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What happens when you get caught with prescription drugs in Louisiana?
drug trafficking attorney in Louisiana
Carl Barkemeyer of the Barkemeyer Law Firm is the #1 drug trafficking attorney in Louisiana. You can reach out to him for a free consult for your prescription drug charges

If you wanna know what happens when you get caught with prescription drugs in Louisiana, read on to find out!

What Happens When You Get Caught With Prescription Drugs In Louisiana?

If you’re curious about what could happen when you get caught with prescription drugs in Louisiana, be sure to pay close attention to the following information! This article tells you about the penalties for possessing specific quantities of prescription drugs and how much jail time or fines you might face if convicted. It also details some defenses that could help your case and how to skillfully navigate the legal process to get the best outcome.

The Penalties

  • If you are found in illegal possession of pills, you could face up to six months of jail time and/or a $500 fine.
  • If you a physician convicted of illegally prescribing legend drugs, you are looking at a felony sentence of imprisonment for up to 5 years and/or a fine of up to $5000.
Watch a video on prescription pill law and illegal possession of legend drugs.

What If I Have A Prescription But Can’t Prove It?

In Louisiana, anyone found with a prescription drug and doesn’t have a valid written order from the doctor or pharmacist may be charged with illegal possession of those drugs. That’s why it’s always essential to keep your prescriptions in one place at all times!

If you are unsure if an officer has reasonable suspicion that you’re carrying illegal drugs, you are not required to show them your prescriptions. In any case, you should never lie about having a prescription, as this is considered an obstruction of justice and could also land you in jail.

drug trafficking attorney in Louisiana
We are the #1 drug trafficking attorney and law firm in Louisiana

What Should I Do If I Get Caught?

Most importantly, remain calm! It’s best not to say anything until your lawyer arrives because anything you say can be used against you in court. You should also cooperate with the officer’s requests and be honest if you’re carrying any other illegal drugs or substances. If you have a prescription for one of the drugs in question, make sure to show them so that they can verify your story.

If you have any concerns about your case, contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. You can contact the best lawyer in Louisiana here.

The Defense

  • The first defense you can use is that the drugs were not your own. You must be able to prove, however, that the prescription was in someone else’s name and that you had no knowledge or control of them when you came into contact with law enforcement. The only good way to do this is to hire a criminal defense attorney near you to help you prove this point.
  • The second defense is if law enforcement cannot find any evidence linking you to drug trafficking, such as phone records or text messages, this might help get your charges reduced.
  • The third defense is if you were holding the drugs for someone else, but again this requires proof.
  • The last defense is that you had a valid written order from the doctor or pharmacist, and it was not in your possession at the time of arrest.

Regardless of if these apply to your situation, it is always best to cooperate with law enforcement so as not to incriminate yourself any further. It is also a great idea to hire a criminal lawyer for representation. Self representation is always a bad idea and the outcome will be the severest penalty for your crime.

The Bottom Line 

It is always in your best interest to consult with a criminal defense attorney about any charges you might be facing, especially when it comes to drug possession. Never offer any information without a lawyer present. They will be able to assess the situation and help you figure out how best to handle it before any mistakes are made that could potentially lead to more severe penalties down the line.

Barkemeyer Law Firm is a criminal defense attorney located in Louisiana. You can learn more about his law firm on this page here.

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