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What to Know About Unlawful Production and Possession of Fraudulent ID

As long as there have been printed forms of identification, there have been fake IDs. The history of the fake ID stretches far back in time. We use IDs for all sorts of things, from proving our own identity to accessing benefits like the right to purchase alcohol.

These days, the fast advancement and photo editing software has made it easier than ever to produce a fraudulent ID. However, the punishment for creating a fake ID can be quite severe in the state of Louisiana. 

What kind of charges might you face if you were to be charged with unlawful production or possession of a fraudulent ID? Read on as I walk you through everything that you need to know.

What Defines a Fake ID? 

You might be familiar with the concept of a fake ID but it is important to understand what this kind of document is considered to be under the law. A fraudulent ID would be any form of identification that has been altered, created, or in any way creates a fake identity for an individual.

That means altering key information on an existing, real ID would still be considered creating a fraudulent one. 

Identification, in this sense, refers to any form of identification that is managed and created by federal, state, or local government. For example, your driver’s license is produced by your state government.

Social security cards, credit cards, debit cards, birth certificates, voter registration cards, visas, passports, and any form of proof of residency could all be considered valid forms of identification.

These can all also be forged and created from scratch.

Creating a fake form of identification at home would be illegal and in many states across the country is considered to be a felony.

Of course, it doesn’t always even have to involve creating something from scratch. What if you could get your hand on someone else’s ID?

Many younger siblings borrow their older family members’ IDs to try and hit the bars, especially here in Louisiana. Some people intentionally steal the IDs of others in a form of identity theft.

All of this would fall under the same umbrella of the law. 

Using another individual’s ID as your own is also against the law and would be subject to many of the same punishments and penalties as the creation of a fake ID.

Charges in Louisiana for Possession of a Fake ID

If you’ve created or are were caught attempting to use a fake ID in the state of Louisiana, what punishments might you face? 

A lot will depend on the situation in which you attempt to use the fraudulent ID. An underage kid using an ID to buy beer from the gas stations is likely to face less severe punishment than an adult who uses the fake ID to purchase a firearm, for example.

In most cases, fake ID charges in Louisiana will be charged as misdemeanors. Only the production of fake IDs could result in a felony charge.

If you were to be caught using a fake ID, there are a few potential punishments that might await you. A fine is likely the most common. 

The fines revolving around fake ID use in Louisiana vary. A first-time offender is likely to pay a few hundred dollars as a fine for the use of their fake if charged. Repeat offenders might have to pay a larger amount.

Often, an individual caught possessing fake IDs will also be sentenced to a number of hours of community service as part of their punishment. In Louisiana, it is common for a charged individual to be sent to do at least 36 hours of community service.

Probation and suspension is another big part of the punishment process for fake ID production and possession. This can take many forms.

Often, the judge will suspend your real license for a certain amount of time, sometimes up to ninety days. That means you won’t be able to drive or take advantage of a number of benefits until that time frame is up.

The charge will also end up on your record, which could have unfortunate side effects.

Can a Fake ID Send You to Prison? 

While not common, jail time is a possible punishment for the production and possession of fake IDs. Under Louisiana law, a person with a fake ID could be sent to jail for up to six months. 

That might sound pretty extreme, but just because state laws allow the punishment doesn’t mean it’s handed out very often by judges through the court system.

However, in other situations, an individual might be required to visit a parole officer for a number of months. They must let them know if they plan to leave town, and if they are maintaining employment. They must also prove that they are paying all fines and fees.

As you can imagine, these various punishments can be a huge disruption to one’s day to day life. This is why it’s important to talk to your lawyer after being charged and see if you can lessen the punishments you might have to face. 

Fighting a fake ID charge outright can be difficult, but it is possible and worthwhile to present your case in the best possible light. You can receive a lighter sentence as a result. 

Charges for a Fraudulent ID

If you’ve been caught with a fraudulent ID, you’re likely worried about the various punishments that you might face. The above information can help you to understand what might be in store for you and how to best prepare for it.

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