making any incriminating statements against yourself. Additionally, we always try to negotiate with the officer so he will issue you a summons instead of arresting and booking you in jail.

Learn what to do after you commit a hit and run.

When It’s Not Your Fault

Feelings of anger and confusion will arise after being involved in a situation that’s not your fault. The result can leave you scrambling to figure out what to do first. It’s good to learn the steps you should undertake if this happens to you.

Call First Responders in Case of Injury

The first point of action you should take is to see if you’re injured. You may not realize an injury at first, thanks to adrenaline running high after an accident. Some injuries might take days or even weeks after the accident to surface. In both situations, you should call first responders. A doctor will know whether a person has suffered a visible or hidden injury. They’ll treat it before it can worsen.

It’s possible that your mind will be elsewhere immediately after the accident. You might consider other priorities. Even in this case, calling first responders should be an early step.

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Don’t Panic If You’re Involved In A Hit & Run

Your adrenaline will be running high because of the situation you’ve suddenly found yourself in. You’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault. You might have a tough time tracking down a driver who fled. It’s a worst-case scenario for a vehicular accident. But panicking is one of the last things you should do, as though that is. Stay calm and assess your situation. Look around you, and follow the best steps going forward. Keep in mind that this issue wasn’t your fault in the first place. 

In Louisiana, the driver who’s at fault is fully liable for the accident. The consequences for the driver will be severe when they’re caught. You can get out of this situation with the help of authorities, responders, and possible witnesses. 

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Gather Information from the Scene

Do your own research at the scene to try and best understand the issue you’re involved in. Start by taking photos of the vehicle damage, and other debris that remains. These will be helpful alongside the eventual police report. Photos will be even more helpful for an insurance claim. They’ll also assist you if the case goes to court after a potential dispute.

You should also speak with bystanders in the area. Witness testimonials will be useful information alongside the police and insurance reports. They can also provide info on the perpetrator, if they saw them before taking off. There’s also potential for them to have recorded the entire incident on video. If they didn’t, perhaps the entire accident was recorded on surveillance video. There’s high potential for this if it occurred in a busier area.  

Call the Police and File a Report

The police should be called after the hit and run. You should take this step even if your vehicle didn’t sustain damage. It’s illegal for anyone to leave the scene of an accident in Louisiana. The police will investigate the incident as a crime. You should perform information gathering in the time it takes for the police to arrive. This way, you’ll have a fuller story to explain to the responding officer for their police report. 

The police will perform their own investigation if the accident is serious enough. But it’s a good idea for the victim to learn everything they can about the incident they’re involved in. The police report can be shared with the insurance company when you file a claim.

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File an Insurance Claim

The later, but still necessary, step will involve filing an insurance claim. Contact the insurance company and inform them of the hit and run you were involved in. Provide them all the details you have. The police report and your photos of the incident will be of serious help. Good videos from bystanders or area surveillance cameras will help even more. The insurance agent will walk you through what your insurance will cover.

Louisiana is one of the most expensive states for car insurance. A hit and run could prove costly. How much your insurance will cover will depend on your insurance policy. A minimum coverage policy and liability coverage won’t cover a hit and run. Louisiana does not require drivers to have full coverage. But it’s good to have full coverage when it can cover some cost from a hit and run. The cost may also not be recoverable if the other driver didn’t have insurance. It’s still better to have insurance than not.

What to Do After a Hit and Run in Louisiana

It’s best not to panic after a hit and run, in Louisiana or any other state. Call first responders and gather information first. Then file a police report and file an insurance claim. If you’re truly not at fault and have good insurance, this may not ruin your finances. You can recover from this. It’s important to follow these important steps. Know what to do after a hit and run in Louisiana.

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You should now know what to do after a hit and run in Louisiana and we wish you luck with this situation!


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