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We represent clients with heroin charges in Tangipahoa Parish.  Heroin charges are taken extremely serious by prosecutors and judges in Tangipahoa Parish.  It is important to have a good strategy for defense when faced with these types of drug charges. Regardless if you have been arrested for possession of heroin, possession with intent to distribute heroin, distribution of heroin, or trafficking heroin, our criminal defense attorneys can help.  We develop our strategy for defense based on the charge and the facts and circumstances surrounding the arrest.

attorney for heroin charges Tangipahoa Parish, LA

Possession of Heroin In Tangipahoa Parish


Heroin is a dangerous and deadly opioid that has grabbed hold of the country.  Tangipahoa is no different.  Many people who are facing heroin possession charges in Tangipahoa and Amite do not even have criminal records. Heroin has a very strong potential for abuse and dependency.  Experimenting with heroin can lead to addiction almost immediately.

We understand how heroin addictions and heroin possession charges can ruin our clients’ lives.  We help many clients with these charges get better and get the charge behind them.  Our strategy to defense may include our client seeking inpatient and/or outpatient treatment to defeat the heroin addiction.   We then use this fact to help our clients the best way possible in their criminal court case in Amite, La.  Not every drug case requires “aggressively” fighting the facts.  We may be able to help by taking a proactive approach to drug rehabilitation.

Mr. Barkemeyer of Barkemeyer Law Firm has been helping clients with drug charges find treatment and kick addictions for his entire career.  His practice has always been focused on defending clients with drug charges. He knows the importance of drug treatment and rehabilitation, and how to use this to help his clients in their case. He likes to see his clients have a great result in their criminal case and in their personal life.


Possession with Intent to Distribute Heroin

The difference between possession of heroin and possession with intent to distribute heroin is that when it is with intent, there are facts and circumstances present in which the prosecutor feels like he can prove the possession was with the intent to sell or distribute. For instance, if the weight of the heroin was 28 grams or more, the Louisiana law says that fact supports a charge of possession with intent to distribute.  Other facts that a police officer considers during an arrest are the presence of baggies, scales, and cash.  Generally, if a defendant has a personal use amount of drugs on him, it is a small amount and scales are not present.


Distribution of Heroin in Tangipahoa

Distribution of heroin is the most serious heroin charge to get in Tangipahoa.  Law enforcement perceive the heroin dealers as the source of the opioid epidemic.  Therefore, they are tough on the prosecutions.  That doesn’t mean if you have a heroin distribution charge, you will be convicted. Our heroin defense attorneys in Tangipahoa know how to successfully defend these charges.   We examine the constitutionality of the investigation and search and seizure.  Distribution of heroin charges involve many facts and timing scenarios that must be considered.  Many times, officers will use undercover agents, confidential informants, and video to try to get a distribution arrest. We examine all these facts and potential evidence to determine if it should even come in at trial.


Penalties for Heroin Possession in Tangipahoa

Possession of heroin in Tangipahoa carries a potential sentence of two to four years in prison if the weight of the heroin is less than two grams.  If the weight of the heroin is between two grams and 28 grams, the sentencing range is two to ten years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5000.  If the amount of heroin in possession weighs 28 grams or more, the charge becomes possession with intent to distribute, which carries a sentencing range of 5 to forty years in prison and a fine of up to $50,000.  The weight calculation of the heroin is based off the entire mixture as long as some heroin is present. So, if the heroin is cut with another drug, the weight of entire mixed substance is considered.


Heroin Defense Attorney for Tangipahoa

If you or someone you know has a heroin charge in Tangipahoa Parish with court in Amite, La, our heroin defense attorneys can help.  Our practice is focused on drug defense.  We are no divorce lawyers or injury attorneys.  We spend day in and day out defending clients with drug charges in Louisiana. Contact us to discuss your heroin charge. Our criminal defense team can help.


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