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Soliciting Prostitutes in Livingston Parish, Louisiana

Soliciting Prostitutes Lawyer in Livingston Parish, Louisiana

If you have been charged with solicitation of prostitution in the Livingston Parish or Denham Springs area then we implore you to seek legal assistance as soon as possible for your trial. It is imperative that you get help with your case sooner rather than later because a defense can be built that could shield you from the penalties of soliciting prostitution. Thankfully, the Barkemeyer Law Firm is a very knowledgeable group of criminal defense attorneys who have handled many solicitation of prostitution cases over the years. There can be ways to defend against the charges and we can help you attain a more ideal outcome for you and your family throughout the case.

What is solicitation of prostitution in Louisiana?

First, to understand solicitation of prostitution, we must understand the underlying definitions of prostitution. The definition of prostitution provided in Louisiana state law is as follows:

(1)  The practice by a person of indiscriminate sexual intercourse with others for compensation.

(2)  The solicitation by one person of another with the intent to engage in indiscriminate sexual intercourse with the latter for compensation.

However, if you partake in the directing, transporting, or inducing of prostitution in Louisiana then you would fall under the legal purview of solicitation of prostitution charges.

The idea of solicitation of prostitution can have many different meanings when being interpreted in court. However, the legal definition that is given in Louisiana state law is as follows:

Soliciting for prostitutes is the soliciting, inviting, inducing, directing or transporting a person to any place with the intention of promoting prostitution.

This definition covers a wide variety of activities that can include soliciting prostitutes for money, trafficking or directing prostitutes under your control to different locations to take part in illegal acts, or convincing or inviting prostitutes to partake in illegal acts with yourself. It is important to understand which situation you are being charged with so that a sound defense can be mounted to help you fight the charges in court.

Penalties for Soliciting Prostitutes

The solicitation of prostitutes in Louisiana is considered a misdemeanor and therefore has more medium punishments if you are found guilty of the charges. The penalties defined for these charges under Louisiana state law are as follows:

Whoever commits the crime of soliciting for prostitutes shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars, imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.

Sometimes you can also be charged for other offenses that come along with prostitution like pandering, underage intercourse, and drug possession charges. All of these can add up to be a hefty charge that really adds on penalties over the course of the case and can put you behind bars for quite a long time. Also multiple convictions of solicitation of prostitution can also increase the jail time over the separate convictions and really hurt your future opportunities. Even though solicitation of prostitution is a misdemeanor and has reduced penalties compared to prostitution by massage, it is still a serious offense that can negatively impact your future and quality of life. Having the offense on your permanent record can hold you back from new employment opportunities as well as applying for colleges and universities. Also, the penalties may come at a time in your life when you and/or your family can’t afford to spend money on the fines or to pay for your bail. Because of these reasons, we recommend you seek legal advice after being charged so that you can fight for your freedom in court and hopefully seek a more ideal outcome for you and your loved ones.

Soliciting Prostitutes Defense Lawyer

The Barkemeyer Law Firm has successfully defended many solicitation of prostitution cases in the past. He can help you craft a defense that will fight for your freedom while in court defending against the charges. It is very important to reach out for legal assistance when being charged with crimes like solicitation of prostitution. There are ways to defend against the charges like looking at the evidence to determine whether any prostitution actually took place or if there is real proof of you doing the soliciting. Intention can also be called into play to determine whether you should be charged with solicitation or not. However, we cannot help with the charges unless you contact us for legal assistance so that we can take a look at the case as a whole and get into the details of it.

If you have recently been charged with solicitation of prostitution in the Livingston Parish or Denham Springs area of Louisiana, get legal assistance immediately. Our office has many years of experience defending these charges and we can help you build a case that can help you attain a more ideal outcome. The punishments and penalties for solicitation of prostitution are quite severe and can really affect your future and the future of your loved ones. They can also hinder your future employment opportunities as well as halt your application for college or university. Because of these reasons, it is important to get on top of your case as fast as possible and seek the help of a criminal defense lawyer like Carl Barkemeyer to fight for your freedom in court. Contact us at 225-964-6720 to discuss legal representation for your solicitation of prostitution charges.


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