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Misdemeanor Criminal Lawyer in Livingston Parish, Louisiana

Misdemeanor Criminal Lawyer in Livingston Parish, Louisiana

Being charged with a crime can be a scary and stressful time. Thoughts of huge fines and maybe even jail time can be floating through your head, but it’s important to understand the charges and get as much knowledge as you can regarding them so that you can start the long trial process of defending yourself in court. One type of these criminal charges is a misdemeanor. Misdemeanors are considered the less serious criminal charges by the law, however they can still carry considerable weight with hefty penalties that shouldn’t be taken lately. Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney has handled numerous amounts of misdemeanors in Louisiana and the Livingston Parish area. He has extensive knowledge of the Louisiana legal system and can help build a case that could potentially defend you from penalties and a permanent criminal record.

What is a misdemeanor in Louisiana?

Under Louisiana state law, a misdemeanor is any crime other than a felony. Felonies are crimes that may carry a sentence of hard labor and are considered the more serious criminal charges. They also will come with much steeper fines that have to be paid as well. Misdemeanors in Louisiana generally carry a potential sentence of up to six months in parish jail which is much less than felonies but still should not be taken lightly if you are currently charged with a misdemeanor. There are lots of different types of misdemeanors in Louisiana and Some common types of those misdemeanors in Louisiana are as follows:

●          DWI/DUI  – first or second offense

●          Disturbing the Peace

●          Hit and Run

●          Drug Paraphernalia

●          Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP)

●          Reckless Driving

●          Careless Operation

●          Resisting an Officer

●          Flight From an Officer

●          Shoplifting

●          Theft

●          Possession of Marijuana

●          Prostitution

All of these charges are considered misdemeanors and therefore should be defended as such. As you can tell from the list found above, most misdemeanors are either driving offenses, first time drug offenses, or simple offenses like assault or battery. However, it is very common that a second or third offense of many of these will result in being a felony which can lead to more penalties and punishments over time. The distinction between misdemeanors and felonies can be confusing sometimes, even though the distinction is actually very important to understand because it can mean a large difference in the fines you have to pay or time you must spend in jail as punishment for your charges. If you are still wondering whether your charge is considered a misdemeanor or not, give us a call and we can help you out by taking a look at the specifics of your case.

How are you charged with a misdemeanor?

Currently in Louisiana, there are two ways you can receive a misdemeanor for breaking the law. First, is by receiving a misdemeanor summons from an officer. Most often, a person receives a ticket that lists the misdemeanor charges. The second way a person can receive a misdemeanor by being arrested, depending on the type of misdemeanor. The more serious misdemeanors will usually be charged by being arrested as opposed to the less serious misdemeanors in which you will most likely receive the summons for court.

What are the punishments for a misdemeanor?

The punishment for a misdemeanor charge in Louisiana will depend on the specific type of charge that you have been arrested for. However, most misdemeanors will carry a potential sentence of up to six months in jail and various fines. These penalties can vary by charge but this is the most common. The penalties for a misdemeanor are much less strict than for a felony, but they should not be taken lightly and can still live on your permanent criminal record and affect opportunities in your future like employment or applying for college or university.

How can we help?

More often than not, the type of defense that will be used in a misdemeanor case depends on what the specific charge was that you were arrested for. For instance, a theft charge will be defended in court differently than a hit and run or possession of marijuana charge because they all have different legal definitions that fit each even though they are all considered misdemeanors. That being said, there are still many defenses that can be used for each case and they can all come in handy with helping to fight for your freedom and potentially come out of the trial with a more ideal outcome for you and your family.

If you have recently been charged with a misdemeanor conviction in the Livingston Parish or Denham Springs area of Louisiana, we highly recommend you give us a call so we can start to take a look at your case and brainstorm how we can defend your case in court. Misdemeanors are the less serious criminal charges compared to felonies but they should not be taken lightly and still carry various penalties including heavy fines and sometimes jail time as well.

Carl Barkemeyer is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Livingston Parish and has defended many misdemeanor cases over the years with many successful defenses. He has extensive knowledge of the Louisiana state legal system and knows how to craft a defense case for your specific misdemeanor charges. It is important to defend against your misdemeanor charges not only to avoid the different penalties that come with it, but also to eliminate the charges from your permanent criminal record which can hinder future opportunities like employment and applying for school. If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor in Louisiana, contact us at 225-964-6720 for immediate legal assistance with your case.


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