What To Do If Pulled Over with Unprescribed Xanax? 

If you are wanting to know what to do if pulled over with unprescribed Xanax, you are definitely in the right place. You should keep reading to learn more about the process and what to do when you are pulled over. 

xanax possession louisiana
Xanax possession in Louisiana

Information On What You Need To Do When Pulled Over With Prescription Drugs

When Pulled Over 

When you see the police lights flashing behind you, make sure that you start to slow down. Use your blinker and ensure that you are pulling over in a safe spot. You will want to put your hands on the steering wheel after rolling down your window. Make sure that you are not doing any sudden movements or reaching anywhere.

Ask The Officer Why You’re Being Pulled Over

Make sure that you ask the officer what you were pulled over for. Often, people are caught with drugs when there is a minor traffic stop happening. Police will see drugs or paraphernalia and have the right to search your vehicle. 

Cooperate With The Police Officers

Make sure that you are cooperating with the police officers. Know that you can say no to any sobriety tests. However, there could be repercussions for denying these tests. 

The last thing that you need to do is be cooperative. You do not want to obtain extra charges for not cooperating with the police. Never be aggressive or make sudden movements as this could indicate you are reaching for a weapon or trying to hide something. 

Xanax Information 

Xanax is also known as Alprazolam. In the state of Louisiana, it is a Schedule IV drug. Keep in mind that no matter how much Xanax you are in possession of, it will be considered a felony charge. Prescription drug charges are very serious charges. Keep in mind that this does not count if you are the person who is prescribed Xanax and you are taking it as prescribed. Using medication as prescribed will not bring you penalties. 

Intent to Distribute 

If you are caught with large amounts of Xanax, you are likely to be charged with intent to sell. Especially if you have an excess and they are not in a prescribed bottle or they are not in a prescribed bottle with your name on it. A prosecutor is going to try to prove that you were intending to sell. 

Police will also look for other information that goes along with selling illegal drugs. This includes large sums of money, weapons, and even containers where the drug was held. 

Keep in mind, if you are caught with this evidence, you will be facing a year in jail at least. You are also going to face a fine that could be up to 15,000 dollars. 


When someone is distributing Xanax, they are selling it. Even if you sell or give away Xanax to someone who willingly takes it, you are distributing it. This is a serious crime and a serious drug to abuse. That is why Louisiana considers Xanax a controlled substance. 

If someone is selling the drug, they often obtain it in illegal ways. Often people will sell prescriptions or purchase from someone on the streets. Keep in mind that when you are buying Xanax off the streets, you do not know what is in it and if it is what they are saying it is. Abusing drugs is dangerous and distributing it can have harsh consequences. 

Possession of Xanax 

Many people know that Louisiana is a party state. It is a great place to be but if you are doing drugs, it is not the place to be. Louisiana has harsh laws on drugs. If you break the law, you are going to be charged. Most times, you are going to face a fine and imprisonment of some type. 

Keep in mind that if you have this drug in possession, it is going to have a different charge than intent to distribute. With that said, there are going to be modifiers in your case. If you are caught with small amounts, you are likely using it for personal reasons and they cannot charge you with intent to sell. 

What To Do If Pulled Over with Unprescribed Xanax 

As you know, you must have a prescription in your name to use Xanax legally. You also cannot sell or give away your prescriptions. It is important that you know what to do after you are pulled over. Depending on the amount in your possession, you will be charged with intent to sell, distribute, or possession. Each of these will have different consequences. Plus, they are determined by the amount of drugs on you and other evidence. 

If you are facing these charges, contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm for the best defense attorney. Hiring Carl Barkemeyer will ensure that you have expert attorneys with the most experience defending you. You will need an experienced attorney on your side to help you know what to do if you are pulled over with unprescribed Xanax. 


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