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Drug Distribution Lawyer in New Orleans

Drug Distribution Lawyer In New Orleans

Do you need a drug distribution lawyer New Orleans, Louisiana? The charge of Manufacturing and Distribution of narcotics in New Orleans, Louisiana is a very serious matter. Manufacturing or Distribution does not always have to include dealing drugs for money. It can involve simply giving someone else your Adderall. However, the more serious matters involve selling drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, and marijuana.  Our New Orleans distribution lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law Firm have represented hundreds of clients with these charges in Louisiana. We also represent clients with other drug charges such as possession and trafficking.  In addition, we frequently handle other cases too from DWI and DUI charges to assault, theft and more.

More On Drug Distribution Charges New Orleans

Being charged with drug distribution in New Orleans, Louisiana comes with some hefty penalties. Any drug charge, whether it be a felony drug charge or misdemeanor, will leave a permanent mark on your record.  That is why it is so important to hire a criminal defense attorney such as Barkemeyer Law Firm.  We help people who are being charged with drug distribution all over the state of Louisiana and can help you too!

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Manufacturing/Distribution of Cocaine, Crack, and Methamphetamine

Distribution of cocaine, crack, and meth carries a sentencing range of 2-30 years in prison without the benefit of probation, parole, or suspension of sentence on the first 2 years. That means if convicted, you must do time in jail. It doesn’t matter if you have a clean record.

Manufacturing/Distribution of Marijuana or Synthetic Cannabinoids

Distribution of marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids carries a sentencing range of 5-30 years in prison. However, the sentence may be suspended and probation allowed. Nevertheless, many judges will sentence the defendant to prison on this charge, regardless of criminal record.

drug distribution New Orleans
drug distribution New Orleans

New Orleans Drug Distribution FAQs

What is Drug Distribution?

Laws concerning drug distribution are laws that condemn and penalize any actions involving illegal importation of dangerous containing substances, and also the selling and shipping of those harmful substances, which may either be heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and so many other illegal drugs. As these drugs vary in different forms and sizes, so the level of punishment varies. Most Importantly, some factors are considered that could also determine the level of the punishment. Factors like; the geographical area of the drug distribution, and also if children where a point of target in the distribution objective. Therefore, people that indulge in drug distribution are likely to serve jail terms ranging from 3-5 years imprisonment if the cases are a small one, but are liable to serve longer terms if the quantity of the drugs is much. Your life and that of your entire household could be left in a significant dent if you are charged for a case of drug distribution, also known as trafficking. In a situation where you are caught with the possession of illegal drugs, it is a smaller case compared to drug distribution. It only becomes a critical condition if investigations are made and the police emerge with a discovery that you had intentions in distributing the drugs found in your possession. Drug distribution doesn’t only end in the conveying of illegal drugs, it also circulated prescription drugs such as aspirants, painkillers and harmful pills that could lead to intoxication. Pharmaceutical opiates and hydrocodone products are most likely the prescription drugs recovered from drug distribution.

What are the penalties for drug distribution charges in Louisiana?

The penalties for drug distribution charges are severe in Louisiana.  Like every other case, there are lots of penalties that come with drug distribution charges. However, the degree of these penalties is determined by the level of your crime and the right attorney for the case. We would enlighten you first on the penalties that you can face with a drug distribution charge, and then carefully brief you on how to go about a good attorney. Most drug distribution cases are usually a felony. This is simply saying that you may serve either a year term or more, depending on the jurisdiction. A felony is a kind of case that can offer you a prison term of about a year in either a federal or state prison. Although most felony’s last much longer if it occurs that you don’t have a good attorney or the degree of the drug distribution is great. The usage and distribution of substances that are governed by a law known with the term “controlled”. The federal and state government does this to create some sort of awareness of the separation of different goods. Substances that are mostly controlled are often most likely to be goods with age restrictions and medically sensitive goods. In the federal and state statues, controlled substances are grouped into different levels of schedules. This is according to the federal Controlled Substance Act.  Below is a view of how the different schedules fall under the Act.

• Schedule I

In this level, it means the drug or substance is highly addictive. It doesn’t have any generally accepted medical use and it is classified unsafe under any medical supervision of any kind. An example of this schedule is marijuana.

• Schedule II

Substances found in this schedule are also known to be very addictive, but it can be used for medical purposes and it’s also unsafe for medical supervision of any kind. An example of this schedule is cocaine.

• Schedule III

Substances in this schedule are known for having much probability of not being abused, it is generally accepted for medical use, and it less rate of being additives. A good example of this schedule is anabolic steroids.

• Schedule IV And V

This schedule is known for having little or no potential for drug abuse, they have been generally accepted for medical use, and has less or no rate of being addictive.

Federal laws don’t support the illegal distribution of drugs in the schedule I-V. That’s why in facing penalties concerning drug distribution charges, you might be lucky enough to receive fewer prison terms or might also fall out of lucks by receiving a longer term. This is because there are more harsh punishments to face in distributing schedule I controlled substances than in distributing schedule V controlled substances.

Also, in serving drug distribution penalties, you may be fined huge charges that could range from $100-$10, 000, and also huge prison sentences that could be almost ten years. In most situations, culprits serve more terms because of some factors like;

– Having any similar record of drug distribution arrest.

– Case with the involvement of children.

– If an armed force is involved in drug distribution.

– The schedule classification of the drug being distributed.

Why Hire An Attorney For Drug Distribution New Orleans

Every prosecutor aims to make sure he has provided a secure conviction and prison time. The main reason why you need to hire an attorney is to thwart the prosecutor’s effort to jail you. And you can only succeed in doing this by getting a Criminal Defense Attorney and DWI lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana. We have a good number of criminal lawyers at Barkemeyer Law Firm, and they have all acquired quality knowledge from years of experience in defending clients that have been prosecuted or received a summon for a criminal charge in St.  Tammany Parish. We are a reliable criminal law firm that is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. And we are known for having helped clients come out successfully from various criminal charges. You should have nothing to fear if you reside in St.  Tammany and you are having issues with authorities. We are always ready to listen to your cases and help you resolve them. Our major aim is to leave our clients happy and fulfilled for every case that reaches us. You shouldn’t be reluctant if the case looks very complicated. We are here you serve you.

Defenses to Drug Distribution

There are defenses to the charge of drug distribution. Our New Orleans distribution lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law Firm know how to assert these defenses successfully. To prove the case, the prosecutor must show that distribution did in fact take place. This is usually done through witnesses. Sometimes video and/or audio surveillance will also be used by the prosecution. The witness’s credibility must be examined as a possible defense. Police protocol and may lead to technical and legal defenses regarding violation of Constitutional rights.

New Orleans Drug Charge Lawyer

Our New Orleans drug charge lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law Firm have handled drug distribution cases for over a dozen years.

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