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Why do Attorneys charge for Consultations?

If you are reading this post you may be wondering why do attorneys charge for consultations. Here we will go over everything you need to know about lawyer consultations, what happens in a consultation and why you need to schedule one if you have a legal issue.

Researching Your Case Takes Time

Let’s now dig deep into the topic of why attorneys charge for consultations. When a criminal lawyer takes the time to research your case and then process what can be done, it takes up a big chunk of their time. For their expertise, you are charged a certain amount of money for that service. 

Free Consultations Do Get Offered Quite A Bit

Some law firms may offer free consulting services. However, paying for a consultation may be worthy to do. The time it takes to research your case will be done (on a smaller scale of course) during a paid legal consultation. And compared to the cost of hiring a lawyer, don’t you think it would be worth a few hundred bucks to get some great advice?

Consultations That Occur When You Hire An Attorney

When you hire an attorney, depending on how he or she charges, you will meet or speak to your lawyer in preparation to either go to court or deal with charges in another way. A consultation that happens when you have no relationship to an attorney could be beneficial. During such consultations, you will get some valuable advice on what should be done. You will also learn if forking out the money is really necessary or if just using the consultation will be sufficient.

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It’s Important To Hear Feedback On Your Case

Outside of the financial aspects of the consultation, there are more formal and purposeful reasons to meet with your lawyer and discuss the case. From those meetings a client and the lawyer then can formulate a plan, inside and outside of the courthouse. 

You Will Get Useful Information

A client will be guided on programs and mental health options that could be useful in that life skills are learned but also shows initiative to improve and not remain delinquent. These and other actions can be taken with a lawyer’s help to show the court a client’s good intentions, help with maturation, hopefully. 

As you can see, the importance of a consultation can be the difference between jail time and finding more suitable punishment options. 

When does a consultation take place?

The first time a client and a lawyer meet officially would be during what is called a pre-trail. This can be when a defendant is incarcerated, more often thEn not, and involves sitting down with a public defender or otherwise. During this meeting the lawyer will go over a set of options that can be taken to move forward with the case and/trial if need be. 

Otherwise, a client may have posted bail to which they would more than likely meet with their lawyer at an undisclosed location. This always takes place before the trial begins and must be held before the court proceedings can continue. 

What Does A Lawyer Do If You Hire One?

When the lawyer first gets in the room with their client, they have already spoken with the key members of the case. This includes the judge, opposing counsel, and looking over all police reports. At this point the have usually presented with plea bargains. The lawyer will then negotiate based on the details of the case to reveal the truth to come up with a fair and just punishment. 

Part Of The Process

That is what the process is on paper. There are always human elements to take into account and not everyone behaves after being detained or charged with something. After meeting with the other people involved in the case, the lawyer sits down with their client to discuss potential plea deals and other courses of action. 

Meeting With Your Lawyer

This is of course when the human element becomes the most influential element in the case, depending on the client’s attitude, behavior, emotional reactions, official affiliations, family obligations, and other human life aspects can really sway how the case goes. A person could take the plea, another will want to fight the charge in court, another will want to bargain for a better deal, and so on and so forth with how differently each case can end up.  

Why are Consultations so important?

A consultation can be the different between pleading guilty to a lesser charge and getting a lesser penalty, to missing the consultation and being smack with the proverbial law book, given jail time and all for nothing. All it takes is a half hour, a full hour of a person’s time to maybe save them months or years in jail or prison. 

Final thoughts: Why Do Attorneys Charge For Consultations?

One of the most important things you can do when going into a court situation is to have the proper representation, along with a person that knows the law of the court you are in. This can be a Public Defender or private lawyer, either way it is this professional that can get into the courtroom before everything even gets started, meet with the judge plus the opposing legal teams and find ways to get proper punishments in accordance with the crime committed. 

It would be a mighty mistake to not take legal counsel. We hope you understand why attorneys charge for consultations and we wish you all the best.


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