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What to Expect From A Lawyer Consultation For Criminal Charges

Are you wondering what to expect from a lawyer consultation for criminal charges or any other charges for that matter? Often, these “lawyer consultations” are called legal consultations. This is going to be a conversation between you and a possible lawyer that you may hire. The purpose of this is to look over your case and see if the criminal defense lawyer is the right person for this case. This is also where the relationship between you and the lawyer form. You will discuss all legal fees and expectations as well. You will discuss all expectations and end results during your legal consultation. Keep in mind that consultations are usually about an hour or less long. Keep reading to learn what you can expect from your consultation

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Things To Expect During A Consultation With An Attorney

Be Prepared For Your Consultation

You want to ensure that all paperwork related to your case is brought. If you can, it would be ideal for you to bring copies of all the paperwork you have. This ensures that the lawyer can put all the paperwork in their files. 

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Take Your Notes 

Before you arrive at your consultation, you should make sure that you are making notes. You want to have notes and questions prepared to ask the lawyer. If you do not make notes and bring them, you will likely forget to ask something while you are in your consultation. 

Make sure that your expectations are known at this time, and you discuss them with your lawyer. The lawyer will allow you to know what outcomes are possible and how you can move forward with the case you have at hand. 

Dress for Success 

Make sure that you are dressing properly when you are going to your consultation. The best thing to think of is a job. Act as if you are applying for a job. The best option is business attire so that you are dressed appropriately. While your case may be out of your control, you can control how you dress. Dressing for success will allow you to have a better attitude towards your case. 

Be Honest 

When you go to your consultation, you can expect questions. There will be a few questions. The best thing you can do is be honest. If your lawyer has all the information, you will have a better case. You need to be completely honest if it has to deal with your case. Even if you think it is the most embarrassing thing, you need to tell your lawyer. Keep in mind that everything that is said is kept confidential. This means that only you and the lawyer will know what was said. 

Cost Discussion 

During this time, you will be discussing how much the lawyer costs if you were to hire him or her. You must prepare yourself for this discussion as it will come up. Do not feel embarrassed if you cannot afford rates. However, it is best to know your budget before you head into the consultation so that you know how much you can spend. Plus, some lawyers will set up a payment plan if you cannot afford the fees upfront. 

If you discuss fees, make sure that you get all this in writing before you are leaving. This will ensure that rates are not going to change and that you get the deal that was stated when you had your consultation. Keep in mind that the deals and prices that are talked may be specific to your case. When you leave, you must have this in writing because lawyers see many people and may forget what was said for pricing. 

Questions To Ask During Your Consultation With An Attorney

Be ready to ask all the questions you can. Also be sure that you are listening to the answers. You want to ensure that you have the best outlook for your case. Listening and asking questions is how you will get the best outcome. 

Wrapping Up: What To Expect From A Lawyer Consultation

A legal or lawyer consultation is going to be less than an hour. However, it is something that could change how your case is presented and taken care of. Keep in mind that knowledge is power and the more you know, the better off you will be.

Take the time to contact us for a consultation today! Bring all your questions and information so that we can help you have one step up! 


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