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How your future could depend on a good attorney

How Your Future Could Depend On a Good Attorney

In this post, you will learn how your future could depend on a good attorney.  Read along to learn everything you need to stay out of trouble. 

Owning a gun and even getting a job are some things that are affected by having a criminal record. But they are not the only things. Many are surprised later in life when they learn that a hot check written for twenty dollars several years ago keeps them from getting the job or membership they want later in life. 

Luckily for all of us, there are attorneys willing to help keep criminal records from haunting us for the rest of our lives. So follow along as we take a deeper look at how our future could depend on a good attorney.


You could lose your right to vote if you are convicted of a felony. If you have not already done so, register to vote before someone has the chance to disqualify you. If you know that you will be charged with a felony after registering, do not hesitate to speak with an attorney first. You should also learn all about your rights to vote if you are an ex-felon.

Driving Privileges

A drunk driving charge could cost you your driver’s license. However, the amount of time you will lose it for is determined by how many offenses, the nature of the offense, and where you live. If you were charged with DUI or DWI, make sure that you contact a DUI attorney. Your legal counsel can help you reduce the amount of time that your license is suspended and hopefully even get it back, depending on how serious the charges against you are.

The Benefit of Hiring an Attorney

Future Employment

When applying for a job, employers will more than likely pull up your criminal record. If you have a misdemeanor or two on it, you may still get hired if the offense is not too bad and you have a good track record otherwise.

However, your experience with law enforcement may be considered when they are deliberating whether or not to give you the job.

If you have a felony on your record, it is best to be honest about it when asked in an interview or employment application. You do not want to lie about your past criminal charges and get caught later on.

Coaching & Charities

Did you know that you may not even be able to coach kids in a little league-type atmosphere? Background checks are are an essential part of keeping kids safe from those who have committed heinous crimes, but even minor convictions can affect working with kids.

Some organizations will not allow well-meaning people to work with kids if their background comes back with a DWI conviction, even if it happened years earlier.  This is hard on someone who has led a good life and made few mistakes only to be punished when wanting to help others with their problems.

Student Loans

Numerous companies check the backgrounds of applicants for loans. Most are looking at the same things, but the consequences of being turned down for a student loan can be devastating.

Most drug-related charges end up in a felony conviction. Student loans can be denied for those who made a mistake in life with drugs, only to find out they cannot attend college later in life with a loan.

Other Loan Companies

Beyond just student loans, companies are doing background checks for loan applicants.

These can be car loans or personal loans. Even utility companies are looking at your criminal history before agreeing to allow your service, so finding out later that you cannot even have heat in the winter because of a conviction is not an option.

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How An an Attorney Can Help You

An experienced criminal defense attorney can go over your charges, look at the evidence and find out what went wrong during your arrest.

If there was a mistake made, they might be able to have the charges dropped or reduced to give you a chance later in life. An experienced defense attorney may be able to help save you from being haunted by unwanted repercussions for years to come.

An attorney may be able to keep your record clean so you can continue to live your life without being punished for mistakes made when younger.  Not every person with some type of criminal history needs an attorney, but it may make a difference in most cases.

Expungement of Criminal Record

There are some cases where an expungement of a criminal record may be possible. This is often looked at on a case-by-case basis, but the court system does allow for these if certain circumstances have been met.

A simple misdemeanor that was pled down from a felony charge may be able to be expunged from the public database, but this is also on a case-by-case basis. An attorney can determine if your circumstances allow for an expungement and help with the process.

Summing Up

If you find yourself in trouble, especially at a young age, do not hesitate to contact an attorney to represent you. Local lawyers know how the courts in their areas work and will give you the best advantage of reducing your case to a lower charge or help have your case dismissed. Never go into a courtroom alone, as you could regret the decision for the rest of your life.


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