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how do you get federal drug charges?

How do you get federal drug charges? 

If you happen to wonder how do you get federal drug charges and what helps decide whether or not your drug charge is a state or federal crime, this article will lay it all clear for you. If at all possible you should avoid doing anything with drugs at all because you then no longer have to worry about whether or not you can get federal drug charges

If you are ready to learn though about how you get federal drug charges, then grab your computer and put away the drugs, and let’s get started! 

If The Drugs Are Crossing State Lines

One of the primary reasons that will cause drug charges to go from a state charge over to a federal charge is if the drugs in question are being transported across state lines. Once you cross a state line, you are now running the risk of being charged with a federal drug charge which comes with much worse penalties in comparison to a state drug charge. 

The number of drugs in your possession when you cross state lines though will be one of the main deciding factors in what type of federal drug charge you receive. If you are caught with many drugs in your possession, you will most likely be charged with drug trafficking, whereas if you only have a little, you will probably be accused of just drug possession. 

The Type Of Officer Arresting You Can Make A Difference Between Charges

When you are arrested for drug charges, this can actually decide whether or not you are charged with federal drug charges or state drug charges. So when you are arrested, you will want to check to see who exactly it is that is arresting you, and you will want to know whether or not they are a federal officer or a state officer. 

If they are a federal officer, you will most likely be charged with federal drug charges since it is counted as a federal offense at that point. On the other hand, if you are arrested by a state officer, you will probably be charged with a state drug offense which will not be nearly as bad as getting charged with a federal drug charge. 

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You Are Caught Selling Or Trading Drugs On Government Property

If you are caught selling or trading drugs on government property, you will be in a lot of trouble, as that is one of the worst possible cases when dealing with drug cases. Therefore, you will want to ensure you are never caught with drugs on government property because you may not see the light of day for many years. 

It does not matter which state you are in, or if you are arrested by a state officer or a federal officer, you will be charged with federal drug charges if caught on government property. Since you are on government property, that automatically makes it a federal charge, and the punishments for federal drug charges are much worse than state drug charges. 

You will also be charged with federal drug charges even if you only happen to be in possession of drugs when arrested on government property. So you can be charged with federal drug charges if you are selling drugs on government property, trading drugs, or you are in possession of drugs while being on government property. 

You Try Selling Drugs Through The United States Post Office

While this technically counts as government property, it is still considered separately when it comes to drug laws. Now what counts as a drug crime when it comes to the post office can be a little messy sometimes, so here are the cases when it will count as a drug offense, which tends to be all the time.

  • You are attempting to sell your drugs through the post office. This means you have received payment for the drugs and are now transporting them through the post office to your customer. 
  • You are merely transporting your drugs via the post office, whether to yourself or another person. Any type of drug transportation via the post office is illegal, and you will find yourself with federal drug charges if you are caught. 

While you may believe the fourth amendment keeps you from having your packages searched, this is not true. Any post office or mail carrier can have your packages searched if they obtain a search warrant to do so. The moral of this is do not transport your drugs via the post office unless you want to run the risk of a federal drug charge. 

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how do you get federal drug charges?
how do you get federal drug charges


Federal drug charges are problematic and can wreak havoc on a person’s life. No person should want to receive federal drug charges as it can make the rest of your life very difficult for you. If you receive federal drug charges it is best you contact a criminal defense attorney or drug charges lawyer near you. Barkemeyer Law Firm is a great firm to call if you are hit with such charges.

It is better to simply stay away from drugs and not even run the risk of receiving federal drug charges. Remember, stay away from drugs and do not run the risk. You now know how do you get federal drug charges.


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