What to Say if Pulled Over Drunk 

This article will explain what to say if pulled over drunk. Please keep in mind- by no means are we suggesting that you should ever drink and drive. However, if you find yourself in a bad situation and are wondering how to handle it, this post should be very helpful.

When you are talking about driving and driving drunk, this can be a touchy topic as you know. When you are pulled over after you have been drinking, it could mean a DUI for you. In such cases, it’s incredibly important to hire a criminal defense attorney. However, there are a few things that you can say in such a situation. You should always make sure to comply with an officer as well. Let us look at what to say if pulled over drunk.

You Should Never Drink And Drive

Let’s start by saying that you should never drink and drive.  Drinking and driving is not only illegal, it is an act which can put you and others at risk. However, and as you may be aware, there are many people who, at one point or another have fallen into a situation where they find themselves behind the wheel of a car following having a few drinks.

There Are Helpful Resources The Prevent People From Drinking And Driving

There are many resources available to the public for those who have found themselves in the unfortunate situation of being stuck away from home after having a few drinks. A few of the resources to be familiar with include:

What To Say If You Are Pulled Over And You Have Been Drinking

Follow the Normal Guidelines 

When the police officer turns their lights on behind you, use your turn signal to get to a safe spot on the side of a road or in a parking lot. If it is dark, you may drive until there is a safe spot to pull over. 

While you are sitting there, ensure that you keep your hands on the wheel and make sure that you do not make any sudden movements as the officer approaches the car. 

Make sure that you are always acting with respect towards the police officer. Never become snippy or act like you are hiding anything. Always ensure that you are following the directions of the officer. 

This will include giving your license and registration to the officer. They will also ask for proof of insurance as well. Always make sure that you are doing these moves with caution as the officer will be watching every step if they believe you are under the influence. 

Plead the Fifth 

You do have the right to not talk to the officer. You may plea the fifth. You may decide to do this if the officer asks if you have been drinking. The officer may also ask if you are drunk or not. This is where you will plead the fifth. This will ensure that you are not lying to officers, and you are not incriminating anyone else. 

If you are pleading the fifth, ensure to keep everything to yourself. This includes what you did, where you were, and what you drank (if you drank.) 

If you are placed under arrest, do not make any statement. Wait until you have lawyered up. If you say anything, it can be used against you in court. Always make sure that you are not admitting guilt at any point between the first contact to the last. 

Again, never admit that you were drinking. Even if you did only have a few beers, never admit to drinking. However, you do not want to lie either. Do not state that you have drank or not drank. Just talk to the officer politely. This will help keep the process civil. 

Blood Alcohol Content 

Police officers may decide that they want to determine how high your BAC (blood alcohol content) is. This is done with a device that you blow into. You cannot refuse this test. This test will determine how intoxicated you are. It is best to comply with an officer if they request a chemical test. 

However, you do not have to do the field sobriety tests. This is where you are walking and touching your nose. This is to ensure that you are sober enough to drive. These physical tests are going to help you if you are not intoxicated to prove it. This test is something that you can turn down though. If you do decline that test, ensure that you are being polite to the officer who is dealing with you at the current moment. 

Lawyer Up 

If you are arrested under the suspicion of driving drunk, it is time to find a lawyer. The Barkemeyer Law Firm are Louisiana DWI lawyers with plenty of experience representing DWI cases.

Having a DUI on your record is not a good thing to have. A single DUI may cause you to lose your license for at least a year. Plus, you cannot get back behind the wheel until you have an interlock in the vehicle. This will ensure that no one can drive without being one hundred percent sober. 

Learn more about DWI first offense charges and penalties here and hire the best lawyer in town! We know you’ll be very glad that you did when dealing with DWI.

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Never Do the Following When Pulled Over for a DUI 

If you are pulled over for the suspicion of drunk driving, there are a few things that you should never do. The first thing you should never do is admit guilt. Never admit to drinking. Instead, just plead the fifth. This will make the process smoother. 

Always make sure that you are conducting yourself in a respectful manner. Never be rude to the officer who pulled you over. Keep in mind that this is their job, and they are simply protecting those around them and you. 

Never make any sudden movements in your car when you are pulled over. If you make sudden moves or try to resist, it could cause problems. An officer might think that you are not cooperating and that you may be trying to get away or find a weapon of your own. 

Always listen to the instructions of an officer. This will ensure that you are always doing the proper thing. If an officer does place you under arrest, make sure to follow all their instructions. Yes, you are getting arrested, however, resisting is going to give you another charge. You do not want to have to fight a DUI with resisting arrest. That does not look good. Always follow the instructions when being arrested. 

Lastly, never admit to guilt even if you are sitting in the backseat of a cruiser. This is going to ensure that you are going to be charged with a DUI. Always make sure that you plea the fifth and contact a lawyer to ensure that your court hearing goes as smoothly as possible.

 What To Say If Pulled Over Drunk

When you are pulled over for the suspicion of driving under the influence, you may notice that your nerves start to rise. However, if you follow the above steps, you should be okay. We are not telling you that you should drive drunk because you should never drive drunk, however, if you get stuck in a situation where you are, this article helps you determine what to say and what not to say when you are pulled over. We hope you now know what to say if pulled over drunk.


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