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How Can a DWI Lawyer Help?

How can a DWI lawyer help? If you’re asking this question, then you don’t need to look any further.

Any criminal charges can be stressful and difficult to deal with, especially if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the law. When dealing with a DWI case, this is even more true since you not only have to deal with a criminal trial but a proceeding with the DMV. Fortunately, using a DWI lawyer can alleviate a lot of the burden.

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They Can Help You Understand Your Case

The very first thing that a DWI lawyer can help you with is getting a proper understanding of your case. Every DWI case is unique, and there are certain factors that can impact your case before it ever gets anywhere near trial. For instance, the strengths and weaknesses of your individual case can change things greatly.

Since every DWI case is different, and since there are variations in law based on the area, a DWI lawyer can help you figure out the best course of action available. They might even be able to tell you whether you actually need a DWI lawyer at all. After all, some cases might not require a DWI lawyer.

Moreover, they can help you collect everything needed for your case. You might need independent testing, gather certain documents from the police department, or give your own statement if you haven’t already. Hiring a DWI lawyer will give you access to someone with a great deal of experience who can help guide you.

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They Can Help You Speak and Negotiate

DWI lawyers know a great deal about the law, and this directly translates into being able to effectively speak on your behalf. As for speaking and negotiating, it refers to prior to a trial. Before a trial ever occurs, you might end up in an interrogation or having to speak with police or lawyers. Having a DWI lawyer can greatly help in these situations.

When dealing with the police, you need to know what to say. A DWI lawyer will know what is relevant and what isn’t. Additionally, when it comes to dealing with a prosecutor, they can talk for you, helping you negotiate the best deal possible. They can give you advice on whether or not you should take a plea deal or proceed with your case.

They Can Represent You in Court

One of the most important things that a DWI lawyer can do is represent you in court. Their representation is great for a number of reasons, with the main reason being their wealth of experience with both trials and DWI cases. They can tell you what you need to do, including something as simple as remaining quiet.

There is also the fact that they might know local judges and prosecutors, giving them an edge compared to you trying to do things alone. With a DWI lawyer, you can guarantee that you are getting representation from someone who knows the type of case and will give you their full attention.

Furthermore, there are actually two types of proceedings that you can face when dealing with a DWI. The first is the criminal trial, which deals with the criminal penalties you are facing. A public defender can also help you here, though they are unlikely to be as effective as a private DWI lawyer.

The other type of proceeding is one against the Department of Motor Vehicles, and it is something that a public defender will not help you with. However, if you have a DWI lawyer, they will help you with both proceedings. Basically, no matter what aspect of the case you are dealing with, a DWI lawyer will assist you.

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They Can Help with Expungement

Even after a conviction, a DWI lawyer can help you make the best of a situation. Expungement might not be possible for everyone, and the laws when dealing with the expungement of a conviction vary greatly based upon the area. However, if you qualify, it is important to get a DWI lawyer involved to help you with the proceedings.

An expungement is incredibly important because it means erasing a charge that might otherwise interfere with your future employment. It might also affect your credit and other parts of your life. Fortunately, if this is something you qualify for, a DWI lawyer can help you figure out how to go about expunging your conviction.


A DWI lawyer can help you with every aspect of your case. Even if you are just looking for someone to help you with the more stressful parts of a case and tell you what to do, you will find a DWI lawyer extremely helpful. With that, you now know how a DWI lawyer can help.


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